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Changing Faces – Would Facial Skins work?


Have the new druid skins in Warcraft opened up a greater possibility for more character customisation, or are Blizzard going to leave it as just livening up a typical and repetitive form and the chance to be a little more unique?

Once upon a time I played Sims.  The orginal. After accidently discovering  that if you brought a particular piece of artwork and sold it 24 hours later  it was worth about 5 times as much – none of my Sims ever worked another day in their life.

One thing the Sims had was the ability to take a picture of two of my favourite TV Actors that had never ever got together in the script -( even though we knew they belonged with each other) and using the Tool that was available on the Game – I stuck their faces on a Sim each , and then set them up in their own little house. ( With art investment as their income source)

There has  already been  some discussion ages ago about the possibility of tattoos, and colour customisation of gear in Warcraft so you could colour coordinate, but what about the ability to Morph a real  photo with your characters facial skin?

It has its Limitations such as there would need to be a review of the uploads to ensure that they don’t breech  copywrite ( such as celebrity images – Imagine how many Angelina Jolie  Blood Elves would be running round.  They would need to be checked for adult content, and even maybe a check to make sure that the image quaility was sufficient, and the features morph well enough with the character skin,  and thats alot of work  – but  what could be  unique and customisable then using real faces.

Your Toon could be wearing your face as you Swing your sword, or destroy  your enemies with a blast, a flay.

It has lots of scope for abuse.    An image of anyone would work,  so perhaps your hearts desire rejected you in real life,  their face could live on as one of your Toons, and that gets a little creepy.

There would also be some races where the Morphing wouldn’t work as well.   Eg Undead , and Tauren.

I tried mucking around with Morph Thing to see what sort of Morphed image I would get – yes thats me sorta..  Its a Posed pic I had on my PC that was the closest headshot that matched & that I liked enough to stick on a public blog. ( and its 18 months old… ) .


Morphed me

So In conclusion: I think the result would be a little creepy  – on the upside its still Nightelfish enough to be considered a render of a fantasy type Skin,  but its not recongnisable as a person  – and pixel quality is crap.  I think If the Morphing software had a more gradual Morph to play with then I would have gotten better results,  but do you think these are still recognisable in any way?

Britney-Spears--closeupface-jpgNight Elf Britany


Night Elf Audrey

Still on a broom.. Months after Halloween.



Beyond the file name  wowscrnshot_031209_0109051.jpg I am unable to prove  that I took that screenshot  today. Yes in March, months and months after  Halloween.

How do I still have a broomstick?

I must have logged out while on it during Halloween festivitys, and I  did not log that toon for a long time. ( She was supposed to be my banker alt, but I had ended up buying a guild to use as my bank) So I log into her tonite, and find that she still is on her broom.  The broom is missing from her inventory, but she is still on it so it can still be seen, and ridden all around.  The moment I go indoors I am sure I will lose it,  so I am going to keep her like that and ride around stormwind every now and then  causing amazment and wonder and lots of questions of  ” Where did you get that?”

Video games: teaching kids to kill their bosses

One of the sites I visit regularly is Not Always Right Having worked in a service based industry most of my working career, I find some of the customer stories rather amusing and relatable.

They have a Warcraft related encounter I thought I would share.
You can read the whole encounter here
Numa Numa Meets The Beaches of Normandy

but the funniest part is

Customer: “I don’t care about your ‘World War’ game. No wonder there is so much violence in this world – video games teaching kids to kill their bosses

So I was thinking what would a Boss – Boss Fight entail?

The Boss

This is a Multiphase fight.

In Phase one
Boss is a Friendly NPC when the encounter is first activated. Once you’re in the office room and the raid   team walks in through the glass door,
random mobs start spawning – Meetings – Overtime – Complaints – Audits – These should all be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If one or more are left up too long they add a stacking debuff.

The Boss will tank these adds so let them get up some argo before dpsing.  The Boss will randomly proc Early Mark or Raise. Which will increase haste and +spell damage. In addition they will randomly approve Leave requests or Promotion.

Phase two
The Boss will change colours during this phase, you should avoid going too close as The Boss has a AOE that causes stress damage to all party members in range. You only need one tank- and the healers should be spamming moral support. Range DPS should fire office Gossip in random directions while avoiding the Boss during the enrage.

Co- Worker or Middle Managament adds may spawn during this phase encounter. These can be cc’d as they will despawn at random intervals but can interrupt the healers and DPS.

If the boss is not beaten quickly a Sacking Debuff will effect random party members. This will stack, and some party members will leave party and Work Quit. The boss must be cleared before the Bigger Boss is activated

Loot tables include –
Better Office with View
Own personal Printer
Dual Screens
Additional paid Leave
Expense accounts
and Cab Charges.

Rare drop includes : A Car and driver.


Security Authors Foot
If you are not reading this through – then they have yoinked my feed.  Tell them they are bad! and come vist me, rather then reading regurgitated RSS guzzlers only looking to steal other peoples work to increase ad revenue

The Only Aussie in Northrend – and a silly falling fool.


Mack Fearsen a NPC in Grizzley Hills suprised me – in between him burning the bodies of dead trolls  a Scourgekabob – ( and enjoying it tremendously ) his bad Aussie accent and his love of strong alcohol and shong “Wrote a little shong about it. Wanna hear it? Here goes…. ” – I felt a little more at home  in Northrend.  Apparently the name is a play on Mcpherson according to wowhead

We throw shish kabobs on the BQ in Australia – but I’m not sure its something uniquely Australian, but they are basically cubed meat/Veggies on a stick – but he is a funny NPC

Another thing I found on my travels – Why fall when you can levitate? I have a tendancy to hit my reagent free levitate as often as possible, even when falling into water.

This poor fool however in the below screenshot seemed to have found the only rock in the entire ocean.  You can find the rock between Coldarra and the Borean Tundra – I just thought it funny that he/she had jumped off the cliff expecting to land safely in the water only to hit a semi submerged rock.  There you go kids.  ” Look before you Leap”


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