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Because I seek to entertain and enlighten you – and you may get confused but you shall be educated and not feel like you have been educated.

Sometimes you see someones name and find it amusing, you ‘get’ the name and I couldn’t understand why someone didn’t find the following name for  a druid as funny as I did.

A druid called Boombudgie

I was talking to someone from the US – and they were like ” uhh whats a budgie.. ”

Budgies aka Budgerigar are small parrots that are native to Australia

Pic by Jixar under creative commons Attribution – and the bird is called Bellis


It kind of looks like a Boomkin don’t you think?

I have druids on the brain because I now have a level 70 resto/boomy.  This is odd because I’ve never played a toon really that transforms,  so seeing this big bird waddling around and it being ‘me’ is a strange experience. My tree form never lasted long enough ( 30 secs) for me to identify with it, but that big ball of feathers is now ‘me’ and I am feeling a little disasociated because I can’t identify with it.  But it sure packs a punch.  I like boomy dps.

Feathers Fur and Fins

Feathers, fur or fins
Feathers, fur or fins
If it walks on legs or flies on wings
If it runs or crawls or slithers or swims
It’s got its place in the scheme of things
Feathers, fur or fins-

-Don Spencer

We have a Kids singer on Oz called Don Spencer, and he has an  appropriate  druid theme song called  Feather, Fur or Fins ( especially now I have flight form.  Feathers ! Yeah!) The song is from the 80’s when I was growing up  ( showing my age here)    ( not to be confused to with Feather, Fur and Fins)  – I cannot find you a Youtube clip of Don’s  song however  if you really want to listen on his website you can listen to an extract of the song – so I got to practice the tune 🙂  I guess the need to identify  with trees now are a little less so I still think the song fits even though there is no bark in there.

I think I am kind of in love with my Druid. She is well on her way to being my 6th 80 – and is  63 at the moment.


Dear Tanks.

I thank Elune for catform and Dash so I can run faster to catch up to you when you don’t give me enough time to drink.  I thank Elune for Innervate so I don’t have to do that often.

I thank Elune for the thorns I can place upon you so you hold threat

I thank Elune for Barkskin, and Natures Grasp and Shadow Meld so that I may protect myself when you can not

I cannot stress how useful thorns have been for keeping agro off me,  the healer.   I have only really been smashed once  because tank lost agro ,  and inbetween being beaten upon by mobs,  I managed to snarkily  say ” its ok .. you don’t need a healer.. ”

Zahre has died

It gets used on cool down/saved for the right pack.  Eg if its off cool down, and only one mob,  I’ll save it for the next pull.  Though it does highlight why some healers have “Barkskin used”  macro’d to appear in Party chat.  I think its annoying.  Theoretically I can see that its a useful poke “Hey…. healer in trouble..  help.”

I should set up a macro every time I get meleed for something higher then say 20% if my health.  ” Save your healer”  “Get them off me”   “Halp!” I do try and do all my best to keep myself alive.   Barkskin, Shadow Meld,  Natures Grasp – then a shuffle out of the mobs melee range.

Just in case you don’t believe me on how good thorns have been  ( for someone else s damage !! ><

and just in case it was a fluke or a bad DK tank..   here is another one

I haven’t got all the yummy healing spells yet,  but so far I feel I have one for all occasions. The lots of little heals,  Swiftmend, and Wildgrowth  are easily able to top off people  who when healing as a priest  (pre Circle of healing ) required a dedicated flash or renew.

I have also been using most of my innervates on myself.   Though if its on cool down and I don’t believe I will need it, and someone else does I will cast it on them.   I don’t have it macro’d telling them they are getting it, so maybe they don’t even realize.  When I was leveling my hunter through dungeons with a friend’s druid  he used to give me Innervate. – and I can’t reciprocate to other hunters now because they don’t have mana anymore.

I am slightly resentful that Natures Cure in my talent tree allows me to cleanse a Magic affect as well.  So I have been a bad Druid and not taken it yet.  Of course I will,  but Poisons and Curses AND magic.  That’s not fair.   I am not a dispel bot.  I probably will pick it up next talent point,  I have just been holding it off a little.  It’s usually disease that people scream to have cleansed off them anyone, so no one has noticed so far .  Shhhhhh

I shall not become the pugnacious Druid,  though  3 hours wiping on a LK normal 25 kill as a holy priest did make me triple think the idea that I might want to be healing more in Cata

Value adding as a Lobie Druid healer

I wrote  a while a go  that your healers should be dpsing too and I would rather a bored healer dps then do stuff like pull for the tank, or *get distracted and not be quick enough to heal when the tank actually needs it.

* raises hand – Guilty your honor  I was in cat form when the tank died.

I regularly try to slot some Dps in on my two priests when I am healing,  but I’ve not gotten to try the smite dps/healing style of a disc priest in a 25 raid. I went Disc this week  on my 2nd priest for our  LK 10 kill and achievement , and the earlier weeks H LK attempt, and was too busy bubbling and penancing to have time to Smite to build up my stacks to get my pretty wings.  (bad enough I forget I have barrier and Power Infusion)  

So as for Dpsing as a  Resto druid, I have been leveling mostly through dungeons, holiday quests, cloth hand ins, and the rare bg ( 30-40 bracket getting one shot by rogues. NOT FUN)  and she has a few things she can do to help an encounter along damage wise,  she will moonfire every now and then, cast inspect swarm but considering I am getting tanks screaming ” BIG PULL LOL”  and running off in the distance. I don’t always have mana to spare. 

There are two non healing spells I am trying to use as often as possible though.

Faerie fire

“Decreases the armor of the target by 4% for 5 min. While affected, the target cannot stealth or turn invisible. Stacks up to 3 times”


thorns sprout from the friendly target causing * nature damage over 20 seconds. 

I try to get the three stacks of Faerie fire up on the Boss Target because it all helps right?  a 12% armour reduction is nothing to sneeze at especially if there are no Rogues or Warriors – or they aren’t putting up their own armor reductions – though things die so fast I don’t really need it.

The biggest offensive ability I am using  – for which I do not get credit for which I think sucks, is Thorns.     I am using Thorns on the tank when there is a need for Aoe.  This has been awesome in keeping threat off me, and thorns does well for damage done when fighting groups of mobs. Things die quicker, I don’t get hit as often,  I help the tank do better dps,  I posted a recount for damage by ability of the tank in a Sunken Temple run, and thorns was # 2.  I like not getting hit by dragons,  and those trash packs can be interesting.

With content as is now – pre cata – there certainly is opportunity for more healers to throw out some damage as well, but like overzealous, mob pulling dps – it could teach us some bad habits.  You heal because you heal.  That’s your job,  your main focus needs to be on that role or the reason why roles exists fail. The party fails.

I got too cocky, and was in cat form skull bashing, and shredding mobs in Mara. I got silenced and couldn’t heal the tank. My pre hots had worn off,  he died because I was reaching outside the bounds of my role. It was all good though.  One Battle rez later, and an apology, and I never did it again that instance.

I like feeling more useful than just as a health bar toper upperer  ( the Faerie fire in a 25 man should not even be required with the other classes in the raid doing their thing)  and I can certainly see the benefit of casting thorns on the tank. It’s only one more GCD, I have a power Aura set up for it so I know its ready to be cast.  It does more damage. Better agro, and I probably don’t have to cast it at all. No one will notice.   Parties only realise that I am being a little more useful than a healing machine when I point out ” wow look how much damage my thorns are helping you do”

It’s a tool that I think that even though I am healing and have to remember to keep using it  – it makes sence to make use of something that is so beneficial for the good of the party.

Lightening Strikes where I tell it to

I  feel like a  real druid now.   Even though I am a healer..  I am sure I will be able to slip a bolt in or two on occasion.  Level 44!


Why so Ugly

My baby druid  Zahre  ( I like Z’s ) is level 31 now, and yes despite the uglyness of the new tree form.  She is resto, and will probably hit 80 before Cata since for now she is shiny and new and interesting, and even a bad LFG and repeated runs of  SM Graveyard is better than the time it takes , and all the frack arounds of a bad ICC pug.

So how about those new tree forms eh…

Larissa   said that they look “aggressive and masculine” and Zelmaru from  Murloc Parliment calls its a “not-tree” and Sarindre’s from Through the Eyes of the tree quotes her husband as calling it a “leafy golem” and Keeva from Tree Back Jacket says ”  It looks very masculine, complete with leafy Goatee”   Kea from Dreambound says ” They’re still grumpy old tree men”  Analogue from Looking for more says “this is abominable”

check out Looking for More’s mini comic on the new form too  Warn your Gnomes

Where is the love? Though apparently you are able to Gylph it back to the old form.

I shall make a general observation.   Most Resto druids I know have been female.  ( this is mainly resto druid raiders as I have not been in a social only guild for years) This doesn’t mean all girls play druid healers, or only healers, but I believe that it is a general consensus that female players have leaned strongly towards healing classes, I am sure there are plenty of exceptions.  Though It’s already been noted that most of our resto druid bloggers are female .

This ugly change – and while I have yet to put it through the new Ugly test on the Iphone, I don’t find appealing at all.   I dread when I shall be shifting in it,  when I play my druid I want to feel nature connected,  graceful yet powerful.  Not a unweldy chunk of wood and foliage. It is odd that they chose this model considering that   studies like the Daedalus Project  have shown in Our Virtual Bodies, Ourselves  that “women are more than twice as likely to prefer the attractive choice.”   Why change a relative gender neutral form into a an undeniably masculine one that is not attractive at all, especially when it seems to most certainly be a female preference.   I personally think it looks like someone has slapped a Halloween –  over exaggerated  featured face mask on it.

Is it to make it more appealing for males to play?  Does a more masculine looking druid form make you feel more manly and powerful, and therefore want to play such a class or spec more.  I wasn’t expecting the new form to be wearing skirts,  and I know a lot of the druids have wanted a change from looking like Ents, but still.   Please make it prettier, because as shallow or as gender sterotypical it sounds.   I like pretty.

Tree form.   The Mans Tree

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