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You Say Potato – I say what I think it should sound like.

I got picked on by a guildy  this weekend.  ( in the nicest posible way)

” You say things funny”

It was because I say the names of some places in Wow differently.

I say Da-laran,  everyone else says Dal-aran.  I think Da-laran is a softer sound, and  Dal-aran is too easy to put a harsh Ocka  or Bogan Aussie accent to it.
I also call Menethil Harbour Men-Eethil instead of Men-a thill
Loch Modan I say Loch Mod-an and it’s supposed to be Loch Mo-Dan

My native tongue is English, taught in Australian Schools, with Aussie Parents,  I did well at Nihongo ( Japanese ) in school,  and failed dismally at German, passed French without studying.  ( just)  I grew up listening to pieces of Russian, and went to school with 30 different nationality’s and languages.   Bits of language ( mostly swear words ) that were picked up included Turkish, Arabic, Dutch and Chinese. I had a brief interest in learning some Latin, one of my best friends from Uni was Greek, and I learnt to sing in Italian with the proper pronunciations and rolling of the R’s

So – do I say stuff weird cause I just have developed a weird sense of sound and I am confused how to read foreign words? 

Are Wow place names said differently in different parts of the world because of that countries language structure?

Or should I just do what my guildy also suggested, and “Listen to the NPC’s “

The R Word

I’m finding a disturbing increase in the use of the R word in Vent, in Guild Chat, In General Chat,  in BGs ect …   and its hard to say ‘ Hey’  I don’t like you using that word without sounding too much of a prude.

I’m not going to write the word as I don’t want this entry to come up in some weird google search,  but you know what I’m talking about.  Its used when a Boss/Mob/team is beaten to a pulp, and players of all ages and even gender say  we “R….. ” them.

As an adult in an adult guild – no matter that my gender is female I expect the language used to be ‘adult’  and I will join in and laugh at most things said, and on occasion when things get out of hand, such as repeated dicussions as to some rather  Odd and disgusting internet Meme vids, we will can the conversation,  and there have been two occasions when I have said.  “This conversation is to stop, you are crossing on very dangerous ground and I will leave chat if you continue” and it doesn’t mean it gets said regularly,  but It’s popped up in several guilds, realms, chats often enough.

The R word gets slipped into gaming chat so easily, and thats the scary bit, and I’ve mentioned on several occasions when I’ve heard it that I ‘don’t like that word being used.’   “Wish you wouldn’t use that word”, and I’ve done it politely, I don’t want to be hardline about because my concern is how easily its become to slip into the everyday gaming language,  its not about gender, or feminism, because it can happen to anyone at any age, any gender. I worry that the people using it don’t see it as being offensive or threatening anymore because ‘everyone else is doing it” and I can’t see that the majority of gaming girls who see/hear that word, or people in general don’t at least feel like a fraction as I do about the use of the word. 

Yes language has evolved, the days where ‘bloody’ is no longer as offensive,  or swearing or cussing is now common place, the impact of some words have lessened with their common every day use.  But I do not want to hear 14 year boys or 30 year old men refer to the killing of a boss as a ‘R…  ”  Or an Arena or BG team saying we were ‘r…”     And for  a serious moment,  does this evolution of that word into ‘Geek’ Speak mean that its never been about ‘pleasure or being horny.’   Its always been about power.  How easily the word describes the complete and utter loss of control and free will in a Game. 

So without trying to get on a feministic rant about womens lib in Games,  I am making an appeal. Don’t let the word, become an cavalier attitude, if you use it, stop and think what the word means.  Gamers are supposed be at the forfront of popular culture, Language and technology,  so please don’t add that word to the dictonary with another meaning.


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