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There is nothing fair in a loot roll

I got told to give a spirit cloak in a Twilight 5 man to the healer.  ( Admit ably this was after I had asked did the healer mind if I needed, and had no response until after the roll – and was already in the process of trading it when I was TOLD to give it to them) I had a 378 but I ‘need’ a healing set. I was more upset at the being told to hand it over.

So I handed over this healing cloak, and didn’t bat an eyelid when the healer rolled on the dps staff.

On my horde hunter I paid a DK from my server 500 gold to give me the Agility trinket he needed on after he said ” damn blizz shouldn’t have let me roll need on that” and left group.  He was on my server so I had a second chance – I made the offer – he made some gold on a piece of loot he ‘should not’  have rolled on

In LFR I am passing on the Tier pieces I already have on my priest’s healing spec even though I should be ‘needing’ for my shadow spec

Also in LFR I don’t bother when arguing with people who win two pieces of tier for the same slot,  even though they might be a warrior that doesn’t have a heals and dps set they could use it on. Sometimes this works out ok for me,  On my Shammy the other Shammy who won two leg tokens realised and gave me one, on my priest,  I got a spirit non tier chest that another priest had received two of. It’s about 50/50  in LFR when someone who receives two of something  hands it over.  I won two non tier hands and had 3 people whisper me demanding I give it to them.  I then had to whisper two of them back and say no,  ‘such and such’ was the 2nd highest roll – and I gave it to them.

My heart broke a little on my horde hunter when a hunter seemed to have kept two of the polearms from DW.  He looted two and then left raid quickly after, not sure if he gave it to someone else,  but I was 2nd highest roll and he left a little quickly to trade.

We know that guilds are running LFR wearing gear that is better and  rolling on tier to pass to guildies – and that there are ‘underhanded’ deals being made in regards to the power of a class to roll on an item that they may or may not need.  I had some random offering to roll on a piece of tier for me on one boss, I said no thank you initially  – but then I won the trinket and considered that the piece of teir might be as good  – or at least one step closer to a 4 set, and therefore worth a trade. So I said,  ok,  if you win a token I will trade you.  ( and he didn’t win – so the deal never happened)

We can argue till we are blue in the face with people about what we think is fair or not,  and not only are we battling with lady luck and RNG,  but also the whims of random people.  Sometimes someones idea of fairness aligns with the general sence of fairness in the raid, or amongst a class or role set and they will pass so its not an issue, or they will re-distribute the winnings. Sometimes they will roll just because they can, and blame blizzard for letting them.

We are creatures of free will, and I really don’t want to roll on everything I can, or on something I know I won’t use, as tempting as thinking ” screw you all” is.

It’s only pixels – repeat that to yourself.

but somestimes I feel like singing

“What about me, it isn’t fair
I’ve had enough now i want my share
Can’t you see i wanna live
But you just take more than you give”

and so I leave you with some classic Australian rock from the 1980’s and a band called Moving Pictures ” What about me”

Or if you prefer the Shannon Noll  version

Healing in BG’s = More Hk’s

After another Arathi Basin watching people QQing in the Bg and  using conflicting tactics  – Zerg after Zerg V Capping and defending.  It was usually me who ended up baby sitting a flag – hoping that I would be able to survive till help arrived. 

Tired of being the one who does the right thing I swapped into my healing tree, and some better +spirit Pve items – and I was healer –  hear me Flash!

  No healing mod activated, but with the default Party bars on my screen with the fade activated when they went out of range, and I healed up a storm.

Why I like Bging as a healer  ( now)

1. Healers don’t babysit flags/towers.  ( Or Shouldn’t  – the best use of your 1 healer in AB is not standing at Stables. )

2. You get to hang out with all the action.  ( if they Zerg I zerg with them  – I go wherever people need healing. 

3. It adds a little variety to what can be a repetitive fight. ( I mean how many times can you do AB before getting bored of the scenery )

4. You get more HK’s <—-   Yeah!  Babysitting flags = no HK’s

5. Its fun healing someone when 6 people are having a go at them and your spaming heals keeping them up, and you can imaging the 6 people screaming at their moniters Die ! Die ! Die! 

6. Not many people complain about healers in BG’s ;  they are grateful to get heals, full stop.

I ran a fair few Ab’s and  then some AV’s for the Tokens as healer – and when our offence was being pushed hard back to base in AV , I was standing at the back trying to keep them up.  Healing my little heart out. It was alot of fun.

A shortage of Healers

We were going to do a raid last night,  but we didnt have enough healers on.  We had another Shadow priest who had respeced to Holy and had’nt changed back, and another healer who was in stitches ( literally) and was too ill to play.   So a 10 man was out of the question let alone a 25 man raid.  A newbie pipes up “Why don’t you recruit more healers.”  It wasn’t that the guild had a shortage of healers, it was just a shortage of healers on at that time.

I’ve already decided that If I am ever to respec to Holy again, its going to be for a VERY good reason, and by Very it means deep Guild Loyalty, and the importance of the goal. The last time I respeced  was for 2 bosses we couldnt kill anyway with the current group makeup.  I agree there needs to be some flexibilty.  Thats why I have 1200+ healing gear.  I could never be the main healer of a serious raid with my Spec,  but even as shadow with that gear as long as I watch my mana  Im still a decent healer. I don’t need to respec, but they needed main healers..  not ‘support’ healers.  

I had considered on several occasions going Holy once I got another toon up to ‘farm status’ and I’ve decided, Im not going to.  The hours Ive spent making Z a decent Shadow Priest,  I’d rather roll a healer. But the problem with healers is that everyone wants them,  but no one will support them.   I propose a healing  Levy for Healers.  Even with the +damage of 1/3 of healing in 2.3 I really can’t see a holy Priest knocking down mobs at anywhere near the rate a Shadow Priest can.  Yes there is a Disp Spec Priest, or a hyrid,  but I think its too much of a trade off on the other abilities, you can Heal and damage.. but you will never be great at either. 

So what motivates people to stay healing? besides the love of healing.  Im looking at this from a being able to support ones self perspective.    Repairs are getting more expensive the better my gear is.  When I do gear up I need to spend a fortune on the best enchant/best Gem ect ect…  plus Pots ( have an Alt gearing up to fix that)

But maybe a healer makes their money other ways Eg A Holy Priest with the right  Skills would make money off Alchemy or High Level Tailoring Items,  I make my money farming Spell food and water and Mana primals.  Im an enchanter, and Ive just dropped engineering for Tailoring,  ( but thats more for my Alts 1st Plum set when she hits 70) Questing and leveling would be a pain as holy.    

Alot of the healer classes I know rolled their healer 2nd, their healer is not somthing they play for fun or PVP with ( hence the lack of healers in BG’s) its a tool to be used when required.  Guild applicationss are.  I’m a healer.. but My Alt comes too.

But no healer – No tank – no Raid.  Maybe Healers should be charging for their services, and that way they will be on line more often.

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