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Getting Dressed now takes 6 Buffs.

Shadow Form in the Victorian times

Firstly there will always be something to complain about.  Nerf – Buff – Change  you will never please everyone  all the time.

One of the changes to Shadow Priests in  3.3  was making Vampiric Embrace a buff.

  • Vampiric Embrace: This talent now provides a 30-minute buff that cannot be dispelled, instead of a target debuff and only generates healing for single-target shadow damage spells.
  • I now had a justification to set up Power aura’s for my priest.  I could set it for inner fire, and now the Vampiric Embrace buff. To make sure I had it on me all the time.

    Remember in Bg’s in the good old days before they had the mana-free buff period. I would lose half my mana before stepping out of the graveyard – sure  I can fit in the more mana expensive ones when rebuffing after a death in a bg,  however,

    Now It takes 6 buffs with global cooldowns to get out of that graveyard.

    Fort,  Spirit, Shadow Protection, Shadow Form, Inner fire, and now Vampiric embrace.  This seems like an excessive lot of time to get dressed after dying.

    Of course I don’t need to wear all those buffs  I am sure I could neglect a few layers of ‘clothing’  but the buffs are what give us that little extra survivability – they make up our identity as a spec and a class.

    Mages have the issue somewhat – but what other class and spec has  6 buffs to put on before doing anything?

    My baby priest and Gun Lovin’ Dwarf chicks’ leveling pants

    So I rolled another priest.
    Wickedminx – she will be holy or disc spec in the long run..
    but after reading leveling with Style Gun Lovin’ Dwarf chick’s Post I thought – I has gold – and my shadow priest is a tailor/enchanter so she has skills too! and she likes being a sugar mama – why not make it easier for Wickedmix to level.

    So I have Runic Spellthread on Tuxedo Pants ( +35 spell dam & 20 stam )
    +7 Stam on Dress shoes
    +6 stats on Simple black dress
    +70 armor on Frayed cloak

    and I can swap all those peices for the next toon i level.
    I could tank dead mines!

    I am also trying to spread the buffing love starting from the lowley levels.. Everyone loves a priest buff and it spreads good cheer.. Trying to take a leaf from Buff Plz‘s blog – we don’t buff enough.. Buff more!


    So I got to level 8 easy enough, chainpulling  no drinking,  I could dot up multiple mobs and I was fine.  I got powerword sheild at 8 which was awesome, because given my armor was +70 it helped my sheild last longer as it was absorbing less damage.

    I also added +7 intellect to some level 5 bracers that aren’t bindable.

    You could so twink out a level 1..

    I think I might  find a low level unbindable mace and enchant that with the best enchant i can for a <35 item.

    so with +35 damage and healing,  its awesome

    When i was a level 6 a warrior challanged me to a duel in goldshire and I kicked his butt.  I was accused of being a twink! –  I did some more dueling and it was pretty cool as a priest being able to beat other more durable lower classes.


    Buffing Flagged and Unflagged Players

    I did a Za run last night with a non Guild group – ( they were all in Kara) and one of the Players was flagged. We had been waiting for more then 5 minutes so it was inconsiderate of him to not unflagg as we became ‘infected’ when we buffed.  The raid leaders say “Ok now everyone flag up.” I ask “Why?” “Because you can’t buff all people in a group  if all the group at the same time if all are either all flagged or all non flagged.”   I say “Huh?” He says just do it.  I do it.  I say “Im toggling it on and and then off so It will go down in 5 mins. ” He said Leave it on.  ” I said no because  – I wasn’t flagging up when  I didnt have to”   I say I don’t agree with your theory.

     Even in an instance,   so many things can happen to make some or one person go out of the instance.  Summons of new players – Repairs – buying Reagents, all can cause you to go out of the instance at any time.  The whole group doesnt go out to protect you – and dieing by Pvp isnt painful, the body camping that can ensure is though, especially when your trying to do a raid. I wasn’t flagging when I didnt have to.

    So we killed boss one – and some trash on other various bosses untill we realised that we may not have the right group make up. One of the wipes the whole Buffing while some are in PVP and other arent.   Flag up the Raid leader says – I say “I think you are wrong about this – in all my time of buffing people up Ive never had to rebuff because I was PVP and someone else wasn’t  or Vice versa. I buff the group – the only problems i have is when people insist on a group buff and someone is out of range. “Im right” says the raid leader. ” I don’t think you are. I say”  – Raid leader adopts a “I know everthing because not only have I played your class – but ive also been playing longer then you are- Tone. ” No….” and starts trying to explain in a condecending tone.  I say I understand what your saying – but its not true but it doesnt matter lets just kill the guy.

    Another wipe – Some repaired some brought reagents and we needed to summon a warlock  – My flag had worn off by then – but if there had been a l33t Horde team waiting near the summoning stone they would have all been goners.. and I would have watched and laughed.

    So we flagg up again – and I take notice of who gets buffs and who doesnt.

     I took a screen shot of an Unflagged player who sucessfully got buffed from Me while I was flagged because the other group I had buffed infected me because none of them had toggled off their PVP.

    Im right I know I am – I pushed it to a reasonable point – concluded with  – I have NEVER in all my months of buffing  had to rebuff because of pvp/non pvp and i get infected all the time.. 

    I tell the raid leader by whisper later I have such a screen shot with a 😛 so he knows no hard feelings.

    “It must be bugged then”

    *screams silently in frustration.  I have never heard of that pvp/non pvp buff issue..  and really most of the none buffs are because people dont run back into instance with rest of raid.. or are out of range.

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