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Helping an Friend, and losing another raider.

I went to TK Very briefly last night to help an old guild out that are rebuilding,  I hestitated going to their raid because I had told my guild that I would not be signing up for raids, but I figured,  its a friend, it won’t be for too long, and I wanted to help.  We Tried twice to kill Void reaver but they didn’t have many experienced people, and without void Reaver alarm its no longer a ‘loot reaver’ On our 2nd attempt the server had kittens and reset sending us all to the start of the instance with all trash reset.  So as we are standing there deciding to continue, I get a tell from my GM saying he is disappointed that I was pugging and not raiding with the guild.  I was honest and said I’m helping a friend, and its taking longer then I had planned.   When TK  was called  – I logged out from my main, and played an Alt. I am sticking to my decision that I do not want to raid,  but I wasn’t in TK to raid.  I was there because a friend needed help and they were desperate and I was available.

I don’t question the GM’s  ‘right’ to ask what I was doing, but if he really was checking up on me he would have only seen I had been in there for 1/2 an hour,  I don’t want to have to avoid logging in  at raid times in case something I chose to do gets micro examined.  I wasn’t recruited as a raider, they have 2 other shadow priests that were recruited as raiders,  I didn’t have to sign up to more then 50% of the raids as per my status level, but if I was online at raid time I was signed up for 90-95% of the raids, and  now that I made it clear that I was not raiding, and I can see how it looked, and yes they are a raiding guild, but they have social members, or raiders that aren’t good enough to get invited, and once upon a time I was one of those raiders that wasn’t good enough or needed,  and now I am.. ?   thanks to who? A class leader that said ” You suck – here are my suggestions…  lets see what you can do…”   Well that didn’t happen.  An honest peice of feedback – “You are’t quite performing where we want you to be,  you might want to look at improving.. ”  – That never happened,

unless you count the ‘out dsping the tank’ feedback I got when I didn’t lay down  and take the ” Well if your not interested in subbing in and out” comment..  when I was on my 3-4 weeks no raid invite…   so I have added something to my list of reason why I am not interested in raiding currently.. 

No Feedback is given –

and with that in mind,  In between VR trash kills I saw somone Gquit,  and I was lucky enough to catch their farewell message on the forums before it got deleted.  His farewell message was apologetic,  he was sorry that he wasn’t good enough to be invited to raids,  he was sorry that he obviously wasn’t performing well enough for the guild,  

I’m not sure he was even off his trial, and he had only been there for a couple of weeks, and yes we wiped once because his misdirect didn’t work as it should, but give him his due he was having difficulty hearing instructions on vent, maybe due to technical reasons or perhaps it was the constant chatting and confusion as to who was calling the shots on that partical raid that was also going on at the same time,

and yes Raid Leaders and GM’s and officers have their own lives, and the administration that comes with that,  and yes you should learn to play your own toon,  hence why I started reading blogs, and forums,  but a player who genuinly wants to improve often needs a poke in the right direction.

when you are recruiting from guilds that aren’t as progressed as you,  or recruiting people from guilds that have fallen apart..  You are going to get people who don’t know the intricate details of how the guild rolls in a fight.  You need to give feedback so they can correct it, instead of being on your high horse,  honesty will not hurt the player anymore then practically ignoring their desire to raid – and I am seeing that far too often.

I plan on sending the hunter who quit some links – just with the advice..  If you really  want to be better then you are..    Start *here*…   I don’t know hunters..  but I know of people who do….

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