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Unwilling Duel Specee

Are you a Specist?

Oh yeah I will be duel specing but I will not be specing as a healer. I will most probably more Pvp Friendly Shadow, or Even pvp disc. No formal guild policy has been publicised yet,  but I’m sure it will be that you will respec into the most beneficial spec for the raid.

And that will probably be the end of my raiding career.

I’ll be happy to repec at guild cost, / or my own for a one off occasion,  but I really can’t see me getting enough use out of a 2nd spec thats healing when I could and will be using a PVP spec on a regular basis.

 I  see the desire for dual specs – I understand that people want the flexibility to be able to  play other parts of the game. Healers want to be able to do their dailies,  Tanks need to spec particular ways for bosses , guilds want to be able to run a raid even though they are missing 1 critical class, and a hybrid dual spec’d person will solve that problem. It solves every-ones problems, money, raiding, income generation

Blizzard heard our crys at the COST of respeccing, and instead of just reducing the respec fee,  we got duel specs. 

 I will be chosing my own dual spec,  and if that costs me my raid position so be it.  Its my 1000 gold after all, and my 15 bucks a month ( though with our dollar now, I think its working out to be more)

Considering I will be funding my duel spec, and theoretically, not all healers will be suddenly jumping at the chance to be DPS for one raid,  and that I would only be asked to repec on very desperate situations,  the once in the blue moon I will be asked to use my duel spec,  is certainly not worth wasting my duel spec opportunity  to pick a duel spec I will  rarely use

What does worry me though, is if Blizzard have introduced this new Raid mechanic,  changing specs in an instant – how will this change boss fight mechanics? Will we see that one boss in a 25 man raid only needs 2 healers, while the next boss needs 10 – then the dual specing becomes essential

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