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Destroying the Cake.

You spend hours making a cake.  Not only did you make it from scratch, you shopped for the best ingredients and decorations and even made fondant figurines and used food colouring  and silver and gold balls, and  6 different decorating nozzles and then – guess what happens?
People eat it.  They don’t stand there tasting the love in each mouthful but they push past each other, and fight over the fondant rainbow – shoving chocolate and cream into their mouths  until nothing is left but the tin foil covered cake stand and a mush of cake remains.
Thats what I felt I did with my Questing to 85 – I destroyed someones cake – and I didn’t even stop to taste the difference in the cake layers – I went from zone to zone and chewed through the quest lines. Untill I hit 85.
If you are 85 – right now, Just on a week after release,  can  you tell me you did any different. That you stopped and enjoyed the smell of the coffee beans, and the light vanilla layer,  letting it roll over your tounge, or did you put your hands first into the top layer and munch down.
So instead of a cook, or a cake decorator, how about a quest writer or designer.  Every quest so lovingly written, only to be trampled on by a bunch of over eager levelers.
I had so much fun doing some of the quests.   ( brain blank on specifics..  it shall come to me one I have purged  myself of the chatter that is in my head)   Click click. Done. Spent less time on some quests then I’m sure it took to write the quest text.
It’s most certainly sad at the rate that people chewed through the quests like hungry zombies..    EXPPPPPPPP   EXPPPPPPPPPP – but some people are already working on their 2nd 85’s so hopefully they are enjoying the 2nd time round.
I dinged before bed Sunday night  – and  I finally hit 329 Ilevel to get into Heroics tonight,  ( Tues)  but you can guess what I did….  I de’d a green which was worth 2 points and I am now back down to 327 and servers going down soon – hence blogging! , So I shall not be running heroics until I fix that.  320 more earthen ring rep and I shall have a new cloak which may push me over.  Good news though!  The Mats from the DE got me one point and pushed me to 495 enchanting.
I did ‘cheat’ on my ilevels  I have 3 pieces of crafted pvp gear in my bags. Not wearing,  ( sacrilege that would be) but their presence in my bags means that I get a better, best ilevel average.  You don’t even need to equip them.  Just have them in your bags.
I feel a little guilty at the devouring of the content,  but I’ve got 5 alts I want to see to 85 eventually, so I will get to pick and choose a little.
Shadow Priesting is currently fun, and strange.   I did a few normals in my Questing, and have done a few at 85 for gearing up.  I healed the first few I queued for 1 1min wait v a 46 min wait was  a better option,  but healing felt so hard. Mana was a precious resourse,  as another healer said in a dungeon”  I am learning what things are worth the cost to dispel”   ( this was at level 83) and now my gear is all over the shop so I am not game to queue as heals again untill I fix  some stuff.
As shadow,  I do ok on metres,  but it really depends on cooldowns.   I love the look of dark Evangelism  – black wings sprouting from my back.  I have broken out and healed a few times to save the tank  – I guess that means I don’t trust healers much.  Well….. I have not ever over helped,  if that makes sence.  I help rescue, or  strengthen the position with some heals until the healer has them under control.  Then I go back to dpsing.   I just wish they would say “Halp”  or maybe I should tell them, if they need help to say so in party, and I can jump right in.
Mana is still hurting.  Give me a month and we will all be so OP again .

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