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My 1st GDKP run & Gearscore

A TOC 25 Run was in LFG looking for one more Dps for a hosted Gold DKP run.  I didn’t have a lot of gold on my main,  but I wanted to see what it was all about,  get a handle on how it worked – even if I didn’t end up bidding on anything.  I’m the type of GDKP person you definitely don’t want on the run – they want people to spend gold so people get a decent share of the pot,   but in my defence I told them –

“Shadow Priest 2882 Sp 5108 Gs  – Just after badges.

They didn’t have a shadow Priest on the run, so I was welcomed, and it was relatively simple  – someone got hit by Icehowl ( noob!)  but it was tranq shotted by a on the ball hunter, and we wiped once on Anub.

I made over 1k gold on that run on the splitting of  the loot pot. Which was a poor pot but still free gold, and got easy badges.  No caster trinkets dropped, which would have driven up the bidding, and I would have emptied my coffers trying to get,  but it looks like they go for a lot of gold, so I better get saving.  Most of the gold came from people bidding on the trophies for just over 2.5k,  Orbs sold for 300 which could be resold on the AH for round 380-400  – There wasn’t even loot that dropped I could roll for cheaply for offspec.  We needed less geared cashed up people on that run.

From a performance point, I was sitting 5-9th for the 1st 4 bosses, and 11th on Anub.  Which was a much better place to be in comparison to the 10 man Toc I pugged and got top dps/damage the night before.


I worked out why I got rejected from an a run I tried to get into the night before last,   everyone wants you to link your achievement,  stats, and gearscore.   

“Shadow Priest 2882 Sp  2727 GS”

The catch phrase on some of the LFM messages are No reply = No thankyou.

I didn’t get a reply.  I was a little confused.  According to Wow – Heroes  and their Gearscore by class and realm  I was around 13th Alliance side ( 42nd Horde and Alliance    /cry)  so given most of the people higher then me where in raiding guilds I couldnt understand why I was rejected for a pug.

I asked one of my ex guildys that had transferred  ”  What do they use to work out their gearscores?”  

“It’s an add on?”

So I downloaded Gearscore from Curse to find out my gearscore was  5108 – a massive difference to the 2727 Score I was quoting – So no wonder  I was rejected.  ( and that score is with 2 ilevel 200 trinkets)



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