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Where to Farm Eternal Fires / Crystallized Fire

** Credit to this spot  goes to my good friend Razz who helped me farm Eternal Fires to fund my Merlin’s Robe.

While not intending on making this a  ” where to farm” blog  I thought I would post where a good spot to farm Eternal Fires and Crystallized Fires are because they are worth about 30 gold each on my server,  and  there is also gold to be made from the greys, and greens that drop.   The mobs are called Wailing Winds and are found in a cave at the north east of Storm Peaks. They have a bout a 26% drop rate of  Crystallized fire, and  I find if I stand right near the entrance I can pull the Wailing winds  pretty constantly as they spawn.    The cave can  support 2 people farming it at a time as long as one stays deep in the cave, and the other near the entrance. 

They do stun for 2 secs,  so as  a dotting and shielding class I was fine,  they are  apparently not fire immune,  and they do have a very quick reaction time when the respawn.  It can get quite overwhelming sometimes when they suddenly appear on top of you, and stun you.




And yes thats me Farming in my PVP gear,   I am now on a Pvp realm, and If Im going to get ganked, I would rather put up a fight…

My place to Farm Lichbloom and Icethorn

I know farming is lame – but a Frost Lotus is going for upwards of 50 gold on my server at the moment so well worth it to sell,  after I have already made a stack of my own Flasks.  

Doing something somewhat productively when you are multitasking like watching a Dvd on your other screen – makes the farming time better spent and while maybe ungoblin like,between Lotus’s, Icethorn, Lich blooms, and the Eternal Life’s I get out of it  it’s not a bad little cash cow place.

My herbalist does repetitive circles along this area. She used to do it on a ground mount because the circuit allows you within reason to do that,  and it was quicker on an Epic ground mount then an slow flyer,  I couldnt afford her epic flyer at the time as she was an alt,   but that was soon fixed.  The respawns are ok as long as no one else is farming and most people don’t keep going round,  they follow their own farming path that usually only crosses mine as they come down from the mountains.  I think it beats flying all over the country when you can just go in a circle around K3

You can see from the Gatherer screenshot the density of the possible spawn points for Lichbloom and Icethorn


Leave my Mobs alone: your’re affecting the drop rate

I can’t find record of real drop rate percentages on items, besides some stat counters for your own stuff, ( Like what the add Mob Info 2 Does )  or on thot  but there does seem to be a pattern.

If I’m the only one farming for an item – the drop rate increases – Hence why I can churn out 16 Netherweb Spider Silks from mobs In Terokkar Forest near Shatt  in 40 min one day  when I’m not competing.. ( Tuesdays before shutdown seem to be the best farming for things like that as there are less people on)  and then struggle to get 6 in an hour on another day when I’m competing. ( even considering that i would be killing less mob due to the competition thats still painful )

It seems to work the same for blues and Epics patterns – I get my best drops at 2am in the morning  – yeah for holis soon! so I can actually play at 2am

I always try and Farm at least one Primal shadow ( and for the cloth that drops and odd green)  when I do the Nagrand goggle quest, going round the crystal in a circle, but every man and his dog  ( or pet) seems to have the same idea.  When people go round that circle they all go the same direction. If you really want to upset them, go the opposite way – you pick up quick spawned mobs and you get to the ‘meaty’ mobs  before they can – and then the cycle repeats itself..

Long Haul – Long weekend – Shadoweave

In a bid to save money for my house deposit – Yes I know wrong time in current Market – but its a dream to be reality..  I stayed home this long weekend and  ( besides family) and I played lots of WOW However it was a very expensive weekend on WOW –

Got my fishing to  256 – ( I have been fishing in Zangarmarsh with a +100 Aquadynamic attachamebob.)  but Giving away/donating any decent fish to guild bank 

Leveled my Mage Alt to 50 and got her to train her Alchem to over 300 in Honour Hold ( brought a port to shatt- and free flight to Honour hold !) 

and… in a delicate mix of farming Mats / Selling items produced / disenchanting items produced I managed  to Speed Leveled Tailoring to 357 – Shadowweave Specialist.  (It was 4am when I leveled to pick a spec and I picked spellfire 1st  and made my spellfire triggering the cooldown in error.  and had to pay 150 G to unlearn, and then 20 more to learn Shadowweave  / cry )

I have made the Shoulders –  ( thats 10 primal water  and 4 Shadowcloth plus some Nether Spidy Silk )

So I used my cloth proc and more money for the primals to make the shadowcloth, and brought 2 more cloth to make it. .

I then had to spend a heap on arcane tomes  to get more scyer tokens for the shoulder slot enchancement.

I want the three set.  Im going to lose alot of Stamina. But – the set bonus will mean I can more comfortably drop improved Vampiric Embrace – and free up 2 talent points – I don’t think the set bonus of healing causes argo – it will also make my Shadow Damage alot higher.  Im at 1020 with Just the shoulders.

(3) Set: Your Frost and Shadow damage spells heal you for 2% of the damage they deal.

 Also did some PVP – Help a few friends on various things – A full Kara Clear and 1 complete herioc – and another one that we couldn’t finish because it was being reset. ( yes it was early in the morning our time. )

 So the various things I did to make Gold this weekend –

Made and Sold 4 mystic spellthreads  ( The Mats are basically 5 primal Mana’s  and Runic thread as its a rep based recipe.  for around 90 G and

Made and sold 10 imbued netherweave 18 slot bags for around 30 G each. these prices are undermarket – but i needed them sold so I could buy more netherweave cloth/bolts to continue speedleveling –  I farmed the Silk in trekkor so I didnt have to buy it.

Sold my Spellstrike cloth that I had made in error.

Made some Sporling Snacks ( pet  +stam food ) from extremly cheap strange spores off the AH and sold some of them there werent any on the AH but I sold 10 for 5gish 

Vendored all my greys from farming – paid for repairs and then plus some.

Sold some Blackened Basilisks

And the coin that drops off humanoids.

 I also got an epic leatherworking pattern which I still need to sell..  my GM wants it and Im at a lost for what to ask for ..  Wowhead said 1000 buy out..   which would give me the cash to finish leveling tailoring….   but how much of a discount do u give the Gm..  when I realllly need the cash – and everytime I get a really good drop someone always ‘needs’ it – oh i have to have that….  Next time I think I’m just gonna be quite and sell it on Ah..   then I might get my epcic Flyer 😛

Favourite Mind Control trick

While farming for Netherweave/Kurenai rep/Obsidian warbeads all at the same time I was killing Boulderfist Crushers and boulderfist Mystics – I will MC a Mystic  and using their Heal to heal myself while I am in shadow form I then release them and kill. It saves me from haveing to stop and eat – and its a fun way to kill the pairs that often spawn together. Mystics can be tricky if you don’t interrupt their heals.

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