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Still here..

We now we overgear the Normal Cata Heroics and I have been able to earn through questing, rep, and badges with the conversions enough gear to be at the point where I feel like I can heal most sorts of bad.

Tanks now have 140-200 k health instead of the 100k most seem to be sitting around when it first started.  My spirits a lot better, and I don’t need to make sure I have a flask and food to make it through a trash pack without drinking.

I’m at that good healing place,  and while I got there,  so did the tanks and dps.   They usually know the fights better,  better gear,  better class knowledge. It’s almost like the warm safe comfy blanket that Wrath healing got to.

Sure,  don’t jump on that stomp,  I can heal you up. Or don’t try to avoid static cling,  I can dispel you.  Fire only burns a little bit,  be brave,  pull an extra pack or two.  Most of us will survive.  We knew we would get to this point, as we overgeared the content.

But then it’s not as challenging or interesting when it’s easy.  I’ve been scrounging for things to do and so I threw myself  back into healing again.  First the normal dungeons,  then the heroics with friends tanking,  then heroics with strangers.  Not tried a ZA/ZG yet,  I will soon though.

The easier it is,  the more unforgiving you be of the people who don’t find it easy.  The rogue in one heroic that I had to constantly yank out of bad stuff.  Don’t stand there,  don’t do this  ect. Each fight  he did something so bad,  I worked out it meant he had never seen it before.  I wished he had told us that,  I would have been nicer sooner.  Instead of telling him Don’t do..    I was adding in explanations why not to do that.

I am quite – been a little distracted, a little bit bored.  Fireland dailys were a brief respite untill I repeated them enough   and I finally got my mount.


Out Dpsing the Tank is not as easy as it should be..

True to my word I’ve started to keep screenshots of my damage metres.

Two different Pug Heroic groups – Two different instances

I’m number 1 – ( Don’t look at my dps..  Its not that hot,  )

What I would like to point out to you is the person who came in at number 2 Damage . Notice the pink colour that is the Paladin..   yes..     in both cases  he was also the tank. I was competing against the tank for top DPS.   There is something wrong there!

Sucessful Voilet Hold (


Failed  Halls of lightening.*



*failed because the pug organiser  didn’t tell us that  Boss 1 was dead untill we had done clearing and he was no where to be seen..   ( If I hadn’t of been able to see boss 2 from the platform I would have left right then and there.. ) AND failed because we couldn’t get Loken down,  We were trying the stand under his legs tactic, but the mage kept getting one shotted, and So I would shield him, and then not sheild me and the healer intime so one of us would get one shotted anyways, and they couldnt co-ordinate running away intime..  /sigh

Yes I have been posting more lately.  I have more to say

I’ve also been approved for a 25 man tomorrow nite! Weeeee. 

Where I get my coffee the coffee cart dude always pastes up the papers Starsign and comics so people can read while he is making ( very quickly) their order. My Star sign said that the people who make things look easy are the ones who put alot of hardwork into before hand, and that If I want to do the right thing I need to do alot of homework,  So on the stinky hot train this afternoon – no Air con,  my feet propping up the between carriage doors ( not the side doors – that would be dangerous) waiting for them to fix a derailed train – I was reading pages of 25 man strats..  at least so no matter what gets thrown at me  – I hopefully won’t do something silly and die in a fire.

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