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Raiding Wet.


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In the various guilds I’ve been in  there has always been tongue in-cheek discussion about raiding drunk.   The talk about playing a particular class because you can play it with one hand, because  the other hand is holding a drink ( meaning alcoholic beverage) is a raid joke.  ( or is it… ) The average gamer in Australia is supposed to be 30 – and thats well past our drinking age of 18   – and there is nothing to stop you from doing what you want  on your own time.  Stick 2 beers in your hat and your set right?

 The further up the raiding ladder, I’ve seen  the less people drunk during a raid.  Or more likely the less people obviously drunk during a raid.  While its more likely for the men to be raiding with a drink in hand – a coldie.. as we call them in Australia….  A female raid member with a glass of chardy in her hand is probably less common while raiding but I’m sure it happens.  Are you drinking alone if your raiding? Certainly in the less progressed guild there seems to be more likely a drunk person ( for what ever their personal reasons.. ) but a higher progressed guild will not tolerate stupid mistakes.  Raiding is serious business.

Do I confess, and say I have been drunk during a raid?

^^ that was a confession in case you missed it .  *blink – moving on.

Most of my raids are during work nights, so drinking while raiding with a beverage is not practicial ( or responsible.. )  but any friday night raids where most often done after work drinks ..  so I could not guarantee sobriety while raiding on a friday night.

There definitely has to be a corelation betweeen  how drunk the raid is and the seriousness of the fight .   I remember back in the days of Kara the state most of the raid was in by Curator.  Maybe that’s why the guild at the time never cleared Kara…. It really went downhill.,  I would have to say that most people raid sober,  but I’m sure that there are a lot people that associate the relaxing of raiding or playing wow as  the time to have a beer or two.. or three…..

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