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Dinging 80 –

Before shutdown I did it!



so I wasn’t the fastest – but I got there.

I checked out Warcraft Realms for some stats on their census page here as to how many 80’s we had – and as at 1/12/2008 or 2008 12 1 we had

Total Characters: 1,488
Showing Guild: All
Total Alliance: 781 – 53%
Total Horde: 707 – 48%
A to H Ratio: 1.1 : 1
Activity Ratio: 1.6 : 1

Broken down into classes / and race



Now for the Rep grind for the factions I need and for Mats to level my tradeskills.  I NEED a flying carpet. Not want.  NEED.

This was accomplished  all in between rehersing/singing at my singing school concert…   I sang Reckless  by Australian Crawl” Don’t be so reckless…   throw down your guns.. ” and also played flute for another girls “Smooth Operator”  Performance.  It was alot of fun to perform in, but so much work & time went into just two performaces I don’t think I want to do it again in a hurry – but yeah. Being in a spotlight ( and not being able to see the audience)  and singing was such a rush.

I’m also in the process buying my own flat – its brought just getting the paperwork through and hope to be moving in before christmas.  I can get ADSL2! yeah instead of playing on Wireless broadband.


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