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Back into tabletop gaming.

I spent part of my weekend playing a different game.

It was the first time I have played  Dungeons and Dragons with the new rules,   and so things had to be re-explained to me – and most of it was done in Wow terms because the people I play with also play wow.

There were epic battles and M&m’s

Epic Bosses, and magical creatures

and my Pirate Wench  –  as an unpainted figurine,  Aka the Human fighter Mandra I am playing.


My character was being introduced into the campaign because a warlock party member went Afk in real life,  and in game bits of his body was found at an abandoned camp.     The Magic hand said that he is still alive,  however.  I joined the  party  after proving my strength by defeating the party members in arm wrestles are we are all  off seeking the missing key fragments as part of a massive quest on an island. 

It was good to have a break from wow,  ,  and yes still be a little geeky. Pretty much everything can be explained in wow terms.   Tank dps,   range ( the shaman gets a pet though not the archer.) – abilities have cool downs ( once per encounter abilities / once per day abilities / and free will abilities  – there is armor with bonus.  Magical items to wear, and lots of fun to be had with Rp.    So ..  whats that smell.  Ew it must be the half orc.

So an afternoon of fighting netted us 300 xp each.

My Gaming Origins

After Reading Wil Wheatons  post on his blog WWdN: In Exile in honor of the passing of Gary Gygax’s I thought I would share what got me into gaming.
I have played DnD – I didn’t get into that untill well in my 20’s because I had been introduced to it throughfriends.
However I had been playing computer games of all sorts of Variety ever since discovering ‘Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago’ in year 5 at Primary school
My main reason for starting late, is that I didn’t have any really geeky friends. My school didn’t seem to foster them – and I was already stuck in the Weird/but smart sterotype into paganism – dressed in black almost goth / creative writer type – I did everything from Mock Trail for Legal studies, Band, Choir, social commity, weekends were spent working in various retail jobs, and not being allowed out really besides movies and odd sorts( oldest child – gets to set the rules) and it was always my brother who was the computer ‘expert’ I never really got to play around with it besides basic gaming and then uni and work always took priority
Once I moved out of home, and was at Uni and the serious workforce and met some ‘non normals’ changing my social circle, including meeting some Geeks n Goths and Metalheads into computers – I got to spread my wings a little.

As a writer I’ve always been opened to new ideas, and I liked making up stories I met a boy who told me I’d make a great GM – he lent me his Players Guide for DnD, and got me interested ( thanx Dan)
I found a group of friends that played inbetween that I met another Boy who was also into gaming who egged me on.
My dnd friends also played wow – and while I worked out when I could afford a computer upgrade required to play Warcraft  it i I played Runescape.. ( NO LAUGHING) so new PC – was given wow as a planned xmas prezzie in Dec 2006 – and Now I’m blogging about it.
I havent played DnD in a while, just from a timing aspect – Its like raid attendance Its a significant time committment, and Real life interfers eg People not turning up on time, not being able to make it ect ect.. but its something I want to try and do every now and then.

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