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I can’t heal that sh*t

3 groups in 1 hour.  I  know it was an hour because I paid gold for  a spirit flask.

It seems if you die often enough when you leave group you do not get the deserter debuff.  I tortured myself and kept requeing.

Fooded, flasked, gemmed, chanted  as much to perfection and pride as possible.

It was all my fault.

Do you know how much of a blow to the self esteem it is to fail.  Anyone that cares about doing well no matter what it is  knows the cuts  to the ego the feeling of failing something your trying your damndest to do well at.

It was not only my bones littering several instance floors, but pieces f my pride.

I’m linking recount metres  to a friend,  damage taken,  what damage was taken – thinking I can’t heal that sh*t

I forgot damage done.  3 dps pulling 3k dps on Helix Gearbreaker in Deadmines.  We armoried one  – Pvp gear equipped

Oh.. maybe that one wasn’t my fault.

Nor was the 7 min Baron Asbury attempt in Heroic deadmines

and so on…

One group wanted me to MC and heal at the same time.  ( it is possible in Vortex Pinnacle on the  Temple Adepts,   but not in Halls on the first pull) I was the “BADDIE HEALER HAHAHAHAH” I should have told them to  go jump,  3 of them left anyway after the wipe.   It was just me  the healer, and a dps left, and I left, and took the debuff.

I got kicked from a group  in Grim Batol because I couldn’t heal their failures, even after I predicted that they would fail and prehealed, shielded and levitated them after they were thrown in the air.  ( should have life gripped)

I worked out the difference between the pug groups that fail, and the ones I run with friends, or even a deadmines tonight with guild ( post nerf)

It’s dps.

I can heal your mistakes,  as long as you don’t get too much time to stand in rockfalls, or green puddles.

If you’re pulling 3k dps   its going to take longer to kill things, more damage taken, harder to heal  – and the people I run with don’t do 3k dps

I did a Deadmines post nerf healing as disc tonight, and 3 guildy dps. The first wipe was in the nightmare because no one listened to me about jumping over the side straight away, and they were either too slow, or landed in the fire. While I was full health agroing the boss..  “HELLO… can I get a tank over here please?”  Our pug tank was good.  It helped alot,  but yeah we had a few more singular deaths in various places eg ” stop eating the bad food…” Or me on vent was ”  Blah..  your standing in bad shit..  move.. ”   but overall I felt rather confident.  Because it was nerfed they didn’t use CC. We had a hunter, mage, and Shadow priest as dps.   We had options. They cut out enough of the bad stuff and the trash packs so it was quicker and easier, I didn’t really need CC to help  my healing load.    Just  more a few more pauses to regain mana  for the times I had to ” Flash Flash Flash”

As much as I believe that Heroics are really  a slap in the face for the dps that don’t want to be team players,  don’t have a clue, I think they overnerfed it, Make things hit for less, rather than take them out,  it looks like they just removed the mobs that caused the most deaths.

This mob was responsible for *blah* deaths.

Sentence: Banished from deadmines for overzealous killing of players

A Vote to Let them die.

A recent comment on a recent tanking post got me thinking about how I use the Vote to Kick.

“Anonymous says

The reason: vote kick has a cooldown, and the more times you use it, the longer cooldown becomes. Vote kick must be available to get rid of game-ruining player, not lost on minor inconvenience.”

I think most of the recent  votes to kick I have initiated since this cool down change has actually been  people who dc, and even then casually suggest ”  should we kick the dc”  and someone else does it.

I got burned bad back in the early days of tanking in Mara.   We had two dps afking at the start of the run.  It was like they wandered off and  did something else while we killed stuff and they got free xp.  The cool down wouldn’t let me kick them both. So I try not to use it.   Kicking someone from group for peeing me off isn’t as high on my list of things to do as it used to be, and I guess that’s the point.   I don’t think I ever kicked for anything trivial, but it’s forced me to triple think, I want to be able to use it when I NEED to use it, but  as another commenter said often its not worth it. How many of us are complaining about the state of attitude in groups now,  ‘not worth’ it is rather defeatist, and at least I am feeling a little defeated. It doesn’t matter what the role I’m playing.  Often there is always one person who makes it their job to make everyone else s just that little bit harder.

Petty Reasons

On my main in my healing gear I was doing a POS, it was a high hp tank who knew what he was doing, so I started dpsing too,  a couple of dots,  a mindblast,  and some mindsearing in a group.  We had a DK dps not doing so well, and I was beating him.  Tank linked the damage metres and had a laugh at the healer and the tank out dpsing a dps.

Tank initiates a vote to kick,  I say no.  It fails.   Tank then says ” 100 gold”  and the party is like “?”

“100 gold each to carry you” he says to the DK. ” don’t be silly” I say in party chat.  It put me in a bad position because I was being an over-confident /bored healer,  trying to make things go a little bit faster because I didn’t have to worry about the tank as much.I may not have come to the tanks attention if I had just done my selected job.

I zoned into another instance into what looked like a wipe recovery.  People at half health,  scattered cross the instance probably running back.   One of the Dps was slow running back,  not stupid slow and it is frustrating when one person is holding the group up,  but we were buffing, and the rest were drinking, and he was at least on his way, but someone  initiated a vote to kick.

” Why… ”

“He is too slow”

It failed thankfully.

They highlight why there has to be a cool down so that petty reasons do not succeed.   I’ll steal anonymous words again.  ” game-ruining player, not lost on minor inconvenience” Game ruining is trying to cause a wipe,  refusing to do your job / afking – being grossly offensive – and that’s about it.  There are so many minor things which are still going to get the dungeon cleared,  just aren’t going to make your game fun.  The vote to kick wasn’t aimed at getting rid of people stealing your fun unfortunately.

Let them die

What if there was a  “Let them die” vote. I was taught that not taunting off a dps made me a bad tank.  So I feel it’s my responsibility even if it’s their fault.

Letting them die needs a collaboration between a tank and healer – healers feel its their job to heal.  Tanks react when they lose control of a mob ( usually)  and try to grab agro back. There has to be an agreement between tank and healer to let them die.

As a healer I’ve told dps to let the “Tank tank.. ”   Linked damage metres to show they took most of the damage  that the tank should have.  I am not sure how I would react if a Tank asked me to let that person die,  and stop healing them.  I knew he was being bad,  I knew that this would have stressed the tank out, spending more time trying to grab agro back then concentrating on tanking.  Given what I know, if I felt the tank had good reason to say that  I would support the tank if I felt I would be supported in my decision to refuse to heal, and not only is our tolerance for bad a problem,  but also what is missing is the lack of support that the other players give to the people who are trying to change that.

Could I tell a healer  to let someone die – maybe.  I think if the situation got extreme again, I would.

However imagine the scenario

“Tank:  DPs1 stop pulling

DPs1: Your too slow

Tank: Healer just stop healing him

Healer: um..   ok..

DPS2 : Just pull the boss

DPS3:  finish the Fracken instance

Lack of Support

Because everyone “Just wants their badges so we can all go home.   Healer and Tank  refusing to compensate for a person making their lives difficult are not going to get the other dps’s support, and the tank and the healer will be the ones slowing up the instance by causing drama or making a fuss, not the asshat in the first place, and that’s the sad part.  I guess when you talk about this different mentality you need to have when being the healer, or the tank – it can also mean you are very much all alone, and the price of your conviction inconveniences the rest, and what would cause the most stress,  is not the asshat, but not feeling supported for doing ‘the right thing”.

Your Enjoyment

We had a bad dps  in an instance say ” Hurry up – I need to go soon,”  I told him to “dps faster”,  and also said ” why is it the person doing the least damage is that one that wants to hurry it up”  I don’t like being that person – but I tried it on for size,  and it didn’t make him perform better – or the run more enjoyable.

I think this is where ” it’s not worth it” can make your experience better, Ignorance is bliss. How bitter those words taste.  If only I derived more joy from being snarky at people.   Then maybe I would feel better about sounding like the asshole.

But Support the right decisions.   Maybe I should have supported the vote to kick the slow dps,  but  there are so many other factors we would need to ask them – new player? First 80? new Spec?  Lag? to at least justify why we thought they were bad.   They were just low, and in the scheme of things stuff was dying. It was ok.   Don’t support the person who is a little slow running back ( little..  ) Personally I would LOVE to kick the people who want to vendor/repair/get reagents as soon as they zone into the instance. Usually it’s dps who have had how many  min’s of waiting time to be be prepared.  We get to the first boss. ” Hey I’m back” – you didn’t need me” but again.  Is that a kickable reason? In comparison to what other crap people pull.

We need an I like bubbles “Vote to kick”  Friday Flow chart.

But for now you get a pic of my cat being  grumpy.

I am Warrior hear me choke on a Frost Bomb

Zahrana is now my 5th  80 and defense capped

Wow.. that was quick.

Leveling is fun.  Well, leveling a character you like playing, that has many fun things to do is well FUN.

My  80 Mage looks at me forlornly  * sobs ” You only use me to pick flowers”

My 80 hunter says  at least log in every now and then so I can feed my pet!

My two priests get more love,  but both are suffering from lack of attention due to me and my Warrior, and playing SC  telling noobs’ DO NOT BUILD NEXT TO ME

There are so many ways to get gear now.  She was in heroics making nice with healers not long after dinging, with a badge boe,  crafted ilevel 200’s  and ICC Boes I got for reasonable prices. It’s kind of scary,  I am now on the same playing field as my main for randoms.  I could be dpsing, or healing a tank like me

Sure it took some cash and a little bit of leg work,  chasing down the BOA head, and shoulder chants,  making sure  she got a proper weapon enchant.   Waved goodbye to Heirloom stuff.

I’m not sure what i hoped to accomplish with my Do you think you can tank project – hey I got to 80 –  I find tanking is like managing people.  You can’t keep everyone happy all the time.  Sure some healers think I am awesome ( usually not the 1st time I run an instance as a tank though.  I need a little acclimatising)

She leveled at Prot all the way – had to do some respecing  to get into a cookie cutter spec, I had done ok with my choices,  but cookie cutter is awesome for someone who wouldn’t be able to argue with another warrior about warrior stuff yet.

She did it with my usual mix of Quests, BG’s and Instances.   It’s the only way to level for me now. The variety keeps me interested,  Quests, and killing  stuff on my own makes me confident in my keys/abilities,  BG’s forces me to react faster and try to survive ( and I get to charge  a lot )  and Instances I get to practise Tankage.

I had to leave my BOA Shoulders in my bags while tanking a while ago,  so its’s been 10% slower, but  I was easier to heal with properly stat’d shoulders.

I have some gear gaps,  and I hope I shall be able to sneak my way into some places that don’t normally take people without an achievement.

No I shall not lie.

Probably confirmed I am a bad tank by running with a friend and him getting smacked around more then he liked.  Running with people I want to impress makes me more nervous.

It takes me at least one run to get a feel for an instance

I had my first group dissolve on me last night in Oculus. OH HOW I HATE THEE.  I let the healer die on the 2nd whelp trash pack. Which was my fault for being unable to control all those casting whelps well enough.

On the 2nd boss –  Mage- Lord Urom we wiped 3 times, the raid  kept blowing up – because DPS was slow and we don’t have a lot of health, and no one  los his blast, or they time bombed each other.   BYE BYE healer again.

Of course it was my fault for making the DPS run cross the frost.  They wanted me to run to them,  they could have run in front of my kite path but nooo..  and I’ve never seen a tank run at the DPS.  I’ve always been a dps or healer running after the tank.

So I felt like a right Twat when I ran Oculus again on Heroic telling the raid ” Make sure you LOS of his blast:”  and making sure I was dragging him backwards to make the dps happy, and putting us in perfect position behind  the pillar for the blast,  Then the dps doesn’t  move,  only lost half their health, and he was dead before he could blast again

Every time I get the achievement spam for the 1st time I completed a dungeon,  on normal, or heroic – I feel a little smug.   They didn’t know it was my 1st time here as tank 🙂 but I feel good that I have been able to play a completely different role, and I’m ok.  It will take some more work to become a good tank – and I’ll work on her.  Need those frostbadges.

Arrogance abounds in Azeroth

I got both my tanks to 40 & 41 It means I am getting lots of tanking practise, or more how it’s become. Twice the fun.

Zahrana @ Level 41 = 75 man dungeons entered. She was in dungeons as soon as she was level 15

Brynhild @ Level 40 = 63 5 man dungeons entered. But was only in dungeons from about level 20 i think.

I was in a Ulduar run with Zahrana and these really sweet blue boots dropped off the trogg with the 1st part of the key thingy. I paused to check them against mine, and went yep. Massive upgrade. Need.

” Why did you roll need? You have boa stuff?”

” I need to wear shoes too” I say. “Would you like me to go barefoot?”
I then had enough time to type an offer to “strip down to all my boa gear”

“Oh I thought they were shoulders Chill Zah.. I’ve just had a lot of ninja’s in my groups” they explain.”

“think before you speak” I retorted. Majorly annoyed.

I pulled the next group and went on tanking. Later on, I said something, like ‘come this way’ and from the same person, got ” Wow, Arrogance abounds in Azeroth.”

“If someone accused you of being a ninja on the 3rd pull in a run wouldn’t you be pee’d off?”

“point taken.. ”

I like the LFG system – each group is full of new and exciting experience, and interactions with people – no matter the role, and I’m doing them now as Dps, Tank, and healer cross my toons, but I can go from boring to heal, to a bad tank – in a matter of 2 instances, because I can’t control the DPS in my own team.

The mobs are easy. The People are the hard part, but they are also the fun part. Especially the healer I got last night in a run, who on discovering I wasn’t taking too much damage spent the entire run philosophising about life in party chat, and replacing his s’s with z’s ” Iz a man really happy when he iz doing what he wantz” “Are we all zlaves to our own dreamz”

Maybe it is I that brings the weird out in people, and no I don’t make this stuff up.

I’m getting cocky – yes – arrogant, not quite. Hey I still admit when I get really lost, but I will tell you in capital letters DO NOT USE FEAR -as I see the wave of mobs running towards the party baying for our blood.  I try and interject some wisdom I have learned on pulls too. Hug the wall. Watch the runner on this pull.

I do get sarcastic ”  I didn’t realise rogues use spell power”   “What level do mages get decurse? Hint hint” ” Do you only have one spell on your bars?”  ( to the mage Arcane blasting all of RFK -that stuff is irritating blowing up in your face the whole time.)

I’ve refused run offers to level quicker on Zahrana, but I want to do this on my own. I know the game changes, and end game raiding, and even heroics is different then the lobie tanking I am doing, but this feels like the right way to get comfortable in tanking shoes. I mean everything that anyone can do to cause a wipe I’m seeing. I’m also paying more attention to what other tanks are doing in raids/lfg’s – cause I want at least one of these tanks to 80 before cata.

Tank Spec for pussies

I’m waiting out my Dungeon Cool down by writing this post. I JUST WANTED MY BADGES.

Once upon a time there was a DK tank  who entered an instance as tank in his DPS spec. So this here Shadow Priest come healer out of desperation of 13 min queues told him he was in the wrong spec, and I’m the baddie!

Look I went for a week without posting bad Looking for group stuff. I deserve a rant!

I have Elitist Group installed. He was taking a fair bit of damage  – and I wanted to understand why.  So I checked the summary for the party.  I was confused.  Gear = 0%  and then I checked his details. He wasn’t in tank spec, but was in tank gear.

Could I have healed a DPS tank with no sheild,  and in the wrong spec.  Probably,  and I would do it if a tank I knew wanted to try it for kicks.  Means more work for me, but thats ok – if its someone I know.

I just cannot believe the nerve, and hell yeah it was worth leaving party for it.  If only I could have left a warning note for the next healer.

And yes I was nice enough to leave inbetween pulls.

I shall do another random and find someone nice to talk about..  Wish me luck!

LFG Horse Blinkers.

In an LFG random I used to check to see what server they were from.  I used to care.

If they were from a guild from my own server,  or from one I knew from back  on my old server – I’d probably be a  little friendlier,  ask after an Gm or someone I knew.. hey does ” such and such still play?” 

I don’t notice people now,  I still do the  Heys! on entry and Cheers at the end,  but for the most people are now only healthbars on my Vuhdoo , I care  even less when I am not healing.  If I am running with a tank I know – I check on his health bar to make sure the healer is looking after him. But I don’t remember who else or what class was in the party. 

I have horse blinkers on  so badly that we did a random, and straight after, me and the tank went into my daily grind for the nevermelting ice crystal that has never dropped for me,  Rages into the void and I was getting whispers from someone on my own server talking to me about their priest,  all about their gear, and they are going shadow and how they are finding the instances.

 “Who be you? ” I asked.  They were talking like they knew me,  checking their guild name,  I didn’t know anyone from their guild. 

” I just grouped with you as healer fool.”

Short term memory fail.

I don’t want to be that sort of player  or person. I’m not going to find my new bestie in a VH run,   and I’m not being rude,  but I should on a human,  or a social level  not consider other players as insignificant that I can’t even remember their name from 5 min ago.

I got Oculus with the new loot thingy last night,   didn’t stop 2 people from leaving right away. I’m like spaming party as the new people zone in.  ” Stay!  Please! – We can knock this over quickly – if you don’t know what to do we can help! ” I have been leading most of the oculus’s I end up in.  Organising the drakes and what not. Using my Island hopping strat on phases. ( move to the next island on the phase) . Mostly from sheer frustration and because people are less likely to leave if they think someone is in control.  I lost 6 dps players the other day as they zoned in. Before the 1st trash pull.  “Crap – Oculus” Such and Such has left the party.

It is such a unique instance  it’s a pity it has become so hated.  Yes its scary because its a little different,  the chance of a drake though didn’t keep the 2 dps in the party – but maybe they didn’t read the changes.  I will stick it out because I am confident I know what I am doing, trying to instill this confidence in other people when you have seconds before they decide it’s too hard and leave has been a challenge.

*edit Spelling of Oculus Fixed! ( wonder if you notice 😛 )

You must obtain better gear


Wonder why you always seem to get the lower level instances, and nothing as exciting as POS or FOS,  it’s probably your gear,

Dps are moaning at their wait time on randoms, and which is the very reason why I heal them when I solo.  It’s a quicker queue I find.  So when you finally get an instance, and it pops,  and your on the loading screen crying  at getting the same instance in a row,   it might just be the luck of the draw on the gear level of your team. It’s not a reflection of skill or talent, it seems to be based on the gearscore/item level of your gea.r So if you have someone in greens, from level 60 – they will only ever see the lower end instances. ( hows that for incentive to get better gear… variety!)

 Sure it’s probably manipulatable – stick on some random higher level gear thats useless to get in,  then swap back to your normal gear. 

I took the above screenie in a Voilet hold Heroic.  One of the lower ended instances,  so it’s not suprising that one we ended up there considering one of my guildys was one of those undergeared. 

When your queuing, all you need is one undergeared person to slot themselves in your party by rng, and your in a lower end instance because they can’t go anywhere else.

Enchanters on Strike – 2nd Round.

The buzz at the moment, is that some enchanters are stepping up now and saying that we should get to keep the shards we get from DEing loot  in an instance. Its come up on my realm forums, and also recently on Wow insider –  Who gets to keep the shards?

As an Enchanter I’ve done a couple of instances where  I waited patiently for everyone to select their need greed pass, advised them every roll that I am greeding to DE ( because they forget and I get blasted for rolling on an item my class can’t use. )   Sigh with impatience when  someone who can’t DE accidentally loots an item by needing.  Make room in my bag for the shards,  separate the materials I already had in there so they don’t get mixed up, notify everyone how many of each I have, field questions why there are only 2 shards and not three  ( because Pug person A rolled that greed) and then dolled them all out to the rest of the party because I lost a roll.  How is that fair?  Its not fair.  But I still do it – because it has been ‘socially unacceptable’ to say frack you,   everyone greed.

Going forward that might be a better idea as some of the items vendor more then what the shard sells for.

The most interesting side to the argument has been that Skinners/miners/herbers get to keep what they gain, and we don’t.

I’ve seen DPS suffer because  people have been  more concerned with skinning things in VH then killing the boss.

I’ve died because people went for a node/herb in an instance and pulled a pack.

I’ve died because stupid me stood on top of  a boss in an Aoe effect that continued after death and died because I couldn’t find the item to de in my bags.

I’ve never run an instance where there has been no enchanter, because I’ve always been an enchanter.

If I run with guildys most of them will pass on the shards and roll on the Abyss crystal,  Or we donate to the guild bank.  I’ve had a couple of pugs pass on the shards too,  but only because the value of the shard is not worth the effort to list on the AH.

I agree that the system is unbalanced, if I don’t win a roll there is no incentive for me to DE barr social pressure.  It would be an interesting way to start a flame war

“Anyone an enchanter?”


“Right you can de.”

Unfortunately I can’t be fracked doing it.

For some reason though I feel obligated to use my hard earned , costly  trade skill to level,with no real benefit unless I camp trade channels, that I  service my guildys and friends for free,  a skill that it becomes useless to me once I have enchanted my own gear. 

I feel obligated socially to DE stuff on demand – with no gauranteed benifit to myself.   I can’t turn myself into that much of a miser to say no. Or lie, or just say nothing when the question is asked.  I wish I could.

but I won’t because….. 

Why – ? I actually can’t formulate an answer beyond,  that is what is socially acceptable. Or Assumed its what we are supposed to do.  Its like a priest that won’t heal.  We are fighting a stereotype – and everyone else stands there with their hands out expecting their shard.

Could I jump on the bandwagon and shout to the hills by making public statements that I won’t be DEing any more.

I think the resulting social reaction would be interesting. I imagine it would be mainly WTF?

So I will keep DEing.  I don’t agree we should keep all the shards. I also don’t agree that we do it for free, but I can’t see a way we could benefit from it beyond getting skill points/a BOP residue we could use for our own personal enchants. As the System stands. I am recommending that Enchanters put away their campaign placards, and do it, and hope that enough people pass enough times for you to feel that you have gotten something from it.

But I can implore those who are not enchanters to  stop expecting it.  Appreciate it. Be somewhat grateful. Be aware that this persons choice to level their enchanting , is giving you an opportunity to receive an item you wouldn’t ‘normally’ get. So at the very least. Thank the enchanter…

Running Lobies through Instances – Nana runs

As a member of a raiding Guild  There is one thing I do not miss. 

“Can someone run me through VC?” / SFK / SM / DM / Gnomer ”

This was a common request – and to the most I said No.  If I did say yes – It depended on when I was available –  Eg  I will in half an hour,   I also tried to organise more people to go – “Any one else/ or  Alt want to go?”  Much more efficient and productive.

It was in instances and BGs that I learnt the most about my character  – when / what spells appropriate to use,  how they compliment other characters, and as a priest learning to drop out of Shadow and heal /dispell  when required.  I was dragged through Gnomer once by a ingame friend’s  – Friend and I hated it – I learnt nothing about the instance,  it was basically struggle to catch up and collect loot on the way –  One time I did ZG twice in a row because I did it with one group of guildys that needed it, and some others then logged on saying.. ohhhh I needed it too – I I did it again.   They thanked me,  ect ect and It was ok –  I don’t mind doing it everyone now and then, But it should not be expected that you will get lead through everything – how are you going to become good at your class?  I also had a ex guildy  of ex ex ex I ran him through VC ( dead Mines) once and he wanted a reset – so I did. He got what he wanted, and then /gquit – what a waste of my time..

I rolled on a side and a sever that none of my Real life friends were because I wanted to play – they had been playing for a year or so and were experts with ( at this time) multiple 60’s  and I wanted to try it out on my own first. 

I have another  RL friend that has 20 odd characters and only one past 40 – because he hasnt decided which one he likes best – Fair enough,  but when he logs his toons on my servers he then gets me to help or rescue him all the time.  He then says when I see him in Real life…  Oh when I log again in a few weeks on your server I’ll probably be asking for your help again – and I tell him thats not how you play – I will be unavailable when he logs next I think.

I rescued  a ingame friend, @level 58  warrior, a 64 hunter and a 68 warrior  from Stratholme the other night,  they had no idea of crowd control,  the hunter wasn’t using his traps,  the 58 hadn’t repaired and was red,  the 68 was drunk and giggling ( it was a guy ) drowning out everyone else in Voice chat – and pulling everything.

So at their levels I tried to teach them Crowd control – I explained as we went what I was doing – the tactics ect…..  – as a priest I can shackle,  So I was getting the hunter to put down slowing traps  infront of me, and I shackled pulled a harder Elite,   giving the rest of us time/and better grounds for killing the skeleton crews that are all over the instances – It was a mess At their levels I was teaching them Crowd control – I hate Stratholme: you are stuck in there untill you finish or u can hearth. It won’t let you leave the way you came.  They were gratful for the help,  but they had no idea – and that they called me for said instance to rescue them – and Im still squishy when I have no support…   I said I’ll take them through  Scholamance next time because its a little easier and I can teach them more.

Its great to know high levels,   and all little guilds say ” we have a couple of 70’s”  as if to say that they are tools for you to use for free… ”  and helping friends is always ok – Just don’r rely / or be relied on to Help them level – you will miss out on so much content  –

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