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Tier 4 The Incarnate Regalia

I stuffed up my raid sign up last night, and  changed my note to say I was available,  but didnt uncheck a box so I still appeared in the cancelled sign up list – and I missed out on the Tempest Keep invite.    So as I was still on anyway I figured I’d farm in the area and be around if they needed.  They didnt.  BUT – I got the invite to Grul’s Lair where we one shotted the whole thing rather quickly – and because It was almost a Nana run – I got two pieces of Tier 4 The Mantle Soul Mantle of the Incarnateand the legs.  Leggings of the Incarnate The mantle once it was fully Chanted and Gemed up is only a +8extra damage untill I hunt down some better Gems, and the Leggings I won’t wear untill I Get the Runed Spell thread on it. and that means me farming 10 Primal Mana’s and hoping a Guildy that can make the thread has some spare nether I can pay for standard cost of – Or go on a Heroric run with them so they can get.
I love upgrades, but the cost in rechanting/Gemming them is silly sometimes.
Or – I can Level up my Tailoring ( 175 now) and Still farm the Mana’s and use 1 of the 3 Nethers I have in bank to make it. ( as its a Scyers reward! )

So this weekend was rather productive – I got my fishing past 230 – after fishing for half an hour and realising I didnt have the +225 Skill quest done, and so ran around the world completing that and then got bored so soon after. ( did you know you can fish while Levitating as a priest – It looks kool in Shadow, just hanging in middle of ocean.) I also speed leveled my tailoring to Mageweave. Now I just need to start farming cloth because the price is getting too high on AH –

Running Instances with Another Guild.

We failed Dismally at Gruls Last night.   Wiped 3 times on the High King: and a significant number of people called it.  Firstly we had 19 Guildys in the run, and then at times leading up to and including the wipes had a total of 22-24 people in a 25 man run.

We one shotted Gruls last week with 24 – We can do it.   Just need people to turn up every week. So after Staring one hour after  the orginal starting time and mucking round and dying for another hour. We called it.

My Current Guild has had contradictory assesments as to the need to  stop Kara completely. The ones that no longer need it say No.  Others say yes – so besides being confused,  there was a Event posted on Calander for a Thur Night Kara Run, that 17 people have signed up for one 1o man raid, not enough for 2 groups – So i removed myself from Event.

My experiences todate with Current Guild weekly run on a Thur Night of Kara have been as follows

Run 1-  Pug/unplanned run -Cleared to Prince – I got three Epics. ( by chance) and lots of Badges.   Clean run, one or two wipes,  good learning xp ( positive experience)

Run 2 -( to finish off Run1 with complete new group)  Asked to respec to healer for 2 bosses  6 wipes a repair bill and respec costs ( negative experience)

Run2 – Canx – not enough people / healers for two groups. ( negative experience)

Run 3  – Started an hour late – Subbed in and out various people for different bosses taking twice as long as it should due to stuffing round in addition.  I logged at 12am because I had been on and ready since 8 and  was bored – annoyed – and wasnt having fun. ( negative experience)

So when I got an invite to a pug run after Gruls – not even a complete set from another guild,  I grabbed it. and Scored..  SOULFROST!! – I now own that enchant. ( /cry not the rod though have half mats for that though) No epics. But it was a clean run, one or two wipes, and efficient and fun.

Others in the guild had a similar idea to me… and some pugged a Kara run – Some thought about it in guild chat.  And got told off.  I havent.

I understand from a guild loyalty perspective – But when management are changing their minds about hosting a Kara run or not – I’m then looking at looking after my own interests.  It was still a Pug run of Kara – Yes they were well geared and experienced by anything could have gone wrong – so it was a risk the run would not be successful but it was something to do –

Im waiting for Guild to confront me about it – maybe they won’t but everyone else got told off – Im new maybe they dont want to scare me off – and I have a case to present if they do.  I feel sorta bad for not doing a guild thing.. but  My money my playtime. 

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