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What I love about Blackrock so far.

Trade channel is full of people looking for more –  for runs for everything.

A LFM Ony25  Pst stats, GS, and achievement  popped up in trade last night while I was standing in Dalaran contemplating what time the dailys were ticking over ( different server time then I am used to)   So I grabbed it – In the run I found out my recount wasn’t working, so I couldnt measure myself against the rest of the peeps,  but I was riding the tanks butt on threat on Phase 3.

The guy running it was  from a guild that I had looked at their site of for  as a potential app, untill I saw the quality they were accepting,  and maybe they will grow up into better geared/skilled raiders,   but some looked like fresh 80’s with AH bought blues.

The run was easy – loot was fair,   they did things a little differently but that was more with placement of Ony and it wasn’t too hard to catch on.  I lost the roll on the Cloth helm I have been gagging for.  ( story of my dice)    its a funny helm,  it’s not really a shadow helm as it has no hit,  but its not a healing helm,  but I’ve lost it to healing priests every single time it’s dropped by the roll of a dice.

Spent the rest of the night doing premade EOS with my ex guildys on the server, and a little herbing on my Herbing alt.  Got ganked once by a rogue, he was after the herb node.   My mage may not be geared,  but she at least annoyed him a little, sheep, nova, blast and in fairness he ganked me and didn’t camp me – I waited an extra min on my rez in case, but he was long gone.  

The herbing market seems somewhat healthy so what doesn’t get turned into flasks for my main I am selling, and I’ve made about 400-500 gold already selling some stuff I bought over and the herbs. It’s well worth transmuting the lifes into fires which are going for 30g each at the moment. 

So it’s been ok so far – maybe also because I like this idea of a break from have to be on at this time raiding,   I want to do at least a week of raid Id’s to try ‘feel’ it out.  I feel a bit nakid without a tag, but I am feeling a lot better about being ‘here’ then I was back on Dath – if only for the thrill of  running past flagged people  – and not knowing if they are going to try and gank me.


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