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DKP bidding

I’m finding the psychology of DKP   bidding much to be like GDKP bidding – of course they  have more in common then just three letters, each has it’s own form of currency.  GDKP – of course is gold,  DKP is points earned for attendance in raids and so on, but there is a way of approaching bidding –  knowing how much currency they have to work with, how important that item is to their class/spec – how many people want it and so on which can make bidding an interesting show.

The hesitate bidder – 1 point above the last bid.  The one who means business.   40 points straight up.  The hesitations as they feel each other out for how much they are willing to put on the table.

I’m managed to get this far in my WOW raiding without ever having to worry about a point system before.  I’ve seen Loot council ( which worked out bad for me the crappy shadow priest in BC  – because any upgrades outside my Shadow Weaving 4 set were also awesome upgrades for every other dps class – who were doing a crap load more damage then I)  Loot by date of last allocation for that loot group.  From memory  I believe weapons, were separate to trinkets, rings & necks, and gear was also separate, and the other guilds were variations of loot councils, and  were pretty much as equal as possible with attendance & raider/trial status taken into consideration.

I have DKP to spend,  and there are items that drop that I would like – but this means I need to know how much I have to spend,  how much the people bidding against me have to spend, and is it worth what ever amount it is being bidded for.

I’ve been hesitating pushing my bidding.  Do I really want to lose all my dkp earned so far for one pair of boots/offhand ? does the person bidding against me have a massive amount to spend? – and the best I could hope to accomplish is either wiping out all of my dkp  – or forcing them to spend a chunk of their own.

I haven’t been lootless.  I was able to upgrade my 4th piece of t10 to Sanc,  and got 4 sanc tokens for my healing offspec. I also managed to get the staff of LK extremely cheaply because 2 dropped in one run,  and then 2 dropped  the following week as well. 

I’m also unofficially next in line for Heroic DFO. unofficially meaning that no one else wants it for mainspec. ( I think)  It just hasn’t dropped for 3 weeks, but then there might be someone who needs it and then I will need to have dkp to bid.

Things like belt, boots, offhand , wand, and the Heroic Sanc tokens though can turn into bidding wars,  and I haven’t  pushed my bidding.  There isn’t a code like I was told in a GDKP where I was bidding against someone I knew.   They bowed out because “they don’t bid against friends’   this is healthy competition for gear, and you can see how quickly much desired pieces have their value bumped up quickly beyond anyone with only pocket change dkp to spend.

Like dead dps does no dps – unspent Dkp means no new gear.  So after a week or so of getting scared out early – I am trying to be somewhat more assertive.

*Guildy disclaimers..  No I am not trying to guilt you into passing,  and I don’t have your DKP points memorised – it’s just been interesting watching the bids.

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