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Pot Luck – Long weekend Geekery / Games and Stuff.


It’s a long weekend in Oz and I have been sociable ( and avoiding football of all codes) Spent most of friday night learning more about comic books –  I am trying a different flavour of geekery.   At Aussiecon4/ World Con I went to a  Capes and Skirts: The Plight of Female Superheros panel  and one of the things I got out of it was that  – was that there aren’t enough good female role models in comics, and it can only change if we support them, and if more girls get into comics and demand them. So much to the thrill of my friend who got to discourse on comics, and I learnt about trades and stuff like that, and I got to show him my comic collection so far which includes an Anita Blake one, A classic black and white superwomen trade, a SW comic, and a Birds of Pray,  I’ve got the names of some others like Nightwitches, and Promethia  I need to see if I can locate in trade form.

Then spent most of Saturday explaining to another friend my fascination with gaming and what I get out of blogging.  So I am trying to convince her to start.  Also consumed too much mudcrab ( oh it was amazing.. )   and  lots of wine, and franjelico cocktails.


I have 2 games I adore atm.

Angry Birds – Best money spent on an Iphone game so far. It has made my trips on the train SO much more entertaining, and since it practically has hundreds of scenarios,  I am going to be occupied a while longer, and they have had several free updates along the way with more games.

and Sushi Cat – it didn’t take too long to finish, and I got it when it was free on the Store,  not quuuite sure its worth paying for it as it is a little shortish, but its cute,  and a sushi eating cat – certainly squee worthy.


and I started my Xmas cards as part of my ” Stay away from the PC your not raiding anymore attempt” Yes that is my messy coffee table atm, I made a couple more,  but I either had to dismantle them because the idea didn’t quite work out, or I don’t like it.

This one is my Fav so far.  They don’t take too long,  and TBH I would probably be better off making a Xmas Card  PDF cause not many people send real cards anymore at least in my circles.

Back to normal Wow blogging now I have my show and tell out-of-the-way.

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