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A Week as a Hybrid. Pew Pew Flash!

When Night Elves get mad.


Its been a week, and I’ve not used my duel spec in a raid once.

I was true to my word and I  duel spec’d holy, got my talents critiqued by the guild healing  lead –  Glyphed properly.  I am half Holy priest in everything but desire to be so.

In addition I installed healbot.  Freaked out.   Disabled it. Healed some Bg’s in my DPS Pvp gear with some more spirit friendly choice pieces. 

Remembered all the reasons why I hate healing –

/Yell  If you want to be healed don’t run away from me!


/Yell  Save the healer Save the BG!   ( Ok I made that one up)  in between get kidney jabbed by a rogue.

I’m gradually understanding healbot.  I’m using it more as a buff mod for my Main and for My Mage.  I got that part down right.  I can tell it what buffs I want on all the time, and it goes white when I am missing one.  Somewhat handy.  If I am going to be serious about being a capable healer I should be using it for healing though. 

Wanted: Willing nubs to let me test healbot in an instance first.

still  – If I haven’t used my offspec in a raid in a month,  I am making it my PVP spec,  The players I’m playing against now in BGs have gotten a little harder to kill.  It seems they are using their offspecs for Pvp friendly trees.

My Fire mage is now level 73 and I love playing her again.  I used all my Pygmy oil to make some stats flasks  – and with her Herbalism I can keep her somewhat flasked and buff fooded all out .  Leveling is cruisy.

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