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Oh General.

General Vezax makes me want to cry in despair.   Never before  on a boss have I felt so useless.   Even more useless if I am not getting any Shadow Crashes. Stupid no Mana regen – I feel even more sorry for the healers.   We spend so much time learning to control our mana regen, and then it gets thrown out the window.  It’s even harder on us Shadow Priests because unless we can keep our dots up with chain Shadow Crashes, then we are down the bottom of the dps list again. 

I have a choice,  position myself in a place where I am at less of a risk of getting killed due to stupidity/cause stuff ups  or place myself closer to more people to increase the chances of me getting close enough to use someone else’s Shadow crash, and then competing with half the raid dps for space on a Shadow Crash residue.

We put range checker up,  and I have a spot I use week after week, It was close  enough to enough people to give me decent Shadow Crashes,  but not so much that I would have the raid on my crash.  In our most recent attempts at General ( we are trying for the Animus) someone  moved close enough to me to be in my range – and THEY DIDN’T MOVE.  They have the same range checker up as I do,  and if someones name suddenly appears after you have moved, you don’t stay where you are expecting people  to move for you ( unless your the tank)  you do the positioning shuffle where  you can both stand in that area and still be your 10 yards.  Did they even attempt to compromise.  Could I have done. ” I was here first”  or pretended I didn’t see that they were in my range, as they so casually ignored my name on their range checker. I didn’t. 

 So I am now banished to the back,  where I stay healthy,  but don’t get any Shadow Crashes.

If we do more attempts tonight I shall be back in my normal spot and they can move this time if they do that again.

I have worked out  that without Shadow Crashes I can still stick up my Shadow Word Pain once and wand a couple of times then refresh it with mindflay wand a couple of times refresh it with mind flay ect ect for most of the fight. This still only puts me just above the tank on damage, but hey I was actively casting, and it beats me standing there like a pretty shadowy decoration.

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