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Geeks, Nerds, Dorks?


Despairwear  has a Warcraft Tshirt  World of Dorkcraft  and I can’t quite  work out who would want to wear it,  it’s not particularly funny and  I can’t see it being worn by someone who actually plays and enjoys the game, and if they aren’t playing the game – why would you wear a Gaming Tshirt making fun of the game?  ( unless your mother brought it for you for Christmas because she thought it looked sweet.)

Dork in ‘slang’  just hasn’t gotten the image makeover that Geek Chic has, and get your ‘Dork’ on – just doesn’t have the same ring to “Get your Geek on”

and what is a dork…

Urban dictionary says Dorky  is

1. dorky  
Meaning One:To act ‘silly’, ‘foolish’, ‘stupidly’ or in other words to act like a dork.
Meaning Two:Dorky is a WinBoard computer chess program for Windows

The online Webster Dictorary defines dork as

n. 1. a person who is stupid, socially inept, or ridiculous; – always used disparagingly 

The Socially inept part is perhaps getting a little closer – buts not all wow players

The Free Dictionary has Dork as

1 . Slang A stupid, inept, or foolish person

Am I being Dorky / a Dork  by reading too much into a Tshirt that isn’t amusing?  – I’ve been studying so maybe I am taking this scholarly thing to far.

There is another definition of Dork – and its apparently Vulgar Slang for a piece of male anatomy – and that gives another slant to what  Dorkcraft is supposed to mean.

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