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Guild Tauren Race, and Fancy Dress… Cows in Pink Tabards

It was rather interesting at the Hit Stats that my Last post about “20 Things you should know about shadow Priests”  created.   I even got random comments..  and critique and more spam.  I always get Insurance Spam – what do you get?

But I Digress.

Sunday Night we had an organised Guild event..   so about 36 of us created Level 1 Female Taurens for a Run to stormwind.   We had some great photo ops, and we created much confusion in Thunderbluff.   With some help of some Guild Horde Alts we had money enough for a Guild, and a Pink tabard.

A Herd of Female Taurens..   Don\'t we look sexy..!

We Run from Thunderbluff to regroup at the Alchemist trainer near Stormwind.  Theres an Art at running at level one.  We All Dinged level 2 by the time we got to Bootybay, and we had died so many times by the time we got to Elywn forest that none of us had weapons. If you die at the right spot ( or by chance) you can hop to a closer graveyard,  spirit rez and keep right on running.  The aim was to get your body inside the door of Goldshire Tavern – and then the second part was to see how long before we could getinto Stormwind..   some of our bodies are still on the bridge.  We didnt make it far.   I could not stop laughing the whole time.  Because we were all on vent we had movement syncronicity,   someone would say ” Dance with the moonkin.. ”  and we would run over to the poor confused moonkin and surround him.   When ever we saw another female tauren we would cheer as they are a dying breed – its like leveling a level 70 female dwarf – hardley anyone does it.    That makes me on principle want t level a Female Tauren..   But much fun and laughter was had.   Except when we got to our native home and people on Alliance flagged up and tried  ( and succedded in slaughtering some of us at the stormwind gates.  Even after we had a Real Alliance Guildy whisper them politely before hand and ask that they don’t spoil our fun, we are a respected guild on our server and had hoped that they wouldnt be Asshats.  Well they were and they then got alot of angrey tells from us when we logged onto our mains. 

The 2nd part of the Fun was a Fancy Dress party….  We all gathered at the Inn at Darnassus where we would be least likely to be disturbed,  besides the odd random that tried  to steal our Runway.   I didnt win, a  Nakid Gnome in a Voodoo mask won..   but this was my outfit..

A Firey Wench....   with a Martial Shirt and a Admirals hat..

I started my show off in shadow with a Firey enchanted Skull mace and my Wand I looked like I had duel Fires.   The Photos a little blurry.. we all got drunk on ale afterwards….

It was a good night…. and I know at least the running of the bulls has already been done and probably a million other guild events similar..  but this was our run – and we had lots of fun.

this is the 1st Major guild event we have done since I’ve been in the guild,  but its things like this that make a great guild..  ( even if I can’t always get a raid spot…   )  There were prizes for First in the Inn at Goldshire,  for the best fancy dress  out of the GMs pocket…  and it took alot of organisation..  advertsiing..  motivating people to go..   to ta to the GM.. 

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