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Lose – ah.. USE the Lightwell.

The light-well is a pain.

I can’t put it down on Heroic Yor’sahj in case someone clicks it and gets a stack.  ( better to be safe then blown up right?)

I stick a bright yellow bowl of light in the melee and no one notices it, or clicks it to see what happens before the fight has began and considering I watched someone eat 10 charges of my lightwell last night when I had placed it for attempts at Heroic  Warmaster Blackhorn only to see it disappear before pull, made me VERY MAD. * Priest rage Priest rage*

No one takes it seriously.  People rarely click on it and I seem to be one of the few common people through several logs of who actually uses the thing. I click on it so it’s a little heal on myself for when I am worrying about everyone elses heath bars.

Am I really a bad holy priest if I ‘forget’ to place it down.

It really is only good for dancing on .

Maybe if we changed the color people would click it more. Neon Green.  Add Flashing lights maybe.

I have been in LFR’s where someone has glyphed the lightwell so it has 15 charges, and they have a macro that THANKS the person who click on it.

“Thankyou for using my lightwell..  thankyou for using my lightwell…”

I’m pretty sure if I tried that in Raid I would get blocked/reported for spam or told to turn it off very quickly, but it served a constant reminder of it’s existance, and people clicked on it.

We have a habit of not taking as much personal responsibility for your own health, Some classes have their own heals, boosts, and wouldn’t rely on the lightwell or a health stone,  or arguably they would say they  don’t need it.  As a healer I look first to using a heal on myself before I use something like a lightwell,  health stone or a health pot, however there are things available to us to use to boost our own survivability. Click the lightwell. Eat your lock rock ect ect..  do eeeet  and live longer.

I can use Health stones as another example of things that people don’t use as much as they should.

Most fights when our locks remember 😛  ( or are reminded ) we get a  health stone

We made 16 attempts on Heroic Zon’ozz the other week. say 25 x 16  = 400 times that a health-stone could have been used and the logs show only 41 in total was used. I used 2,  and a couple used it 5 or 4 times.  Some of the wipes were called early and the stone would have been wasted but 16 attempts/41  = 2.56 people using their health-stones each attempt.

On our kill 14/25  people used their health-stone.

That’s looking better ( 6 people clicked on the lightwell )

Did the kill give us more opportunity to use the stones,  or did the stones give us more opportunity to kill, I don’t know. But ( puts on authoritative voice) There is a positive correlation between using health stones and killing Zon’ozz  ( so far.. )

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