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A tank with no army.

My tank is doing ok,  she is just shy of 5k gearscore and has never stepped into anything greater then a 5 man ( and I say that with a GS qualifier of that it does not have one piece of Pvp gear, and its gearing for items not score – but it gives you an idea of where she is at)   Mixed Badge, Boes ect,  34k health unbuffed, and 44k has been been the highest HP i’ve seen her in an instance.

But I am now at the point where I have no idea what to do with her – besides maxing out her professions ( which I have been lax with).  This is what guilds are for.  Taking undergeared/under experienced tanks into places they wouldn’t be able to sneak into otherwise.

The frost badge collection is slow going not running ICC, the holiday instance for brewfest has helped a lot, but still, I need more frostbadges then I am likely to ever obtain.

If I had enough throw away gold I might be able to buy my way into a TOC GDKP as an offtank or something, as a carry, and if I had 85 k ( I think it was the price being offered)  I could buy my way into an icc 10 including gear.  But I have never needed that sort of gold,  so never tried to make it.   Sneaking in without any raid tanking experience into places like naxx or ulduar might work but I really wouldn’t want to try that. Tanking 5 mans and halls of stone for the gazillionth time is still far away from tanking any raid tanking experience.

I might be better off getting a dps set,  as dps are a little more accommodating if you have another toon that has the experience – just to get the achievement.

I have gleaned a few more things of wisdom from tankage.

Charge – not only does it generate enough initial rage to do your thing, it also puts distance between you and trigger happy dps that fire high agro salvos as their opening shots.  While charging too far ahead of the healers will pee them off ( as I have been pee’d off while trying to heal a charging warrior) it stops the hunter from multishotting before you’ve even hit the lead target.

I had a lot of difficulty early on when learning to tank some instances on multiple targets for this reason.  Hit target one with a shield slam for your threat,  then thunderclap before dps grab agro on the other targets. But trigger happy dps was hitting multiple targets before I could even hit one,  so Thunderclap as an opener for agro grab meant I was still chasing after loose mobs.  Charging ahead gives me a breather.   There is still a GCD between when I can thunderclap after my sheild slam has gone off, and everything else but using Challenging shout ( 10 yard enemy focus on you) is all single target.

I told one highly geared dps Boomy  that was single targeting mobs that if the “mob starts hitting you – stop hitting it”  I was told it was my job to get agro off him He had my vigilance, and I ended up taunting on cooldown. Really made running that instance a chore.

Stuff like MD’s/fades. and all the other agro reducing abilities  are just not getting used in 5 mans because of the facerolling. I might set up a poweraura for Misdirect so I know if the hunter is using it on me,  and maybe get used to poking them if they don’t use it,  and I think I need it.

The other thing  I have learned is also to be more aware of my Melee dps when positioning.  They all like doing it from behind. So moving the target sometimes to allow for them to get in behind  means they die less.

But even they can’t help when the healer decides to stand behind with them on Krystallus in Halls of stone, and blow them all up.  Pulling the Maiden of Grief back a little further from a Storm of Grief ( the black circles)  ( also from HOS)  means the melee dps don’t stand in it as often, and die less.  From my tanking I know that when your standing in bad stuff  with all the aoe, and spell affects and the like it can take longer to realise,  but thats not an excuse.   I’ve never melee’d dps but I would have thought that range have less environmental distractions so can be more aware of the ground beneath them by sight, without having to look at debuffs.

It finally dropped! No more POS for me.



Well actually – since I still heal the odd heroic the odds are I will get it again.

My Nevermelting Icecrystal dropped for me on Sunday

Saturdays POS run “Your going to die”  I tell the tank running into the pull after Ick.”  he dies

“Uh.. healer is over here still.”  Am so glad I can type chat and eat/drink

Tank leaves party – fail healer!

Sundays POS run – Tank charges into tunnel quite literally. Charge puts more distance between  the tank and the healer who has no speed abilities. Tank dies because he never noticed he was not in range of the healer or the dps running as fast as they could behind him, but after a rez  we killed it, and end boss droped my trinket to my complete disbelief – oh yeah it has been worth it..

Given I could see the sunshine, and was  no longer being forced to heal pos on a daily basis I re-evaluted my animosity to tanks that I didn’t know or train. Maybe it was me, am I a bad healer? because I don’t like following tanks like a dog, feeling that my needs are redundent, and secondary to those of the tanks need to cover ground as quickly as possible.

 Besides my other weekend incident that was not so much about my healing ability but more that I called oom before using my fiend one trash pull before a boss. Sif I use my fiend on trash before a boss. 

  I don’t have issues in any other instance with healing. 

Maybe I expect too much from tanks that just want their experience in that group to be over as fast as they can.   Notice the increase in speedy – silent tanks.   Are they getting bored?,  or is the presence of strangers so intolerable?  The popular demand for tanks – the endless need of the dps masses crying out for tanks. 

I was on my hunter – and the priest healer is saying  ” Slow down or you will die” ” Don’t start the boss till I get there”

I sent them a pst letting them know I support their cause, and told the tank to slow down.  Did he ..  no.. 

Maybe if I distracted the tank more.    Flattered them – they wouldn’t pull so fast.   Oh my Mr tank  – I love your armor.    Ohhh  where did you get that weapon from?  Oh Mr tank your Hp is SO big.  Can I touch your Pauldrons?Golly Gosh Is your Epeen real?

Mmm might try that..   I mean if he is too busy preening himself in the flattery – he might not run so fast.

……  Off to make some tank flatter macros.

Pugnacious Pugging..

Wowgrrl shows us that while pugs can be bad they can also be entertaining.

I will admit to getting some amusement at some of the pugs I have been in. I don’t have to enjoy them… but

Eg this week.
Tank ” I need to go Afk – my sister will be tanking for me.”
Hesisitant ok comes from rest of party. We wipe.
Tank “Oh Im so sorry – My sister ran away.. ”

Wipe on 1st boss in VH
Healer: “I don’t feel like grinding” – Doesn’t step in door. Instance gets restarted.
Me to tank : Uh.. you started it again without the healer..
Tank keeps killing.
Me: Guys its a wipe..
Tank keeps killing
Me /shadowmeld ( useless I know – but still.. )
We all die. ( but healer who has since left party)
Tank to me “Having a QQ are you?” kicks me from group.

At the very least my pugging has provided me with fodder for a new Add on I installed called Do I know you? ( DIKY) It allows for a Guild Sync and it beats me trying to keep a list on a notepad doc on my desktop.
I like it so far because It can be Sync’d cross guild ( not sure how this will work if you leave guild though) and you can manually add people.

I have started using it for positive comments on people I’ve met in pugs Eg ” Good healer.. ” and negative ones like ” Rude/abusive” I’m not sure exactly where/how things like Slander and Libel could come into this especially since it can be Guild Sync’d so more publically available – however real names aren’t attached so maybe it doesn’t apply.
As more then one person in the guild has it now, others are adding it. So I am cautious about what I say, and so far comments have been added on some from my ignore list from people who have either P’eed me off, or were rude. So I’ve said that. You don’t have to add comments, but you can give them a Nuetral, positive or negative mark, and people who also have contact with that person and the add installed can see a mark next to their name indicting their rating/comments, and they also can add their own rating and increase/decrease their score.

I don’t intend on stopping pugging. I win some and lose some, get to know some new names which may or not be in the raiding scene later and you can’t always get a guild only run. Curse of being DPS every man and his dog is dps 😛

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