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Pay for Comments.

No – I’m not offering.

Ok. Fine.

Here you go – have a cookie. No you can’t have 2. *nods Yes they are real choc chips.

I was checking out a freelance site – as you do – because you can find the oddest things in the weirdest of places, I got a paid singing gig on someones country song demo tape once from a similar local place when I was doing Singing lessons. Fun times.

I wanted to see what people were asking for on the freelance site for writers and what experience the people who were getting the jobs had, and there was several jobs there for ‘Blog commentors’.

Fancy that – being paid to comment on people’s blogs – with I’m assuming a link back to what ever product your selling.

It clicked – some comments I get that don’t get picked up as Spam, seem to be more personalised or genuine comments, but they link back, or include links to dubious sites. It’s hard to tell from the commenter, but the email addy and site link will include something like “goldselling” or “Mageguide” and I usually spam those sorry. If I’m not making money from this – neither are you.

It doesn’t sound like a bad gig. Read blogs on a particular subject – say enough to get it past spam filters, and blog admins who don’t pick up your not a real person who really doesn’t give a crap about the post. Your not real and your intent is to profit from a strategically placed comment.

I know we all sell ourselves in someway. It’s how we discover who or readers are – yes I click on unfamiliar names and blog links and add people to my reader, if I see someone else commenting on someone elses blog post that is of interest, I’ll click there too. Thus why I try and keep the links clean.

I will not support stuff like gold selling. So uhuh.. I try and catch them all.

I do read all your comments. Including the one with a collection of swear words, or a suggestion as to what I can do with my lingerie.

EDIT – have an example of a comment I suspect to be a pay for comment, comment. On my Trolls V Enight post.  It takes you to  a service selling leveling guides/gold making guides   ( I have spammed it) – not suggesting that people who make money from wow players also don’t read blogs,   But the comment seems placed rather then thought out.

I feel a little unfair critising a comment,  because some of my posts are sloppy enough to not make sence,  let along some of my comments, and I don’t mean to scare off commenters  I LOVE YOU!  – but it feels  I guess. Off.   This one is a little less obvious.

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