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Stuck behind the boxes in WSG with you.

A few of the rated BG’s I have been in we have been having issues with a fear bug, and our team has been getting feared into walls/stuck behind various things.  The only solution has been to life grip the person out.

I feel like I should at least spread this solution around because I don’t think some priests are aware of this. ( Shouldn’t be bugged in the first place!!)

We were doing a Rated BG, and a Horde Pally was feared by myself into the boxes in the horde flag room. My team started to kill him while laughing at him.   I told them stop ( killing him).  We left him there, and I can imagine the raging he would have been doing on his vent. We were two flags down anyway,  we weren’t going to win.

We could have killed him, and at least let him respawn,  but I figured the times I’ve needed to life grip my team out of walls, and gotten no quarter for that, there was no reason to help them.

I could have gone so far to demonstrate a life grip in front of him to put the idea in his head, but no. I could have been a better person, I assumed eventually their priest would figure it out like I had to, but knew,  that  when she left him alone,  and ran out of that room, that she didn’t know.

He was still there one horde flag room visit a few min later.

It’s kind of on moral/cheating grey ground.  The bug in this case could have been to our advantage,  and if we had won because of that I would not have felt good about it.  I will take responsibility because I verbally stopped actions that would have eventually free’d him by default, and  I explained the consequences to my team of leaving him there,  that he was stuck.

There is also this faction difference.  He was the enemy,  freeing him from the bug would have been a mercy, and I doubt he would have responded kindly by refusing to kill or heal when it came to it.  How could I free  him knowing that he could be the instrument of my own death. ( yes very melodramatic)

Would you pass a person in distress?  No

Would you look a Horde pally in the eye, knowing you could free him from his confines, and then leave him. Alone?

You may now address me as Corporal Zahraah. Obtained from BG’s that I didn’t have moral grey areas I needed to consider.

Alliance to the Bone

I have flirted with Horde side a few times. They seem to be the most abandoned of my alts though, they don’t have the support system meaning the toons with complementary professions and the gold my alliance do, it makes and easier to walk away from.

When a friend moved to Jubie’thos Horde side PVP server for raiding,  I dug out a horde hunter that had made it to her 40’s on there ,  and had already gone through 2 motivational surges throughout my Wow playing history,   the first one was when RL friends started a BE female only guild for which I rolled her for, and her first revival when one of my raiding guilds decided to play alts on Jubie  horde side for a short period,  so for what I thought would be a minor revival,   I logged in and brushed off the dust; deleted the bag full of arrows and spent the little gold she had on a better riding skill and some glyphs, and then I kept playing.

I got to look around the server, and was surprised to see how many people were on during my peak hours.  I’ve now spent a fair bit of time on US servers with high Aussie populations, and their Aussie peak are nothing like a real Aussie peak on a real oceanic server.

I hung out until a level 25 guild invited me and I am in a random guild that invites rabble like myself randomly just because we are tagless.

She is 67 now, but I want her to 85 just so I can have at least one 85 horde side. but I am having some allegiance issues, firstly Jubie’thos is a PVP realm, and those pesky Alliance try to kill me when I am questing,  and then secondly there are the  BG’s I throw myself into to mix up my leveling.

My first reaction to seeing a higher score on the BG board next to the Alliance symbol,  is ‘yipee’ we are winning.  Except I know I shouldn’t be getting exciting over Alliance winning while I am playing Horde.

I also feel guilty killing Alliance races.

I’ve spent so many years killing horde that their faces are a blur – I don’t pick out their races, or notice their hair.  All I see is a red tag about their head that makes them fair game,  but now,  killing Alliance brings a small attack of conscience Instead of oh,  I killed a enemy,  it’s awee I killed a little Gnome… or Aweee the poor furry faced worgen, and dwarves – I see a red headed dwarf female and I think,  how can I shoot something that looks like ‘me’ ( my level 85 hunter being red headed dwarven female)  or the other more often  me,  a NE shadow priest, or the other not so much me’s

You  see it’s become even harder since I finally got my 100k kills on my Priest,   I guess that technically now makes me a life time sworn enemy of the Horde.  I wear my badge of Hk’s as my title,  and I was thinking; FINALLY (  considering I always seem to end up baby sitting something because no ones else does  – rather than zerging like all those other people with mass amounts of Hk’s do. )

Warcraft Banners

Where was I ? From Thinkgeek Warcraft Banners

They seem a little on the small side for $40,  I think one of those silk screen flag sized ones would be better, either way  It would need to compete with my skull  pirate flag though in the Pc room, or I could display it with pride in my lounge though I am not sure either would go well with my Silver  Damask curtains and wooden floors ( though a Purple Darnassus flag might. )

Wow themed Printed Fabric

I was actually looking for some geek themed printed fabric when I got to looking at Spoonflower –  you can “design,  print and sell your own fabric”  which is awesome, not necessarily cheap though,  but for something unique and designed by you not too badly priced. 

I have no idea what I would want to print personally, but it would get expensive if you intended on using it for say a range of bags that get sold at a reasonable price,  but for a one off thing / small projects  I love it!

I found lots of robots.  Oh Robot ♥

and Sushi Themed material

and OwlsZombies & ghosts & Skulls and of course the most important thing of all

Then there is Horde Themed Material.

unfortunately there is no Alliance themed one. 

So what do you think of a Horde themed sheet set – think your gf/wife/hubby/bf would mind sleeping in sheets printed with your gaming obsession.

For the Horde!

Well I actually play Alliance – Alliance ftw!

I’m a little upset that that the Blizzard official halloween costumes has one Alliance set ( the Night Elf Prosthetic )the rest are Horde, and I know that the Alliance humanoid features don’t require masks.. but Im not feeling the love here…

What about Night Elf Facial tatoos?
A Pink Pigtailed Gnome Wig
A blow up Mechostrider

and Secondly
But I was out shopping today with my Best friend, ( yeah 2nd last day of my holidays from work) and she is also an ex Hordie and Wow player.. in between me telling her about what’s going on in Wow, and convincing her that she does not want to play again, she has escaped the addiction… and besides she won’t roll Alliance if she started again, we saw a local sydney resident wandering through the food court of the shopping centre wearing his Alliance Tshirt.

I Couldn’t help it, My Alliance breathren may smite me.
I yelled “FOR THE HORDE”

and my friend hit me and said “I don’t know you…”

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