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Why I don’t like 1 hour flasks

Raid time starts

Ready Check!

Fooded – flasked – and ready.  ( or RL will start calling out people who’s flasks have fallen off)

Opps – Strats for new people on fight – 52 odd min left on my flask

3 attempts at Razerback

Get told to go on a 5 min  break so we can get our heads straight- with 15 min left on flask

5 min Break is over. Ready Check!
“Who’s not ready!” Poke – Poke – Poke

Ready check! – Everyone ready
5 min left on flask

1st add pull is 4 mins on flask

So at what Point do you take your next flask?   There is  going to be an overlap of time,   I could set up a mod to tell me what a flask is due to come off,  but with the raid leader standing there going through the list of people who don’t have flasks you pop it because you don’t want to be caught not having one.

Sure it can be handy when your only raiding for 3 hours  ,  but when you raid for 4 hours, thats 4 flasks with time overlaps .

You will probably end up losing at least 5 min on each flask so thats at least 20 mins.  So that means that before the raid is called, and your are now on your 5th flask because you need to make up that lost 20 min with a new flask.   Its progression raiding.  You are Always flasked and fooded.

  5 flasks for  a 4 hour raid = aprox 125gold Ah  = 11 dailys x 4 days of raiding

( unless you are doing Leviathon and then you don’t flask for that)

I  fear that the flask will fall off mid boss fight and so I have to take it early – plus when the raid leader is checking flasks expiry times.

So yes it sounds like a moan about gold – but its a moan about the raiding effectiveness of 1 hour flasks.

Bring back 2 hour flasks! 

( and besides now that they are 1 hour flasks people are charging more for the single flasks then a 2 hour flask was worth)

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