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The Oculus Conspiracy

So frequent are my trips to this instance  – I now have had three Reins of the Blue Drake drop  including from the single LFG I did before logging off last night , of course I can’t prove it because I never SS the ” received item” and the party going ohh Grats!”  and then their disappointment when I say I already have it, and then their continued disapointment when I can’t trade it to them.

So you will have to take my word for it

So not only is this so called RNG for what intances you get –   torturing me with Oculus – they are taunting me with a drake I already have,   and would have been better off going to anyone else in the party but me.

My Stats say I’ve killed Ley-Guardian Eregos 37 times –  this  doesn’t include a period of me going  – Uh uh..    /screams in terror and then promptly leaving party – and thus avoiding Occulus,  or my kill count would have been at least 5 higher.

Aparently I have killed the The Prophet Tharon’ja kills (Heroic Drak’Tharon Keep) 97 times  ( really?) I’ve a few 5 man dungeon bosses at the 40 odd kills but then some at 15 & 17 so it’s still not an even distribution of dungeons –  not by a long shot, and considering I had avoided Heroic Oculus untill 08/08/09  yes..  that is an 09. (Heroic Gundrak was done 19/12/08 )- Blizz may be retroactively punishing me for not touching Oculus for almost 8 odd months.

I’m not the only one to notice the frequency that Oculus pops as the random – when LFG’s came out in  3.3 there were cries about it – to the extent that they had to put a pretty blue drake in, as well as a extra loot bag to get people to stay.

Infact a blue reply on a  post explains that the frequency of Oculus popping could be caused by the frequency that people are refusing to d0 it, and dropping group

So great is this Hate – there is even an add on called NoRandomOculus  that extends your raid ID for that instance so your less likely to get it  –  I have not tested this – but I will – it hasn’t been updated in a while so there may be issues,  but I will you know how it goes.

I will admit though –  running Oculus is getting easier – and not just because of the nerfs.  I suspect that other people are getting it a lot more frequent then normal and so then are getting better skilled at it.  So it’s less painful. 

People know what drake to pick for their party role ( unless they call dibs on one) they know to move when he goes into a planar shift.  Usually someone picks up that not all the amber drakes should be  channeling temporal rifts,  and at least one person starts hitting it with the Shocklance,  and the green drake riders know now to get your 3 stacks of leeching poison up  up before you try and heal someone with dream funnel – or you shall be healing them to your death.

Its not my fault you die in POS.

I’ve been doing H Pit of Saron on practically a daily basis for the Nevermelting trinket that drops.  I want it.  I keep getting outbid on GDKP runs for Reign, and  no one is running Ony anymore –

I think healing H POS shows my dedication  for  a trinket upgrade. *removes the bitter taste of healing from the back of my mouth.   You should hear my cries of relief when I am allowed to dps. 

I don’t hate healing.  Now I have better gear/ more confidence  it does sit a lot better with me,  just all this healing business has been for the express purpose of getting me better dps gear. 

I find healing POS difficult – because so much of it depends on people being aware of their own surroundings to reduce the un-necessary damage to themselves  – all the while I chase whatever selection of tank I have managed to get in the dungeon finder ( or a friendly tank) and keep them alive.

This is the instance where the pugs link damage done, and wave their Epeen about,  and I cut it off with a link to damage taken asking ” Why is the tank number 4 on the list? 

I have been at fault for getting too many stacks of Permafrost from Garfrost on myself  because I didn’t let it fall off due to chasing of tank/dps with too many stacks, I try and pick my own health over the DPS’s on the LOS  – sometimes they die. Though when I survive,   so does the rest of the DPS and tank.  It is easy to get tunnel vision on this one.  

If a DPS dies  on Garfrost –  they also seems to die on  Krick and Ick – most often blown up by a poison nova,  or walking backwards rather than running when being chased by Ick.  I heal my little heart off in this instance,  because I have to,  theres no way of half heartedly doing this one. So if you die,  it’s not because I’m not churning out heals,  look at your stacks or where you were standing.

I’ve lost a tank in the Tunnel on the way to Tyrannus – he did the “lets see how fast I can run with a healer getting beat upon by skellys,  and only able to renew, mend, and shield on you while running for dear life.  He gets to the end of the tunnel going ” Wtf? – where were my heals?

It’s not so much a b*tch post about the randoms,  there have been some awesome runs, and some ok ones, and a OMG fail however  I’ve been lucky enough to see every one , I have run all the way through.

There have been a lot of blog posts about the randoms that bloggers have been encountering and peoples with varying perspectives.  My hunter is now 80, and I am about to be throwing her at the mercy of LFG’s  – she is scrub,   has a few Ah bought Purps,  is BM,  and am paranoid about my pet. After being so confident as Dps on my priest,  and even now as a healer – I can heal without issues any random you throw at me – putting my scrub hunter, with green gloves into heroics or normal runs with strangers scares me.

  I liked these perspectives on the Random Dungeons from bloggers and are definitely worth reading to get a better appreciation of random experience  and quell those evil thoughts when it comes to the performance of people in your own random.

 Tobolds  Most embarrassing Pug ever   – When it’s you that might be having the off day

Matticus’s I can Carry you    – “brute force healing ” those who are taking too much damage / don’t know the fights

Honor’s Code Enjoy LFD Now   – feel lucky you’re being grouped with people who can carry you now – because they will be otherwise occupied with the new wings later.

Patch Week one.

I was lucky to get a Battered Hilt  for Quel’Delar in the very first ICC 5 man instance I hit on Patch night,  and after discovering they were selling for 4k on the AH  I figured – I have 12k ( at the time)   I’d rather the small upgrade it was then 4k.   So over the weekend I did the quest chain and got

I then found out they were going for 18K gold because the drop rate was nerfed , and I’m like  ” Aweee but that would have  helped me get my Rein  in a GDKP! 

The quest chain was a little running around but I thought it was fun, and not bad gold as well. It doesn’t call for you to do anything beyond your abilities. You do have to go into the new 5 man ICC’s to make your weapon. 

I healed them.   Yes.  Me.   The Shadow Priest who rants and raves about not healing has discovered that I am not too bad,  and having fun too.   ( Instant Random group love!! )   I over use Prayer of mending,   do predictive renews ( silly boomkin standing in bad stuff the whole run) and flash.   Greater heals if I feel lazy and  need to regen a little mana.

I healed all three ICC 5 mans for my hilt quest,  without the support of a tanking friend that I could trust and not get upset with me if I failed.   Everyone else was doing their thing, and I was looking at the chain,  thinking,  I can do this..  and donned my healing set and went into group.  I actually like healing Halls of reflection.  It’s a little crazy – but fun.

The chain also sends you to  the Isle,   You also get to go into the Sunwell  and then you get shackled for your efforts and accused of being a traitor.  It all gets sorted out, and  you continue on.

I don’t have my Perky Pug yet,   I need 11 more people to be random with!  I do like the Random Dungeons,  it’s making getting emblems of frost easier for heroics,  there is always something to do,  and as a healer  I get instant love,  sure I have let a few people die,  but I am running recount so am waiting for someone to tell me I fail,  then I can link the damage they just took  and tell them to GTFOTF –  ( thats only if they try to tell me I fail – it’s called forward planning)

My best Random Dungeon experience was in Occulus – a mage as we zoned in said ” I have never done this before”  and we were like  awesome!  Follow instructions  – we will help and you will be fine.  We did, they did,  and we one shotted it. Happy warm feeling.  I thanked them for their honesty.  It made the experience better for everyone.

  Worse Random Dungeon experience was also in Occulus  – Someone wanted to do an achievement  so we wiped 5 times,  they were the first to die on their drake every time  because he never ran from the explosion.

There was also someone who was Afk for all three bosses  in a run,  a undergeared tank who rage dc’d ( didn’t even leave group) when he died after  pulling too many packs  – the dps died first and I couldn’t continue to keep him up.   Two DPS that left after the 2nd boss in a run – people missing basic chants and gems,  low and lazy dpsers ( HOLY DPS FTW) ect.  But yeah.  Have been happy with it so far.

,Between a ICC 10 man clear, and two bosses on ICC 25  I now have 31 Emblems of frost badges,  so by this time next week I am planning on buying the 60 Badge cloth shoulders,  because I am not guaranteed a spot in any raid as I am only casual,    I did some 10 man ICC farming to get halfway to friendly with the Ashen Deathsworn, and after the ICC 10 and half of  25 I got my friendly ring,  which isn’t an upgrade,  but the honoured will be.

I want my Ball back!

My Dispersion ball has disappeared.  I am no longer a ball.  It took me a while to use it,  as during trash pulls, my mana regen was ok and we were moving pretty fast so I was just throwing my fiend out when I was getting low, so it took a while for me to decide to disperse.   I thought it didn’t work then a little circle like buff appeared around my waist area,  and my shadow form got more shadow like –  then it was over. 

I want my ball back.    It was bouncy, and blackish purplish, and it was special.  I would use it to disappear – Bang  – I’m gone,  and it was fun to bug out my passengers in my mount if I dispersed while I had a passenger,  the side cart would close up, and my passenger would look like their head was being dragged along the ground.

I miss being bouncy  /sob

I ran the new 5 mans in sequence last night with a mix of   – “I have no idea what I am doing / going / what special abilities these boss have“.  I am glad I updated my DBM – Get thee behind the rock!  What rock? – Oh that one. We lost two party members to purple stuff on the first boss – yeah if it’s on the ground – it’s normally bad for you. I saved the day and healed the tank!

We wiped once in the Halls of reflection – I got to use my shackle again to try and help control the mobs, they all have a decent amount of health on heroic .  Best target seemed to be the range dwarf that shoots people and freezes them for a couple of sec’s.  Made it a little easier to kill everything else when you weren’t being iceblocked.

And when we finished the sequence, and Jaina had entombed the lich King we all were dc’d and dropped from party as soon as we stepped on the boat.   When we got back I levitated group ( a work around someone advised?)  and we managed to get on the boat but were teleported before we could open the captains chest.

So I patched,  load,  updated mods,  played with gear sets  – regemed some healing legs with Haste,  bashed dummys,  talked to other shadow priests  

”  Hi!  Just want to know if your replacing your Shadow Word Pain Glyph?”  I mean do we really need base mana back?

“Hows your AOE going in your 10 man?”   

“How much haste do you have, and hows your damage going in comparison ” 

I’ve managed to  get 625 Haste,  I have also chanted my Weapon with Black Magic for the haste proc.  My two trinkets have a + sp proc –  It seems that we do need the Mana regen from Glyph of Shadow Word Pain.  It’s no longer


The Glyph now is : Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain: The periodic damage ticks of Shadow Word: Pain now restore 1% of the priest’s base mana with this glyph.

and our Mindflay Glyph for extra 10 yards  has been changed to…

Glyph of Mind Flay: This glyph now increases the damage done by Mind Flay by 10% when the target is afflicted with Shadow Word: Pain

I had been hoping to use another Glyph – any really.. but now,  It seems we need the mana, which I find stupid considering that we already have a 2 min Dispersion, and a Fiend, and replenishment – We were the mana battery’s, and now we need a glyph.  HA! How the shadow priest has fallen.

I ran a plethora of random dungeons with a guildy using the new LFG – only ran into the same person once – most groups were pretty op, and we were running 12 min Heroics – easy gold, badges,  and enchanting mats. Wait times were only seconds long,  and only extended if a DPS refused the invite – not sure how popular it will be  in a months time,  now its a novelty,  and the ease of running a random  dungeon just takes so much less time, and fuss to organise. 

Well thats my first impressions of 3.3 – might be more later…

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