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What the others are doing on Hodir..

I went looking to see what other Shadow Priests are doing on Hodir,  and I found one that did 14k dps  Ow.


Now the thing that worries me on that one,  is that their Shadow Word Death x 5 had an average of 26731 damage for each hit.  That meant that some were higher,  and some were lower.  I almost killed myself on one of our attempts due to my Shadow Word death, sure the output isn’t has  as high as the damage you do to yourself now, but still either way its taking a huge chunk off your health that needs to be healed.  I would think its rather risky,  but they stayed alive, so I guess it’s possible.

On that fight  their overall raid  DPS  had  three people on 20k dps Plus..  and the highest we have ever seen was 15k once by a warlock

Not sure how long their logs will stay up on Wow Metre online but if your interested in seeing it its here

and this one has a Shadow Priest doing 16k and another 14k one here.

I’m not feeling so good about my 11k now…

In regards to the priest that did 16 k , just to compare my gear against his They have a Imba Score of 616.35 and mine is 608.89 – they have slightly better gear,  but that should mean I can do 16kish too right?

Right.  Next week, need to break 15 K.

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