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For Klepsacovic – Troll Keyboard Dancing.

I couldn’t help myself – it was fun to do – I learnt to change the thresholds on different parts of the image to keep the details on the second one.  I like that one better because it’s more obviously a troll hunched over a keyboard.  Dancing.  🙂 Though the 1st one looks more like a troll facerolling the keyboard.

Desks nicked from Google images. – Troll Model from Model Viewer –  and Image editor = Gimp and all the fun of thresholds  – quick masks –  a little pathing to get the trolls seated behind the chair back – and some good old fashioned paintbucketing.

No trolls were broken in the preparation of these images.

I die in fires. And Slime.

I couldn’t dance wed nite in 25 man naxx ( didn’t seem to hurt my overall  raid dps standing though

I made it  3 tidal surge type waves, and was at the end of the room  and was almost jumping with glee  when I was slime slammed, my broken body on the floor.   We have been getting the tanks to dance in phase one so its less of a  risk to the raid,  its alot better for casting.  However phase two, and on the tiles,  spotlight on you – and you die.  How embarrasing. 

I wasn’t the only one,  so not toooo embarrasing,  but when we did naxx on 10 mans with the same strat I died there too.  However I was battle rezed and I was able to dance my way through the rest of the fight, without  dying again, so I thought I had learned from the experience. Nope. I am a Nub.

How hard is it to stay out of fire  – says the raider who has danced  a million in the orginal naxx  on 40 mans and more wipe fests. 

I know why we are dancing,  I know the consequences of not dancing.  I am learning where not to go, and who not to follow.  I am learning that because the waves are quick – that the sheep mentality doesn’t work.  Following the person with the diamond on their head is not a good idea. You need to know where to go with enough confidence to actually go there.

I am confident now that I can ignore calls  over vent to move,  and not follow the diamond/star what ever,  but to play it as I see/experience it,  I think only then am I going to survive.

 I’ve only ever danced two fights –  but the 3rd dance will be mine!

Edit: One more factor I forgot about..    my 1st dance I had a speed gem – and my 2nd dance I didn’t !  So I was just that liiitttle bit slower..

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