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DC Universe prices online for Aussies

At the time of this post for PC based DC Universe online some of our major retailers for games.

Ebgames has it for  $78

Dicksmith has it for $79.94

JB Hifi  has it for $75

The Mighty Ape ( NZ retailer) has it for $89.00

A friend from the US said he got his copy for $50

On the DC online site,  Australia does not have any digital distributors listed,  but under the US flag you can buy it from Steam for 49.00 US dollars

Add GST of  5 bucks to the US price of 50 ( if we had to pay GST on the item like our big retailers want us to) , and then a 2% foreign currency which seems to be the minimum charge on Credit card, your still looking at around $56 dollars, so STILL 20 bucks cheaper, but because we don’t pay GST it would work out to be around $51. almost $30 dollars difference.

I couldn’t find a monthly fee as apparently its determined by the package you pick,  but say they stick to the current standard model of around $15 ish a month, that is 1 – 2 months play  time  equivalent  loss by us buying locally.

Eb Games when I bought Aion from there price matched Dicksmith at the time which saved me about $ 16.  I can’t predict the prices in the next few days,  but for instance WOW – Cata xp was more expensive if you preordered it from JB,  they were listing much cheaper prices on and around the actual release date.  Sometimes ( if you can wade through the mess of what is usually left of the entertainment sections – and find a staff member  Target and Kmart will also have it cheaper. So if you do want to buy it,  shop around.

But having said that..  it is unlikely that any Aussie retailer will beat Steam’s price.

Cata is enough to keep me occupied for now, don’t need a distraction just yet so even after all that I probably shall not be purchasing it,  but..   $50 bucks is more reasonable  to spend on a game that may not keep my interest for more than a month,  then heading towards that $80 dollar mark.

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