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How many deaths?

Got up early for a Kara Run Sat morning – Made sure my errands were done and that I had cleared a chunk of my time for a decent Kara run.

I died probably around 15 times and in 5 hours we only got to Curator – we only had one tank, ( we have been spoiled by pallys)

I’m just not used to dying so much on non progression raiding –  and 5 hours for loot no one needed it is so not worth it.  Time/Badges/or the Void Crystal we got each.  Next week we should have our pally tank – I will see how that goes as I fear that  this guild will be too casual for me.  We are looking at doing only 1 10 man a week on a saturday to accomodate 3 time zones which wipes out my entire day alternating between Kara and Za. 

The harsh reality of the casual guild hit me when one of the members in chat started asking about macros alternating his questions with statments like ” I am so owning right now.. ”  We told him look at google, and at the wow website for basic commands and to find macros already written, as it was difficult to explain the concept from scratch over G chat. He didn’t.  Then wanted to know how to play his Pally and I asked one of the other members,  is he an Ebay? and it turns out he is a 14 year old or so who was given the account by the orginal member and is also known to some of the other members on the guild.

I do not under any circumstances want to raid with this person ( he isn’t our pally tank for kara thanking Elune! & No prior wow experience)   – we don’t know him or what he will take – this is how guild ninjas are born.

2 ‘shiney’  ‘designer’ guilds  are recruiting shadow P’s on my server.

Its been tempting.

But then I’ve been listening to some possible impacts on current content and stackable buffs and effects that will come in the next few weeks with the pre expansion patch – and I think that maybe those same guilds who need shadow priests might change their tune after the patch.

So I will bite my tounge… and the Gquit button for now.

/sigh   I might go reroll horde

In the name of progression and Theres something about Pugs..

My Guild Officers have announced that our Kara Runs for the non leets. ( Za Runs for the officers and Core raiders)  will now be  2 x ZA teams.  Its official We are over Kara,

Wait… I’m not.   I’ve missed out on 3 Weeks of a Decent Kara Run because I was being socialable for one of those nights and there were too many Dpsers and not enough healers and tanks to do more then one Kara run the other 2.  So I’m moaning a little because one Kara Clear would have netted me the Badges I need for the next self obtainable Weapon Upgrade of that Badges Dagger.  The Scryer’s Blade of Focus which has more +spell Damage and Stam  then my Current Dagger the Nathrezim Mindblade.

So after being told at 830 Invites were over…   I was like.  Crap. One more run and It would have been mine.   The Mats for Soulfrost are waiting for me in my Bank tab,  just waiting to be lovelingly applied to the new blade. – Besides being a little miffed..  I had turned down a ZA offer outside guild an hour earlier in the hope I would get Kara. I’m not moaning too loudley because I did get to do progression runs this week – so its a catch 22  – I don’t need any loot from Kara.. so I really shouldnt get priority which is fair,

So In a bid to get badges I thought I’d try a pug.  I do the whole Looking for group thing, and get two invites straight up – I’d only seen one guild around, and I figured I’d try that group.

“Ts or Vent I ask? -”

“Opps..” Main Tank says ” I have to go.. ”
“Darn” Says another team memember, thats the 2nd Main Tank we’ve had leave.

I say.
” Guys Im sorry, but this seems rather disorganised, and I’d rather not lock myself out for a week on a run that is having so many issues so early.”
So I left, and I don’t feel bad. I would only do a Non Vent raid like Kara with people I already knew. Not with a pug. Its a preference, and I am a firm believer that 1 voice is better then 10 people trying to strategise if they are new to the raid in Chat.
In addition, they were pugging a Main tank – twice… and no immediate hope for replacement.
Did I want an easy badge run – Yes and no.. I didn’t care if it were a full clear and I don’t mind dying in the name of learning…. – I just didnt want to waste my time.

So No Kara for me this week.
On the flipside a person who I found while pugging Kara some months back – asked me on sunday night to come to a Gruls Raid – I thought about it – and thought why not – there was no scheduled raids and even thought I hesitated that this would be their 1st guild attempt at Gruls – I figured they seemed organised enough to have a decent shot – the difference in my faith was I knew 2 of the people in the raid, including the Raid leader, and they were filling in dps holes, not healers or tanks which can be volitile..

and we went – and 2 shotted High King.
and had 2 attempts on Grul. Rock fall and Shatter can be a pain to get used to, and not many in the raid had done the fight before.. 34% on the 2nd attempt, which was decent, they now have a better idea. They have the dps to get him next time.

So Highking gave me a badge … taking me to 135 – only 15 more to go.
I need to do more herorics.. just have difficultly findning a non guild group as everyone wants mages and warlocks for specific fights.. Priest CC doesn’t seem to count, so in a 5 man a Shadow Priest is not the 1st choice often, and also maybe I’m over Pugging.. Less good people are pugging… and all that does is perpetuate the lack of progression on the Guilds that just don’t have the numbers or the gear..



Respec to Holy & and then back

We had a Kara run organised Sunday night – but the team had lost the leader of that raid from the guild – and I was asked to repec to Holy – Guild would pay for the respec,

I said I would do it – I have 1200 + healing gear on me at all times,  but Ive never had to repec. So 25 gold later – I was holy with a couple of new spells toolbarred, geared, and with  some fishsticks and my Brilliant mana oil,  I had decent healing.

We had cleared up to Prince last run,  so the RL decided to try Illhoof first. 2 x wipes and then we try Netherspite x2 wipes. I had no complaints as to my healing – but i found the whole respec rather unfair. Ive chosen to be a shadow priest, I can be flexible,  but asking me for a respec is like giving someone an Ebay account and expecting to know the toon. You don’t.  I’ve had no practise being a main healer on a lower boss ( If a healer has died – Ive stepped up,  but on an unfamiler big fight with a mainly guild pug/and some real pugs – and an ‘uncomfortable’ spec. I didn’t feel I had performed my best.   As I said there were no complaints about my healing  – but I still felt that it was unfair to me. We all appriciate a good healer,  but its not something I chose, and I object to respecing for such an unimportant goal. After the wipes we gave up. I went back to shadow, and the officer who made me respec said the guild will pay bothways,  I refused – figuring I did well for Epics in the orginal to Prince run, so a loss of gold was not a concern. ( esp since Ive been farming Shad and Water Primals)   but what I did say to the leader that its a concern that you are relying on respecs to fill numbers.

Respecing is not something that should be done casually – especially when the intention is change back.  If you have unlimited funds, and you enjoy it, then thats your choice,  but specs are there for a reason. If they are not useful find another

This whole guildless thing is starting to appeal  I understand the need for flexibility – but This was not my character – not my toolbar, and not what I was familar playing.

New Guild – – New Spec – Some new pretties

I was guildless  when I logged on – for the first time in a long time. It feel odd that even though I couldnt see the tag, and I wore the grey tabard of the loan ranger,  of one who is guildles.

I was guildless probably for about 20 mins just enough time to lose 3 EOS to Pre made Horde, and then I Joined CD

The Invite appeared on my screen, and my mouse hovered over the accept button. Did I really want to join another guild so soon? I accepted and received the warm welcome that all new guildys anywhere receive.  I had researched the guild on the Armory so I had a fair idea that they were a serious raiding guild, rather then a happy friendly family bring ur alts – twinks and then some guild.

Then as we were organising a Kara run  – an argument started, that the run wasn’t planned ahead and it shouldnt happen – I started thinking – oh oh – Politics already. It got sorted out, and all was happy.  The run went well,  everyone knew the fights – knew their class,  we had the odd death, and the odd wipe,  but for me to be able to Kill up to and including prince on one run. – I was impressed.

I also got alot of advice to up my damage in my Spec and my cast sequence.  My brain has been considering more theorycraft in the last few weeks, its whats prompted me losing points in Discipline,  my + damage wasnt where it could be.  Ive still got a few more enchants to get for some new gear so will need to be farming for a while. They seem to be a good bunch of people – but like all groups still have their internal conflicts

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