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I don’t want a dedicated server.

You may have heard over the last few years Aussies complain about our lag, the time zone differences,  and that our gaming experience is affected by the distance between us, sitting at our PC’s at home,  and the location of the servers, somewhere in the USA – it seems my battlegroup Bloodlust is based in California.   We use services to lower our ping to reduce the lag to make us more competitive in places like arena.

The solution – to enhance our gaming experience,  reduce lag, and actually cast spells when we actually press the button/click  is to have a local based server.  If this ever happened,   more than likely the Aussies you see pop up on your servers,  in your raids, in your pugs,  sprouting patriotic sentiments in general chat,  we would all huddle together and play on our locally based server.

I would miss the variety that being able to play with people from different countries brings. Language,  words,  expressions,  colloquialisms, humour, we get a better understanding of world events, increased general knowledge, we actually get to talk and interact with people rather than just read about it. 

On a dedicated servers, sure we would still get the Kiwis,  and maybe some of the asia based players,   but our player group, and therefore progression would lean more towards our standard peak hours.  Playing outside that normal peak would mean less people around,  less chance of getting groups for quests, raids,  dungeons,  ect – because of the significant differences in playing quality  I can’t see many people willing to put up with the Lag connecting to us – we do it because we have to,  everyone else would have a choice.

In Bloodlust  – LFGs / Random BG’s even raids on BR run  24/7   I didn’t quite understand what we had untill I found, even queuing as a tank on my baby Tank , the delays in a LFG forming and the general lack of people around.  As my American friend explained,  what do you expect it’s early morning  for us.  Brynhild is on Galakrond which is the Retaliation battlegroup, and it’s been dead when I’ve logged in my play times.   She got invited to a small guild,  but I was never on when they were,  which is probably why I got kicked.

It would also mean that our ability to compete in things like  Arena would still never really be fixed.   Arena would still have Lag because the matches involving American servers would still have the same issues.

Arguably,  while the lag affects all Australian players,  it only matters to a small percentage,  progression raiders,  Arena players.

It may impact us more in rated battlegrounds in Cata  where winning and losing will mean a lot more,  however our battlegroup seems to do ok  win /lose is around 50%

To lose the ability to get to talk  to so many people from other places in the world, because the server population would get very secular  I would rather not have a dedicated server.

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