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Cata – and LF Kindred spirits in ‘flair’

Cata is here.

Really?  Sif I would go to a bookshop to  buy books to read when I could be at home playing.

I am half a bar off 82   ( and the server goes down) – 3 nights of playing a couple of hours. I’ve not trained mindspike my new level 81 spell.  I need to hit a city soon to empty my bags of my DE mats, cloth and fish I’ve been collecting and will train when I get there I guess.

It’s not taking it slow for enjoyments sake.  I want to ding 85 as quickly as possible.   Just Tuesday night the launch at my time 7pm was a lot of stuffing around, so I logged off early,  and I’ve not had to be home for any particular time so I have been doing errands after work. Aiming for 85 this weekend.  We will see if I get there.

I sacrificed my L key as an interact with target  bind so I could get my flight training.  There was no such thing as personal space on launch night.  The first I have been awake/in game for.  “Lets AOE so the scrubs get dc’d”  said one or two bright sparks as what could only be the entire server pop stood ontop of the flight trainer in SW.

I did start work in a new area this week –  New boss,  took half of my work with me,   but it’s different reporting lines,  so I have been getting to work a little earlier then norm to make a good impression, and so I have been going bed a bit earlier, and not blogging!

But the thing about a new area  and new people is looking for signs there are fellow gamers or geeks,  looking for I guess some ‘flair’ that indicates a geeky side beyond a suit and tie.  I was the youngest by a fair bit in my old team,  but even now there seems to be a somewhat lack of geeks in my area.  Though I did  spy a chess set on someones fileing cabinet that looked rather neglected, and probably was a unwanted kris kingle present from years ago.

My new desk is looking bare of ‘flair’ . Give me time, a small silver xmas tree,  and a green tree frog is it for now.  I’ve moved locations about 6  times in almost 10 years  – maybe its an age thing,  but as I get older,  I keep less pieces of ‘flair’  Often because I end up having to explain it to people. Why did I have a copy of  a painting Cymon and Iphigenia or a portrait of  Ophelia  ( two paintings I love in our Sydney Art Gallery) –  I used to keep a crystal or two on my desk , a picture of two Nordic deities I felt affiliated to, a bands postcard  ( of course no one ever heard of  them.. ) that came free with a cd- once upon a time I had a Buddha, and a Mini Chinese Stone Warrior General  and even more recently,  my Holy Priest WOW Figurine, and a little plush count Dracula..  Yes I am odd.

One of my old old desks..   From Left to right.  Thor, Cute animal pic,  Within temptation postcard , Ophelia, I brake for Kobolds, Buddha,  as well as lots of post it notes,  bottle of water, bottle of V and a coffee.

It is also messy! I know.

But I have a chance to redecorate again,  and while there is over doing your ‘flair’ I like being surrounded by things that make me happy – makes it feel like my space.

I could stick up my Terry Pratchett  con flyer when I dig it out, my Battlestar Galaxtica cast pic, and my ‘I brake for Kobolds” sticker that’s been following me around cubicle to cubicle the last few years. I have played Dnd infrequently the last 12 months- battlestar finished yonks ago,  and the Con is next April and I haven’t got my ticket so i do need a refresh of ‘flair’

My fav bookstore had some of the WOW figurines in,  and I wonder if Thrall would cause too much attention..  Him and my Human Priestess could face it off over my harddrive.

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