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Tier – Starcraft 2 Custom Map

I can’t help but sneak a Starcraft post in on occasion. It’s still Blizzard.

But I am loving these custom maps ( some of them)I really wished there were better instructions  on some of them. Hence maybe why I write posts about the maps I like.

It’s a 3v3 map.  3 on each side of the map.  The units that are produced are not controllable.

You have the ability to select either  a Terran or Proton structure to build.  You have 200 minerals to begin with.   Like Nexus wars you have enough to build  2 x Marine Barracks or a 1x proton gateway/forge or if you wanted to 4 x ‘minerals’

You gain Minerals as income, and for kills, you can plant ‘minerals’ for extra income, however for every 5 you plant you need to build a Supply depot at a cost of 250 minerals.

The units Spawn on a their own timers, and stand around until  a ‘turn’ is taken.  A turn is every 30 secs.  They then start running down their default path.  This path is manually changeable on each structure. Eg in case Mid is having trouble, you can tell some of your structures to send the units down the middle path.  You don’t need to build on an allies side.

You also gain Experience which you can put towards upgrades.

Below is a SS of the Marine Tech Tree

The First mindless aim of your units is to kill the enemy pylons/towers  at the opposite part of the tunnel part of the map – they act as a gatekeeper, and can cause significant damage to your units before they can do much damage to then. On top of that, you also have your oppositions units trying to destroy your pylons so a battle in the middle will occur until a side can take advantage.

Once the Pylons have been destroyed, your units then try and overwhelm the enemy base – eventually they are destroyed, and you claim victory.


When I played it at first I built a variety of units,  very little minerals as income sources,  and I didn’t quite know how the upgrade system worked. We won anyway. I was probably being carried.

By the 3rd time – I had a better idea of what I was doing.

There is a Tier 2 and  Tier 3 option on your Tech tree ( bottom 2 symbols the blue and red cross square)  When you get enough experience by selecting tier 2, each of your structures for that type of unit you are upgrading the tech tree for will now have the ability to be upgraded to Tier 2. This has a cost of 95 minerals per structure so you need to plan a little.  What it does is double the damage and health of each unit that gets produced.  Tier 3 works similar as 400%. The Structure must be upgraded individually.

By my 3rd time I had developed a build order.  2 x Marines to start with, a couple of mineral bases untill I got experience,  upgrade the units,  build more marines  – realistically a 55 health marine v a 3000 health tower doing mass amounts of damage.  My 55 health marine gets 2 shot, but they are enough to kill any units the opposition are sending your way to start with.

Some people have the tactic of saving up  their minerals  – building only minimal units to keep the enemy units off their towers,  build lots of income producing minerals and then  hitting them hard, it depends on how hard the other person is hitting back at them though,

In one game I lost a lot of units to the enemy towers,  but I upgraded, and kept throwing them at them until I killed the towers and was the first to break through .

All marines might only work for some games.  An especially long game required me to build tanks and thors, and upgrade their trees because marines weren’t enough and the opposition where hitting with harder units.

The Map also only seems to only show you a Score screen if you leave before ‘defeat’  after a 47 min game – it was Epic.  We were overrun beyond hope,  seconds off defeat, so I left. Then only did I see the score screen.  All the other times I had been victorious and I never saw it then even though the button says scorescreen.

I like it  – I thought I had it beat and was going to get bored with it untill we lost that long game.   The other side was a bit more tactical than other games and seem to be collaborating, by sending a couple of waves of all 3 players units down the middle – weakening our middle, and making us have to go defensive to stop our allies structures ( and ours that were nearby) from being destroyed.  That game was stressful – it was good though.  Much more a challenge then the others had been.

I like these little games.  While the build orders might get predictable. The unpredictability of the other team, and even your own makes it interesting.  It’s like why I can do the same Battleground over and over again in WOW, and not get completely sick of it. The randomness of it all makes it enjoyably repeatable.

Star Craft Chat & some Weekend SC W%^#ers

There is less communication in Star Craft.  I am not sure if it’s a language issue,  with half our players on our servers asia based we have no idea what they are saying, and vice versa, or just no one is interested in planning anything with randoms, and they would rather do their own thing – even though so far from what I’ve seen in these co-ops and customs with randoms,  Co-ordination makes you a better team, and more likely to win.  Or perhaps. No one wants to get stuck on defence while they leave their bases and kill stuff. So I haven’t seen much planning  voice/text based in StarCraft so far.

My voice is on permi mute.  The one time I asked would it be easier if we had voice chat for the map we were doing, the channel got spammed with peoples music – and they all ended up muted.  ( reminds me of the old Yahoo Music channel chat rooms)  People with mikes can be tards – so that leaves you with  text Chat – where one line pops up in the middle of your screen, and disappears.

I’ve had some pleasant conversations with people in customs. Mainly about  what state in Australia is better – this weekend  there was  some  politics,  but most of the time in chat.  It’s usually people saying  GG or taunting in All that the other team are losers, or  that someone is afk – or Dcing or slowing the game down.


You don’t need to talk to people most of the time, and the only time I have really had to was when people left a map as soon as it started, and we have had to work out a way to cover them if possible, to try to extend the game as much as possible.

People who ask for help or how to play in Custom maps usually get ignored, I try and help,  ( even if they are on the other team)  but trying to explain in laymens terms in a short period of time without knowing what point of reference to use on  them is difficult.

As for A$$hats.  It’s kind of reassuring that where there is people there will be a$$hats no matter the game you play.

Example one:  A player build two photon cannons behind his own nexus in Nexus wars custom map, and killed it, by commanding them to attack the friendly target.  He purposely lost the game for his team ( mine) because he could – not just by being lazy…   but by destroying what he was supposed to protect.

That’s so fracked up it’s funny.  They might argue they are having fun playing the game their way.  It’s like the tard that pulls and leaves group.  I do not understand where this mentality of destroying peoples sandcastles out of spite comes from.

Example two : A player in the FASTEST GAME POSSIBLE map ( somewhat original don’t you think? made a million of the same Zerg Unit  ( the floating bubbles)  and filled up an oppositions playing space with them, and didn’t attack anything,  just wave after wave of these ugly brown bubbles untill  that player lagged out and left the game in frustration. I had some air defence capable units, so was trying to shoot some down, but they had decent HP, and  I couldn’t make a big enough  dent in them.

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