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Your Healer should be dpsing too..

So with content getting easier you would think that I wouldn’t moan so much at being kept challenged by people who want to experiment in dungeons.

I am a Dps at heart. Long time readers will remember my complete and utter disdain at being made to heal.  But I want my cake badges.  When on a good day I can do one instance in 12 min – why would I want to wait 13 min to then spend as long as the wait in a run = less badges,  less gems to sell = less time doing other stuff.  So I heal. Popular opinion seems to be I do it well  ( unless you make my life difficult and then I rant.)

As I have two 80 priests, I am much more confident Dpsing as a Holy spec on my main Zahraah – with more mana,  better gear she can hot up a standard tank,  throw a mend every now and then, flash a little, then  dot up the boss. Holy fire a mob,  ( love the lightening bolt spell graphic)  do a mindblast,    Holy Nova a pack – or  even mind sear! 

(Seems silly to give Holy mindsear and not mindflay)

I have never lost a tank because I was dpsing.  I may have lost a dps though when they stole agro unexpectedly.

I also know you’re wondering if my desire to dps causes me mana issues, and no – I will only dps with a strong tank – if its a weak tank needing more heals my attention  is always on them .  

On Ostara my Holy only priest I am not as geared, so when healing on her gear I’m not as confident,  but  depending on the tank, she will do what she can to add to the damage.

I won’t go disc to dps/heal – I like healing as holy.

As a holy dpser we don’t get the benefits a shadow spec would get  eg replenishment procs, and a real healer would never dare to spec into the Dps points available on the holy tree. However Staying active sure beats standing there with a dopey expression on my face.

^^ perpetual dopy look.

But here is my challenge to all healers but the Trees ( sorry..  Unless you want to melee the mobs)  More dps = faster funs without the tank having to go pyscho pulling. ( Yes there are too many of you doing that!)

Healers!  I call you to arms. Or wands or staffs or whatever.


and I want screenshots.  I shall endeavour to do the same.

We measure a dpser by how much dps they do as it usually means they have been active, and that they are continually casting.  Measuring the success of a healers dps will not be as easy.  We are otherwise occupied some of the time, but damage done should suffice for now. 

Then one day …..   I shall enter a LFG in Holy Spec as a DPSER!  *shock horror*  then I can be the scrub dps that people laugh at.

Losing your Skin

How does a hunter /Warlock feel when they get told to dismiss their pet?

How does a Shaman feel to be told they aren’t allowed to use totems?

What am I without Shadow form? Freaking Nakid!

I filled a healing hole in the raid requirements for Nax by respecing holy.  It was only for two Naxx runs.  For all the warnings I got  – I know, and the catch that they would fill their DPS slots easy was already done.  I don’t think there would be a spot for me in 10 man Naxx If I wasn’t healing.  So when the healers do finally grow up – they will take my spot – and I will be benched unless another dps unavailable or they do swap in’s for gear/boss kills.

 Two nights as Holy may not seem a lot, but simple things like – it not being worth specing back to do your dailies, or even some farming, and because my healing spec doesn’t have spirit tap or Vampiric Touch or Vampiric embrace, shadow Spells cost more to cast – and  so even though my holy spell power is still decent – I have more downtime because I need to drink – makes it slower – less efficient to farm – which then in turn cost me in dailys/rep/Ah because I didn’t want to play like I would have in shadow.  I adapted and did some fishing and some elemental farming instead.


I  did feel like I needed to learn to play again, and that I was a second rate healer.

I was still wearing Shadow Priest Glyphs rather then holy –  I put +50 Spell power on my new staff rather then soulfrost – So I’ve gimped myself out of +30 Shadow Spell power because + 50 is more useful for healing/dps where as  Shadow Spell power only good for Dps

I  did  get some  pretty purples though Dps/ Staff / neck / Gloves –  I now have equal or better raid gear then most of the rep pieces I was going after anyway  – and at least two pieces of gear I would not have gotten if there had been another healer available, and at 1700 + spell damage my stats are looking good ( hit still 60 short of cap though  – I’m working on that !)

I did the respec without public complaint and I haven’t let them know how I feel about being holy.  I think they have a fair idea though. I do feel for the healers who like healing, but find it difficult to do stuff like farm, or get a mob down as fast as I have been able to take for granted.

I’m now back in Shadow hoping I don’t get called upon to do holy again –

I don’t want these wings.


Respec to Holy & and then back

We had a Kara run organised Sunday night – but the team had lost the leader of that raid from the guild – and I was asked to repec to Holy – Guild would pay for the respec,

I said I would do it – I have 1200 + healing gear on me at all times,  but Ive never had to repec. So 25 gold later – I was holy with a couple of new spells toolbarred, geared, and with  some fishsticks and my Brilliant mana oil,  I had decent healing.

We had cleared up to Prince last run,  so the RL decided to try Illhoof first. 2 x wipes and then we try Netherspite x2 wipes. I had no complaints as to my healing – but i found the whole respec rather unfair. Ive chosen to be a shadow priest, I can be flexible,  but asking me for a respec is like giving someone an Ebay account and expecting to know the toon. You don’t.  I’ve had no practise being a main healer on a lower boss ( If a healer has died – Ive stepped up,  but on an unfamiler big fight with a mainly guild pug/and some real pugs – and an ‘uncomfortable’ spec. I didn’t feel I had performed my best.   As I said there were no complaints about my healing  – but I still felt that it was unfair to me. We all appriciate a good healer,  but its not something I chose, and I object to respecing for such an unimportant goal. After the wipes we gave up. I went back to shadow, and the officer who made me respec said the guild will pay bothways,  I refused – figuring I did well for Epics in the orginal to Prince run, so a loss of gold was not a concern. ( esp since Ive been farming Shad and Water Primals)   but what I did say to the leader that its a concern that you are relying on respecs to fill numbers.

Respecing is not something that should be done casually – especially when the intention is change back.  If you have unlimited funds, and you enjoy it, then thats your choice,  but specs are there for a reason. If they are not useful find another

This whole guildless thing is starting to appeal  I understand the need for flexibility – but This was not my character – not my toolbar, and not what I was familar playing.

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