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WSG: now designed for a Better Farm.

Why did they lower the Graveyards / Rez points in WSG? – I am yet to see how this benefits either side in anyway,  it is just making it easier for the opposition to farm.

One of my pet hates in BG’s is farming,  if you are in a position to farm then well you have already won the battle, and now your just torturing players.

The position of the Graveyards now,  halfway down the walls  from where they used to be prior to Patch 4.1 means you can’t escape from a GY farm in WSG

If you control the position my hunter is standing in the pic below,  you control the whole entire GY.  Before, when it used to be up top,  you could avoid it, by running alone the edge of the fence on the top,  and jump down over the tunnel entrance,  running off to the far side and sneaking down,  or even running  down the ramp.   You had a better chance of getting away.

Now the area you have to ‘defend’ to farm is much smaller, and there is no way to get away from a farm.

In addition

Pets of what seems to be all the pet classes can get up there,    Warriors with  charge,    Rogues can shadow step?, Druids can pounce,   ( have I missed any class?) and once they are up there in the enemy graveyard,  they can pick off the rezers as they rez in 2’s or threes which means it gets harder to launch a real defense.

I can’t imagine this was the Pvp that Blizz had in mind when they decided to make that change, and the only reason I can think of was to reduce potential fall damage from jumping off the GY ( hit the slant on the rock and didn’t take any)

I’ve been playing my hunter a little more and gearing her up for Pvp . The 4.1 Hunter changes gave her a bit of a damage boost,  and and I am in love with her helm from the  ilevel 352 Bloodthirsty gladiators gear.

“Do what you want, ‘cause a pirate is free,

I shall not get into the practicality of  a permanent eyepatch on a hunter.  ( but it still looks pretty cool)

She also managed to find the prettiest spider in all of Azeroth  from Darkshire. Everyone else seems to have Ugly black and brown spiders,  and the first one I found when looking for a spider was the girliest / sigh    – but me and Zip have grown attached to Squeeky  ( yes that was deliberate )  I picked up a nasty habit of using the term “Squee”  and it  seemed to fit.


I blame holidays for being so quite – and I hope everyone who reads this had a happy and safe holiday.

My hunter Zippina is now 80 – and less than a week at 80 with a 4000 odd Gs  – almost fully purpled up

She has been a lot of fun to play, and everyone has to have at least one hunter don’t they?  On a performance level – I am getting better with practise.  I know when to dismiss my pet so it doesn’t pull all the trash,

On the advice of another hunter I got a wolf.   It had to be a special type of wolf, and so I got Ironjaw, because his redish coat matched my red hair.

I can count hunter fail moments on one hand so far.  Like having pet on aggressive once, and pulling the 1st pack. BAD HUNTER!  Sometimes I fail at my rotation completely, and re-apply stings, I also multishot on a single target, forget to pull my pet out during whirlwinds and yes, I know almost every single one of my own failures and cringe at them promising myself I will do better next time..

It’s been interesting because all the instances I have done on my Priest,  as Dps or healer countless times,  so the instances are familiar – and each time my pet runs off I have a stab of fear it will do something naughty, and I will wipe the party.  Defensive stance is good!

Leveling in Bg’s

As soon as my new Hunter turned 38 I decided to level her to  40 in Bg’s.

I’m currently a couple of bars into level 39 with about 6 hours of play time at level 38 in between Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch.  I had expected  it to be a little faster,  but at level 38 I was getting about 580 odd  xp for a base cap done by my side in AB , its 599 at level 39 and  double that for a flag  in WG  I also seem to get the odd bit of Xp for various stuff for which nothing in particular really happens,  maybe at a resource gathering  point goal in AB

 I’ve already brought one AB badge belt that was a level 28 but better then the green I was wearing anyway , and will have enough badges and then some for a level  40 belt  ( why aren’t there level 38’s pieces anymore? – There are level 48 pieces)  It’s a break from leveling,  but I am not sure I will make it to level 40 bging  when I can quest a lot faster.  

One thing I don’t like about it is while I may be leveling, my Pet is not, I picked up a level 37 Gorilla in STV and called  it Bambam ( though I might rename it Tubthumper)  and he is not getting any xp which disadvantages hunters a little. .

Its good to not have to play with the more serious twinks  – there are still people like me, slightly twinked out in heirloom items, or up and coming twinks, there is also a fair few level 33’s .  So I win some,  I lose some,   it’s still the typical BG experience,  people saying Alliance are %$*&  – people afking ect ect . I like Pvp but I don’t think I would ever want to completely level a  toon in a BG  I think its great for a break from the quest grind, and I think if you at least get to level 10, and are willing to cop flack from everyone else moaning about your hp if your a lower level then you could practically level completely to 80 – if thats the way you really wanted to do it.   However, in most cases you would be quicker leveling questing.

Someone laughed at me in Stormwind  because I was a female dwarf  “No offence” he said  There aren’t too many of us around and I keep forgetting to use her racial, stoneform,  but its been fun playing a hunter so far again.

A Shadow Priest walks into a bar and says “I Rolled a hunter”


I rolled a hunter.  Technically this is my 3rd hunter.  My Pvp Hunter is Still sitting on Jubie collecting dust in an Inn at 42 – my 2nd was deleted at level 7 so now  I have a Dwarf Female hunter by the name of Zippina  ( I have a thing for Z’s  Zahrah, Zophina, Zaynina, Zippina Zaddra on my main server, )

With the spare time of my  holidays off work –  I thought why not embrace my Altitis and roll yet another toon .

So at level 33 ( almost level 34 ) with a Pet Snow Leopard called Nimitz  ( David Webber Honor Harrington fans will recognise the name as Honor’s pet Tree cat. ) So this is Zippina


I’m playing her as Beastmaster, she has some heirloom items ( thanks to a weekend stint of heroics)  She has a bow because I didn’t have enough Stone Keeper shards for the Gun,  and for now its ok because she is Op in other stats for leveling,  even though she misses out on the extra 1% Crit from Gun specialisation.  I like the sound of a bows twang alot more then the Boom of a gun.  It seems less violent, and I’m sure better for my hearing.   My 19 engineering twink came in handy,  able to make her bullets for her gun when she was shooting, and I was dismayed to find out that when she transitioned to the bow,  until she gets to I think its at least the 50’s  the only arrows available are vendor ones.  Why can’t anyone make low level arrows?  You can make low level bullets.

I’m not sure if its a hang up from playing my Shammy Alt,  but she wants to Melee,  she likes getting in the thick of the battle and smacking things with what ever duel wielding  weapon combination of the day. Axe Axe  , Axe Sword,  and now its a Heirloom dagger, and a Axe.  Disengage is also the perfect way to get far enough away from the target quickly to actually act like a real hunter and shoot it with a range weapon.  Do not disengage when running away from a pack of mobs.  You land right back in the middle of them.

The heirlooms have made it so much easier to level, yet still have fun in the lower areas,  questing, and reacquainting yourself with places of your youth.

On other exciting news.  I came out! No not that sort of coming out. But telling some guildys about my blog.  I’ve never been completely open as to who I was, where I played like with an armory link.  I didn’t think I had to.  Some investigation would tell you – but its been eating at me a little.  I am proud of this blog.  ( most of the time)  I enjoy writing it, and I appreciate your comments.  I don’t wanted it shouted from mountain tops, but I felt it was time to be a little bit more open about it.

41 Hunter V 48 Hunter – and I win ( sometimes)

I was questing in Lost rigger cave in tanaris trying to do some of the Pirate quests on my Horde hunter on the Pvp realm, and she is now level 41 – I saw an Alliance hunter, didnt check their level, but skirted around them anyway with my aspect of the beast on,
I started killing, He attacked me on my 1st mob fight
I killed him. ( I was rather suprised. ) I am marksmen Spec ( yes I know thats not the best leveling spec, but it gives me scatter and improved concusive shot which help me on a pvp realm survive. .( well at least I thinks it does.)
I continue killing the same mob I started on, He rez’s and smacks me down. and as I havent eaten or drunk I die easily.

So I run back , find a safe spot to rez, stick my aspect of the beast on as soon as I rez so he cant track me, and wait to call my pet. In the meantime he rezes and starts killing mobs again.

I figure why not, i dont lose durability “today is a good day to die”. Lets have fun.

I attack him. The Battle was glorious
We kill each other with our final shots.

So then I figure since he started trying to gank somone 7 levels lower then him… I am going to be as annoying as possible.

I was patient..
and I watched him in ghost form. He got complacent. I stood on top of him. Rezed and layed a freezing trap. He Froze. i run away laughing
and eventually died.
But then I did it again
and again
and again.
and again.

Eventually my death timer became annoying so I started writing this post inbetween.
He got chased away by a bigger horde soon after.

So im now at 2 min rez timer, recovering from when I tried having a go at a 42 allie hunter that crossed my path when i still had the pvp spirit pumping through my pixels.. and he won! – I was mortified. He was obviously very skilled. I can take down a might 48 hunter, and a 42 kills me!

so i rezed and didnt even have time to drink and the 42 killed me again

so Now I am giving up and going to bed.. 🙂

But before I log off the puter..
I got my Mage alt to 70 yesterday – so I now have 2 70’s She is very scrub, so im going to PVP for a while to get some choice pieces, that i can’t craft similar without having to change to tailoring and then do some dungeons to get real gear. I would feel embarassed pugging in greens

I like using her to be annoying in bgs she doesnt have the damage, or the confidence to use my skills as well as I do my shadow priest, but sheeping and silence and all that.. I likes!

But I think I might roll another priest, and keep her holy.

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