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Can’t Shoot the Orphan

Said one person in our Bg

But just imagine if you could! It would be a new achievement ” Keep your Orphan alive for a whole bg”.  You could get a super heal,  or even maybe arm your orphan with a special ability,  like making opponents fall down in a heap of giggles for 3 sec. ( I’m sure that would go down better than if you actually gave them weapons)

It’s children’s week again,  and the school of hard knocks achievement is back interfering in my BG’s.  I felt strongly about it last year.

This year it only popped up in the last few hours of Sunday night Pvp  as some of the realms started ticking over to children’s week.  So I haven’t had to have a go at many people yet, and rage at them.  It probably helped that in the BG’s we played there was 5 of us in a semi premade,  and we didn’t rouse on the achievement mongers too much because we brought some people in who wanted the achieve.

It doesn’t work so much if the whole team wants the achieve, and the entire bg is spent in gesticulated conversions and ” such and such makes a strange gesture at you”  when trying to communicate with the Horde that you promise not to kill them as long as they voluntarily drop the flag.

It might be a good idea,  as some people suggested to me last year.  Just to avoid the BG’s for the week.

It was kind of funny because in one,  one person was trying to do Frenzied defender ( 5 returns in one bg) while others were trying to the single return for the Orphan, and then someone else wanted Ironman.  ( 3 flag caps)  So who’s achievement was more important?

That particular system really discourages you from working with your own team. Your first goal is to satisfy your own achievement needs. Wants,  desires – whatever.

My needs were simple. WIN!

This year, my argument of you doing premades to get the achievement is kind of not as possible because you can only do 5 man semi premades now, and besides the other team still needs to be co-operating and not kill you.

I think I might just avoid BG’s because really,  what would I do in them? If I tried to kill horde my team mates would yell at me for interfering with their achievement,  I could hope to find others like me, there to pvp and band together against the scourge Plague of Orphans,  I could find a nice spot to waste my time, like dancing in the GY while I waited for each side to drop their respective flags, and return them.

I could start a campaign to boycott Bgs untill it’s over,  then all that will be left in them will be people fighting over the achievement.


*blah* leaves Bg ( having completed achieve)

*blahblah* enters Bg – ” Hi! I want to do the achievement”

*blahblah* returns flag


*blahblah* leaves the Bg

I have acquired Portal 1 which may keep me occupied enough to not get the urge to Pvp for the week.

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