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Weekend round up


1.   The Rug’s Topography 

Say hello to the rug’s topography
It holds quite a lot of interest with your face down on it

The Nurse who Loved me – A Perfect Circle

This is what happens when you run into Mallable goo.  


Mirror images will also not take diseases off you and   Dispersion is awesome for taking some extra ticks.  Heroic PP is Chaotic and the fight makes me think a lot about jelly. 

2. Story from a Ninja’d GDKP – 

There has been an increase of GDKP ninj’as on the server,  This one actually happened the weekend before last,  but a friend was in it and has been talking to a Blizzard GM about the outcome of the ticket put in to report the ninja . Due to privacy rules the GM would not disclose to where the ninja transferred to   ( of course they server transferred) and the exact punishment – but he would at least receive at least the minimum 48 hour ban,  had the bike he purchased stripped, epic flying removed, and basically was not left with much.  As for the Pot  ( some 80k) worth, it was not split between the people who had been ninj’d off because most of that pot didn’t exist. 

Why?  Because the Ninja had been the one bidding on the loot.    Because I wasn’t there – I can’t say exactly what went down,  but from the sounds of it he outbidded everyone else on the things he wanted.  Of course he didn’t have any gold with him, I don’t know how much of the pot was him ‘ghost bidding” so the raid didn’t lose 80k of real gold, 

I’ve added that to my mental list of suss behaviours – when the person who is running the gdkp keeps making excessive bids.   No one ever questions the Raid leader.  They assume that a) he knows the fights b) has a working mod c)  can lead,d)  has the actual gold they are bidding with,  it’s not like we actually check,  and I’m sure questioning the leader would get you a Raid Kick.

This is why I like vent for GDKP’s.  You can tell more about a persons leadership style, abilities, and so on when you can hear them.   If they are not speaking or sound like a whiney teenage kid  (not all teenagers are whiney, some are quite mature and are capable raid leaders)  – it’s your gold,  your time – work out if its worth the stress.   

I’ve not been ninja’d once. Touch wood. Hower myNinja raydar works better then asshat raydar. 

3. I Got Space Invader wall stickers! 

My geekiness shall know no bounds when these make it to my pc room walls.  When I turned 30 I contemplated at what age Should I stop wearing Skulls and X Bone tshirts – or Zombie Ninja Pirate Tshirts   ( best non commercial link I could find.  ❤ Teefury Tshirts.   I haven’t quite worked out either  when I am supposed to stop get excited over things like space invader wall stickers either.    Or Cookie Monster Earings Or a Tardis Iphone Cover   


*sorry if you’ve already seen my Rugs Topography post.  I accidently deleted it using the WordPress Iphone app because I fail, so I chucked in my weekend round up thingy.

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