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Gaming Interaction: How much crap will you put up with?

Inspired  by  Big Bear Butt Blogger The Dr00d with no Guild who said…
“you get 25 dedicated hardcore raiders together for a run, you HAVE asshats. You get arrogant, bossy, judgmental and condescending people that make me want to punch my monitor. Fun? Hell no”

If someone I worked with, loved,  or was friends with told me to my face ” What is wrong with you – are you stupid or something”  or something along the lines of “are you daft?- How fricken hard is it to do…..  ” “Shut up and fricken listen..  ”    It would upset me a great deal, as it would mean that I screwed up.   Big Time – and I hope that my real life people that I care about would NEVER have cause to be so mean, and insulting –  ( not word for word quotes but you get my drift )

So why does a raid leader get away with it?

Firstly – There are all differnt types of leaders,  and differnt sorts of followers,  I’ve managed a team in real life, and had feedback from several people as to my ” Style”  Some loved  me – Some hated me – Some just put their heads down and didnt care –  Someone people need to be poked harder,  some people just need to be pushed, and others just do what they are supposed to.

and raiding is serious business. 

I’m not talking about being a carebear.  Im talking about being a REAL leader.  People follow leaders because they have to – and because the want to, and its easy to compartmentalise the insulting /yelling undertones because they are on vent – and not standing in front of you – and therefore maybe easier to yell at someone for that some reason thus the joy of the anonomity of the net. Machiavelli said its better to be feared then loved as fear lasts longer – whereas love falls by the wayside 

This behaviour is under the banner of being an ‘adult’ guild.  Does that mean that its Ok for an adult to behave in that manner to other adults?  No.  but you might  get away with it because you are acheiving the goals, that for now people are happy to come along for the ride,   if they need to resort that to get people to follow them – then they aren’t a real leader,  they are a dictator and people who are used to democracy don’t deal with dictatorships very well.


WOW Skills and Real Life Application

Hats off to the GMs that Run 25 Man raids – if you can do that in a virtual world
Working with 25 Individuals with seperate Time zones/Needs/Wants/Ages
Have them Sign up on a forum
Get them all on vent
Install all the Add on’s
Turn up as scheduled

/clap well done. You may say that people do that all the time in WOW – and your right they do – I wonder if anyone has done a survey on the real life jobs for Raiding Guild GM’s / or Raid Leaders
Are they Management – and if they aren’t should they be? They have been hiding their skillz!
Not all GM’s/Raid Leaders are great raid leaders but in the real world results are what counts. Do they get the Job done.
If the boss is down Yes –

But can they do it next time.. Thats the Farm test..

If you Google words such as Management – Gaming – Leadership Skills  – Online you not only  will you find articles on how Businesses are now looking at Role Playing games and activitys to increase Skills and Training of Staff  – You will also find Articles like this Wired 14.04 How Stephen Gillett got his job – Yes I know the article is from 2006 – but its still applicable – Accidental Learning

on a related Note: I have a Magic Macro that Wins BG’s in AB – Its a basic g1 to GM ect.. ect.. but I have it tool barred in AB – and I spam it once if there is time, and if I get a positive response, will do it again for the people who have logged in since and then we are off.. My action is a simple leadership / organisation task and it improves the chances of a Win – Yes they are generic commands, but it focus’s resources – and more often it acheives at least an intial 3 cap result – and then the fun begins..

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