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Boot enchanting for Raiding.

Back in the day, when I needed the Hit.  I used to have “Enchant Boots Icewalker on my boots. I now have  515 hit without even trying  ( I only need 290)  so I slapped on  Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s vitality

I had a look at who has what on my server,   via which lets you compare statistics by enchants on pieces of gear by  realm. A search for the Most popular Enchant on Boots  for Priest- Shadow Proved interesting. 

I cropped out the centre of the image because the bars would have made the pic to hard to fit.  It looks like the stats include all Shadow Priests on server, but only 33 Shadow Priests have Tuskarr’s Vitality, the ability to move just that little bit faster out of the fire is invaluable in a raid situation, and I have been convinced it is the better enchant for situations that you need to move in,  especially considering we are already dealing with Lag.

Mind you if you needed the  15 hit, then of course go for Icewalker, and admittedly the +stam on Tuskarr’s Vitality is useless.  The stats won’t include people missing an enchant.



I then thought to compare my server to what is considered a much more progressed and serious raid server,  Blackrock, and their stats  only showed about a 6% increase in Shadow Priests using Tuskarr’s vitality over Icewalker.   ( they have a higher Shadow Priest population in general and my calculations are only based on Icewalk V Tuskarr) ignoring the other chants.



So its got me thinking,  have I done the right thing?  would that extra Crit that is on Icewalker be more useful, then a very minor “Slight speed increase” Would I even notice if it it’s gone?

I went through the top geared ( by gearscore as reference) Shadow priests on the server to see what they were doing, and besides some of them having higher gearscores on their offspecs which are shadow there seems to be an even mix of Icewalker and Tuskarr’s Vitality.

At this point I think I might go back to Icewalker for that extra crit,  and I guess if I am slower getting out of fires and dying,  will rechant my boots back to Tuskarr’s Vitality.  

So on my server The Top 5 boot enchants are +60 Items only enchants,  so out of 760 +Shadow Priests that are 60  + only 33 have Tuskarr’s

If the majority knew what they were doing all the time,  then there wouldn’t be so many bad players,  so I can’t use the argument majority rules,  but considering the amount of people with  Tuskarr’s Vitality even compared to the greater spirit enchant, that maybe in this case that the 727 Shadow Priests know something that the 33 don’t?  Or do the 33 know something that  727 don’t?

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