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Oh dear… theres always something new to learn – Gemming…

I am a Nub.
I am the noobiest of ALL noobs.

Im also one of those people who only read instructions if I’ve either a) I can’t get it to work. B) broken it.
Taken directly from the WOW website

Socketed Items

What can you put into a socketed item?
……Players can place any color gem into a socket; however, matching all of an item’s sockets with their corresponding colored gems can award additional bonuses.

I didn’t know that. This research was prompted by Big Bear Butts comment as to my hunt for a Meta Gem. in this 1153 Shadow Damage.

I am shamed!
Embarrased.. ( but not so badly enough to not blog it.. 😉

That means I can Gem now for a decent Meta! Hawt! Because I don’t need to match Gems with their Socket Colours!!

I Needs to do some serious Gem recalculating eg Socket Bonus with what I can replace it with….
I can lose 17 Hit ratings..
and probably most of my socketed resilence and Crits Bonus’s if required.

( hangs head… )
* cheers…. i can squeeze more damage in .. I can squeeze more damage in…..
This is gonna be expensive…

I also used IMBA again.. and I have forgotton te enchant my chest again! DOH… this is certainly a comedy of errors.. Maybe because all the chest enchants are crap.
Must get my boots done too. Keep meaning to ask guildy to do it, but always get distracted.

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