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My place to Farm Lichbloom and Icethorn

I know farming is lame – but a Frost Lotus is going for upwards of 50 gold on my server at the moment so well worth it to sell,  after I have already made a stack of my own Flasks.  

Doing something somewhat productively when you are multitasking like watching a Dvd on your other screen – makes the farming time better spent and while maybe ungoblin like,between Lotus’s, Icethorn, Lich blooms, and the Eternal Life’s I get out of it  it’s not a bad little cash cow place.

My herbalist does repetitive circles along this area. She used to do it on a ground mount because the circuit allows you within reason to do that,  and it was quicker on an Epic ground mount then an slow flyer,  I couldnt afford her epic flyer at the time as she was an alt,   but that was soon fixed.  The respawns are ok as long as no one else is farming and most people don’t keep going round,  they follow their own farming path that usually only crosses mine as they come down from the mountains.  I think it beats flying all over the country when you can just go in a circle around K3

You can see from the Gatherer screenshot the density of the possible spawn points for Lichbloom and Icethorn


Herb a Ninja.. there a Ninja..

And tonight ladies and gentlemen we have the race that you have all been waiting for…   lets see who can Farm..  Ur Hrm..  Ninja the most herbs out from under people in 1 hour!

The price of Herbs have gone ballistic on the AH – Netherbloom 80G, Nightmarevine, also around 70-80 G   and the things that use them, and other herbs EG like Mana pots on my sever are going for 30G for 5  ( so my Alt  who had 50 odd mana pots stored in the bank has been trying to even out the economy by offering them a much more resonable price, and ensureing almost an instant buyout. )   Super Health Pots are as rare as hens teeth, and the Luxury of all those other fandangled potions and elixors that you take for granted have inflated. Fel Lotus from 48 G onwards…    This is the current market  

 Is the true effect of the of the the War on Botters on the AH now comming to light, as guild stores and individuals who have been saving Mats and Pots in their banks supplys start drying up – add into the whole Gold Oversupply issue blah blah..  Old AH Econonmy  ect ect…

So given that 1 piece of Terocone now goes for around 4-6 Gold its no wonder that people are forgetting their manners while collecting herbs, My Alt Mage Herbie and Alch while wandering around doing her quests, spies a Yellow dot on the map, and gleefully skips over to it thinking, that will make a nice Pot to sent to my Sugar Mama,

Senario 1 – Sees a nearby Mob – decides to take care of that incase as its path will probably cause agro,  and starts to kill it,  as a Druid in flight form swoops down and takes the Herb…

Zophina ( my mage ) Shakes her fist into the Dark skies cursing such rudeness.

Senario 2 – Zophina is standing on top of herb, about to click and a tag team herbal crew dismount ontop and click faster then she can.

Yes, its her fault for not being quick enough.  So the Lesson learnt is –   The Rules are There are no rules.   You spy a herb, no dillydallying..  you jump on it right away.  If there is a mob in your way Sheep it and Herb and then kill Mob.

I can’t help it, I’m too polite,  I will always ask if In doubt as to if its been claimed or not.   Even abandoned, looted Boglords,  If they aren’t leaving a huge trail behind them I’ll ask,  you don’t get too many herbs off them but the ones from the spawning Glen will have Terocone, and Ancient Lichen more often then the ones in the Mire, and motes of life drop rate are better,

I have found though,  that its the miners who are more politer,   they fly down, and if your near a node will ask,   “Do you mine?”  whereas the herbalists will just herb away….

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