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Inflation? Extorsion? Greed?

What is with the price of Large prismatics on my Server?

Luckely I had been ‘shattering’ my Voids using my Sunwell enchant on its cool down and had 5 of the 6 I needed.   At 35 Gold each on the AH the price was ridiculous,  they used to be 17Ish Gold 22 on a Bad day, my Auctioneer had the price pegged at 141% of the normal going rate – and there were two pages of the Shards Unsold for that price – I would have checked out the price of voids if I hadn’t used my cool down, and I only needed one large prismatic – Having said that Large Brilliant shards were at 17 G each  this week.

The economics of the guild bank is funny –  and theres a serious case of price fixing in general that goes on. Yes I will admit to checking out the general price of the rest for sale, and if they have been bumped up, then I will match it with the standard 5 % less – Auctioneer does it for me 🙂  35 G though when there is an oversupply is Greed. I hope they are all sweating  waiting for the Gold in their box.

Me – I brought a blue for 10 G cheaper, and Disenchanted it – it was only 10 G – but it was the principle of not rewarding extorsionists!

The Auction House on each server would be an interesting study for the economics types –  Currently with the daily quest increases people have a bit more cash. Are the sellers hoping people will flash the cash around and not care about the general inflation that seems to be going on?   Its throwing my averages out of whack.

 So after that I’ve upgraded my bracers because i had the honour – and  for some reason I was only 1100 Shadow Damage.  I had orginally reported me at being 1120- but I lost 20. – Somwhere….  I might have had a buff on me or something – So I’m now 1110 + shadow Damage – with 4 sets of clothing – I think I need outfitter as an add on now… 

Frozen Shadoweave Set Finally.

Just about the entire proceeds of selling my Epic Leatherworking Pattern that dropped one morning at 3am has gone towards leveling my Tailoring to 375 and the creation of the Frozen Shadoweave 3 set.

I’ve yet to test it out on a Raid – getting into a 25 man at the moment is hard due to some class and sign up oversupply so its unlikely I will be able to do a serious test in the next few days  but a soon as I have time I will do a Heroic.  

So Im now at 1081 Shadowdamage –  I could be at over 1100 with a bit more Gold for 2 re-enchants and re-gemming to keep my Spell hit,

I upgraded my Pvp Belt by cashing in all my saved up tokens for extra honour.   “yeah”  It has nice Stam and ok Spell damage but its a PVP Belt,  however now If I get the belt of blasting that would add about another 20 Spell damage but I will lose  49 Stam.  /cry.

Its nice to have higher spell damage,  but I was noticeing when we were doing Tk the other day, when completely raid buffed, my Crits on Shadow word death were taking a 1/3 of my health off me, and that often gets dangerous. I will only SWD when I feel ‘safe’  but sometimes the amount of health gone makes me afraid of killing myself in a raid. How dumb would that be. Like the time I almost SWD during curators ivocation. Crit x 3 damage. Ow.   I remembered and pressed another key instead just in time.

But one comment I have on its set bonus  of healing for 2% for all Shadow Damage I do, ( and this might be different when in raid just for sheer number of castings. )  is its crap. With Normal castings its only about 28-34 Healing for each spell, and If dotting it does like 10 healing a tick.  10.  Thats crap.  Basically for every 100,000 Damage I do.  I only get a health return of 2000.

I’ve been pouring over a WWS Stats report of a Raid I was in a week or so ago, and 1stly comparing myself to the Class Leader who is also a shadow priest – but with better gear, and he cained me overall – and  I trying to work out how much healing I would be doing for myself and its really not alot for a boss fight –  I do want to test it out, and my new damage set. 

Another thing of note was that I was #15 on this particular fight for damage.  Part of it could be attributed to my gear at the time, and that most people in the raid are better geared then me, the other 10 were tanks and Healers.. ( that seems an aweful lot for healers.. mmm will need to recheck that.. )  and one of the fights Void Reaver where you get that explosion Buff, and you need to run away from people.  I keep having people Run INTO me, and because im extra squishy my habit, and what kept me alive was running out instead of running round..   so I was out of range for DPS while running back in.. and also maybe  another thing that probably effects my Dps though over all is my tendancy to respond to healing emergencies -and to do that I stop dps. Some of my responses would be unessasary but for the most I’ve already started healing before the cry goes out,  Z can you heal.. 

One thing in that report shows that while his Vamp embrace outhealed me ( most probably due to more damage output) he not once cast a greater heal.  Where as I have cast all my healing spells at various times as required.

Note to self:  DO NOT DROP out of Shadow. DPS. DPS.  Because its results that count right – its the WWS stats that they are going to look at to see whos doing what damage – and if my DPS isnt up there, then I’m not doing the best I can – is it that extreme?  Is WWS that important?  Well yes..  when they are using WWS to determine results – and thats sad….   I think I will try and find a inbetween, including droping my Improved Vamp Embrace to reduce agro and increase my spell crits  and go read alot more of

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