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Stop Being Bullys in BG’s

Bullying is the best word to describe some of the behaviour that goes on in a battleground, and this WSG long weekend was the worst I have seen in a long time.

Hidden behind the saftey of a computer, and  L33t speak Learn2play noob  – the disparaging comments and the unsportsmanship like behaviour that has gone on, in just the BG’s I have been in on my Shadow Priest this weekend has angered and annoyed me, and what makes it worse is that

It’s to your own team!

So much for the Spirit of Competition

“Honoring the spirits” – Uh uh
“do your best to help your team win” – You mean B*tch and Moan and complain and yell, and annoy and grind the BG down so that its no longer fun.

Blizzard have a strict harrassment policy,  but  not all bullying behaviour in a BG is reportable,  There is no T & C for Snide, or sarcastic comments, 

Buff Plz  in How to be Nice points out that Blizzard has a “how to be nice” page. I wish more people would follow it.

 So what does a Bully do?


Any of these behaviours sound familar?

one example from this weekend was
“such and Such has reported you afk type /afk to remove” while we were waiting in the flag room.

How is this bullying?

Someone is trying to manipulate through fear for you to perform an action. You are afraid that you have been reported Afk.  You know that Bliz have been cracking down on Afker’s in BGs,   your not expecting your teammate  to try and scare you into making yourself AFK.

If you do as they say and type /afk, yes you are being niave and you may learn the hard way, or someone else will make a comment in chat and you realise that its not an official message, and that the person who did it was being stupid – even if you know the so called joke – It doesn’t do good things for your competitive spirit.

Professional sportspeople will tell you that winning and losing is often in your head. Its Will, its spirit, its determination, its prevailing against all odds. Its skill, its care, If you are causing your teamates to lose their will and you haven’t even got out the gate, there is no way your going to win the game.

We lost 0/3 flags in that BG.

Other examples this weekend were.. 
“You people are S***””
“You all suck”
“Your Gear sucks”
“I really Like your weapon… Its great for a BG – and your trinkets suck too.. ”
“Maybe the flag should be carried by someone not wearing cloth”  yaddi da dah……

Besides the flag comment the rest were’t directed at me personally. ( 1. I have more Hp and survival abilities and skills that I’ve seen some tanks have. 2. If the druid is busy fighting in the middle, and no one else is there to grab it having a picnic while waiting for someone else is not practical. 3 If a squishy has support – they aren’t so squishy… Even a tank or druid will die without heals. 4. I’ve seen too many Bg’s where we hall butt to get to the opposing factions Flag room and 6 people won’t pick the flag up because they are too afraid of dropping it – cloth leather plate or mail….

“Stop being a Carebear,  People need to develop thick skin,  the world is a mean place, Its only a game,  who cares, Its not my fault they get upset. Body camping is fun!”

Yeah I know…

Im not suggesting that any of the behaviour I have seen has/would drive someone or me to self harm, but when there are real people, there are real feelings.

You don’t HAVE to be a bully. Some of its just delivery, telling people to stop fighting in the middle can be important,  but you have no idea about that individuals players battle circumstance.  Maybe they were sheeped, stunned, sapped and really have no choice.  Running away gets you killed,  , and people do get caught in a battle fever…  where there is an all out brawl on the battleground, so for everyone else its  better to run past and focus on the goal. Insulting your team is not going to make them play better/more strategically..

How do I deal with an ingame bully? – Sometimes I will call them on it,  eg. ” Stop being a bully”  If its something directed at me  in Bg chat.   /s ❤  If they are on a rant   /ignore

Feeding them will only encourage them. ( bit like forum or trade channel trolls)

Try and be nice to your fellow players…… try and offer encouragement,  and not  /bg GJ when someone has dropped a flag.

and if your really that agro. Breath, Leave the battle and take the 15 min deserter buff .

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