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Malay has set in.

I’ve written 10 posts and they all sound like a whine.

In my current guild it turns out we are gearing up alts for people who’s mains aren’t even in the guild. The members have a long history with my current Gm. I just thought we were suffering through Kara with the current people because thats all we had.
I didn’t know that our badge runs were their gearing runs.
So I’m not happy.

I’ve still not heard back from my app I put in for another guild – 2 weeks is along time with NO contact. I thought a week was professional? Should I assume that it’s a no, and they have been too busy to respond? Would I be breaching protocol by applying elsewhere given they obviously don’t need me, and are inconsiderate enough to at least stamp it with a decline.

I’d withdraw it out of pride, but I don’t want it to look like I’m not being patient, because most raiding guilds seem to rightfully (within reason) have the attitude that you need to impress them, but do I want to be in a guild that is inconsiderate on their guild apps?

In reading various recruitment forums for guilds, a common thing amongst raiding guilds is that they only recruit what is necessary, it could mean that “ We don’t have a spot on our team for you” Means: you sucked. I do know that we used to keep our raiding team pretty lean, so a decline for class overglut can mean a real overglut, nor do I want a repuation on the server for guild hopping or being rejected or withdrawing guild applications.

And another thing: half their websites use the same banner pic or variation of.

I envy those who have been able to stay with the same guild the whole way through, If I did that I wouldn’t even be in Kara now. I also would have quit the game in boredom and be a really bad player. I have learned so much by moving on.

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