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Leveling together

Some of my alts are failed relationships, left on servers I was driven to due to shutdowns or random motivational drives.  Including wanting to see people RP, or even the bloggers guild  Single Abstract noun.  My intentions were there,  just not the drive.

Some alts are  from failed relationships “Hey lets level together to get to know each other.”   Of course they are on some obscure server because your mains are on different realms and to be ‘fair’  or to add extra ‘fun’ and a ‘challenge’  you roll on a completely new realm ( however that means that  when it doesn’t work out you are  left abandoned in Strangtlethorn vale on a strange realm  crying into your crappy level cloak ” I didn’t really want to be your pocket healer anyway”  ( ok that was a slight exaggeration )

But there have been alts with friends, starting zones worked through for kicks. My I want to be a gnome priest phase ( for a day) the I want yet another baby tank so I can tank lobie instances again. My early toons I rolled on the server of my RL friends until I found what what exactly went on, on a pvp realm. ( things have changed a little)

But when leveling together, be it with friend or potential future foe, first there is a discussion on what class and  role you both shall pick.   The tank/healer combo is cute but one time I rolled a hybrid with the idea of being dps – ” I need heals..  I need heals..” So I reluctantly but away my lightening bolt and  used my healing surge and became the unwilling pocket healer while he got to have all the smash and slash fun.  It will last longer if your both having fun.

My first Warrior Tank that I rolled with a friend  I HAD to be the Tank – that was the point.  My friend went heals, and we had a lot of fun until time zone differences meant I couldn’t play my new exciting project as much as I liked,  and I rolled a 2nd warrior tank. ( I was a terrible friend)

But because of that I think it’s important to have a side project you can focus on, otherwise if you are having too much fun on a new class and you want to see what amazing new ability your going to get next you may do something like roll another tank and forget that sometimes the best bit about leveling together isn’t the dinging.

Once you have your class and races sorted ( usually easier if you pick the same race /close enough to run to race. Then begins the  profession negotiation.

This is made a little harder now because Mining and herbing gives you xp,  but skinning doesn’t.  A gathering profession can be quite profitable if your going around questing anyway, but it also means you get more xp then your leveling partner,  and you might not ding together.

People also have different questing styles.  Some people will read the quest text,  and pay attention to the story line ( not me –  I skim the important bits) and others  ( me) are already racing to the next bit, the consequences is that because of  your  impatience you miss out on funny bits, and important story explanations,  or worse    you start the next part of the quest chain and end up activating an event ( because you didn’t read the quest telling you it would happen)  I didn’t realise I did this so much until I played with someone who did take the time to read, and enjoy the story line.

I have hoped I have slowed down a little.   I do have a tendency to go all speedy Gonzalez  in a quest area.    It’s why I suddenly ‘grew’ a level 63 Worgen on Frostmourne.  I explained  my speed as  ‘efficient leveling practices’ but  the reality is I speed through stuff – did what would give me the most xp – questing with Bg’s, Dungeons, Mining, herbing, and Archeology.  It meant I left zones halfway through  and bg’s where we were getting farmed with 20 min left to go.   I didn’t pay as much attention  as I could have.

So leveling together is a little bit of a negotiation, and am glad to say I have probably been a lot more aware of what I’m doing  through the Undead starting areas so far.

Destroying the Cake.

You spend hours making a cake.  Not only did you make it from scratch, you shopped for the best ingredients and decorations and even made fondant figurines and used food colouring  and silver and gold balls, and  6 different decorating nozzles and then – guess what happens?
People eat it.  They don’t stand there tasting the love in each mouthful but they push past each other, and fight over the fondant rainbow – shoving chocolate and cream into their mouths  until nothing is left but the tin foil covered cake stand and a mush of cake remains.
Thats what I felt I did with my Questing to 85 – I destroyed someones cake – and I didn’t even stop to taste the difference in the cake layers – I went from zone to zone and chewed through the quest lines. Untill I hit 85.
If you are 85 – right now, Just on a week after release,  can  you tell me you did any different. That you stopped and enjoyed the smell of the coffee beans, and the light vanilla layer,  letting it roll over your tounge, or did you put your hands first into the top layer and munch down.
So instead of a cook, or a cake decorator, how about a quest writer or designer.  Every quest so lovingly written, only to be trampled on by a bunch of over eager levelers.
I had so much fun doing some of the quests.   ( brain blank on specifics..  it shall come to me one I have purged  myself of the chatter that is in my head)   Click click. Done. Spent less time on some quests then I’m sure it took to write the quest text.
It’s most certainly sad at the rate that people chewed through the quests like hungry zombies..    EXPPPPPPPP   EXPPPPPPPPPP – but some people are already working on their 2nd 85’s so hopefully they are enjoying the 2nd time round.
I dinged before bed Sunday night  – and  I finally hit 329 Ilevel to get into Heroics tonight,  ( Tues)  but you can guess what I did….  I de’d a green which was worth 2 points and I am now back down to 327 and servers going down soon – hence blogging! , So I shall not be running heroics until I fix that.  320 more earthen ring rep and I shall have a new cloak which may push me over.  Good news though!  The Mats from the DE got me one point and pushed me to 495 enchanting.
I did ‘cheat’ on my ilevels  I have 3 pieces of crafted pvp gear in my bags. Not wearing,  ( sacrilege that would be) but their presence in my bags means that I get a better, best ilevel average.  You don’t even need to equip them.  Just have them in your bags.
I feel a little guilty at the devouring of the content,  but I’ve got 5 alts I want to see to 85 eventually, so I will get to pick and choose a little.
Shadow Priesting is currently fun, and strange.   I did a few normals in my Questing, and have done a few at 85 for gearing up.  I healed the first few I queued for 1 1min wait v a 46 min wait was  a better option,  but healing felt so hard. Mana was a precious resourse,  as another healer said in a dungeon”  I am learning what things are worth the cost to dispel”   ( this was at level 83) and now my gear is all over the shop so I am not game to queue as heals again untill I fix  some stuff.
As shadow,  I do ok on metres,  but it really depends on cooldowns.   I love the look of dark Evangelism  – black wings sprouting from my back.  I have broken out and healed a few times to save the tank  – I guess that means I don’t trust healers much.  Well….. I have not ever over helped,  if that makes sence.  I help rescue, or  strengthen the position with some heals until the healer has them under control.  Then I go back to dpsing.   I just wish they would say “Halp”  or maybe I should tell them, if they need help to say so in party, and I can jump right in.
Mana is still hurting.  Give me a month and we will all be so OP again .

Feathers Fur and Fins

Feathers, fur or fins
Feathers, fur or fins
If it walks on legs or flies on wings
If it runs or crawls or slithers or swims
It’s got its place in the scheme of things
Feathers, fur or fins-

-Don Spencer

We have a Kids singer on Oz called Don Spencer, and he has an  appropriate  druid theme song called  Feather, Fur or Fins ( especially now I have flight form.  Feathers ! Yeah!) The song is from the 80’s when I was growing up  ( showing my age here)    ( not to be confused to with Feather, Fur and Fins)  – I cannot find you a Youtube clip of Don’s  song however  if you really want to listen on his website you can listen to an extract of the song – so I got to practice the tune 🙂  I guess the need to identify  with trees now are a little less so I still think the song fits even though there is no bark in there.

I think I am kind of in love with my Druid. She is well on her way to being my 6th 80 – and is  63 at the moment.


Dear Tanks.

I thank Elune for catform and Dash so I can run faster to catch up to you when you don’t give me enough time to drink.  I thank Elune for Innervate so I don’t have to do that often.

I thank Elune for the thorns I can place upon you so you hold threat

I thank Elune for Barkskin, and Natures Grasp and Shadow Meld so that I may protect myself when you can not

I cannot stress how useful thorns have been for keeping agro off me,  the healer.   I have only really been smashed once  because tank lost agro ,  and inbetween being beaten upon by mobs,  I managed to snarkily  say ” its ok .. you don’t need a healer.. ”

Zahre has died

It gets used on cool down/saved for the right pack.  Eg if its off cool down, and only one mob,  I’ll save it for the next pull.  Though it does highlight why some healers have “Barkskin used”  macro’d to appear in Party chat.  I think its annoying.  Theoretically I can see that its a useful poke “Hey…. healer in trouble..  help.”

I should set up a macro every time I get meleed for something higher then say 20% if my health.  ” Save your healer”  “Get them off me”   “Halp!” I do try and do all my best to keep myself alive.   Barkskin, Shadow Meld,  Natures Grasp – then a shuffle out of the mobs melee range.

Just in case you don’t believe me on how good thorns have been  ( for someone else s damage !! ><

and just in case it was a fluke or a bad DK tank..   here is another one

I haven’t got all the yummy healing spells yet,  but so far I feel I have one for all occasions. The lots of little heals,  Swiftmend, and Wildgrowth  are easily able to top off people  who when healing as a priest  (pre Circle of healing ) required a dedicated flash or renew.

I have also been using most of my innervates on myself.   Though if its on cool down and I don’t believe I will need it, and someone else does I will cast it on them.   I don’t have it macro’d telling them they are getting it, so maybe they don’t even realize.  When I was leveling my hunter through dungeons with a friend’s druid  he used to give me Innervate. – and I can’t reciprocate to other hunters now because they don’t have mana anymore.

I am slightly resentful that Natures Cure in my talent tree allows me to cleanse a Magic affect as well.  So I have been a bad Druid and not taken it yet.  Of course I will,  but Poisons and Curses AND magic.  That’s not fair.   I am not a dispel bot.  I probably will pick it up next talent point,  I have just been holding it off a little.  It’s usually disease that people scream to have cleansed off them anyone, so no one has noticed so far .  Shhhhhh

I shall not become the pugnacious Druid,  though  3 hours wiping on a LK normal 25 kill as a holy priest did make me triple think the idea that I might want to be healing more in Cata

Too many choices

I used to be a one main sorta gal. 

This 4 80’s business has me a little torn.   I love my main.  Love.  As in I think I would be content to play my Night Elf shadow priest forever and ever and ever..  well maybe not that long but you get my drift.   My yearning to play her,  is somewhat sated by my 2nd priest, a human who while holy is still a priest.  But never satisfied.  There is just so much time and love invested in my main.  She has history – she has been places, she has all the right keys, maxed professions, including fishing cooking and first aid, full pvp gear.

I ran my holy priest into Heroic Shattered halls with a friend last night, and I had to go buy the key – stuff like that annoys me. My Main has it all already! A complete fun package – plug and play kinda toon. The other 3 are lacking in experience, in gear, in skills, in professions ect ect – while fulfilling those gaps gives me something to do – they just aren’t as ready and able as my main is to play, and by Play I mean battle ready/raid ready/bg ready. She’s got the gear, she’s got the skills, food and pots ( Frost Wyrm or resilience depending on taste requirements) I can slip in and play her at will.

Where as the others, I’m like uhuh.. I need to chant my weapon, or try and level a couple more points in engineering, and damn where are all the greater raw sagefish I need them for cooking, can’t fish for them cause none of my other 80’s have fishing on that realm,

The answer would be to transfer back…. but then I wouldn’t need to have 2 priests then.

Guest Post: Leveling a Shadow Priest by The Shadow Troll

I’ve never had a guest post before,   because no one has ever asked, but Chris the Shadow Troll did, and I would like to introduce him to you in this here guest post!
Guest Post – Leveling a Shadow Priest

Hello there! Unfortunately for you guys I am not the Pugnacious Priest, I’m Chris from The Shadow Troll blog and Zahraah has been nice enough to let me steal her blog for today.
Ok so I’m currently in the process of leveling my own shadow priest for the Under-geared project run by Gevlon (the Greedy Goblin). I just managed to hit level 64 whilst stealing boxes of mushrooms from a clan of ogres in Zangarmarsh and decided to take a break from my heroic activities and write some of my thoughts on shadow priest leveling so far. I have noticed a massive difference in my leveling experience since I passed the level 60 mark so I’m going to split this post into two parts:

Pre Level 60
Before you reach level 60 with your Shadow Priest your mana regen really sucks. I mean REALLY sucks. You often need to consider drinking after every couple of mobs and you will have to rely on wand damage to conserve your mana during lengthy fights. The leveling does get easier as you start to gain new spells and some decent gear but unless you are careful you can find yourself with too many enemies and not enough mana to fight them. I picked up a few tips whilst leveling that can make life considerably easier:
Get a wand as soon as possible and keep it upgraded whilst leveling. The early levels can be tricky without a wand to use when low on mana. Check the Auction House or ask an enchanter if you are struggling to find one.
Make sure you get the talent Spirit Tap as this will allow some much needed mana regen between fights. Remember that you have to get the killing blow on a mob to receive the regen buff so this talent is going to be most useful in solo play.
Pick the talent Vampiric Touch when possible and try to start fights with this spell. Follow up with a Mind Blast to receive the Replenishment buff and further add to your mana regen.
Whilst leveling do not be afraid to pick gear with plenty of Spirit as this will increase your mana regen out of combat and importantly increase the effect of Spirit Tap.
I realize I am sounding rather negative about shadow priest leveling but please don’t misunderstand me. Once you get past your mana issues you will see that the shadow talent tree can be really great. With a full mana bar and a full set of buffs you can deal some awesome damage whilst also maintaining great survivability. You will have access to three powerful DoTs, self healing and a whole variety of utility spells that can make leveling a whole lot of fun (even for a priest!)
Level 60 and beyond
Now this is where things start to get really interesting. Once you hit level 60 as a shadow priest you will have access to the 51 point talent Dispersion. This talent does two things that will make leveling a completely different experience. It will increase your survivability dramatically and it basically solves our mana issues. However to take full advantage of the spell whilst leveling you have to grab the Glyph of Dispersion, which will decrease the cooldown by 45 seconds. This will mean that every 1 minute and 15 seconds you can reduce damage by 90% for 6 seconds and regain 36% of your total mana!
This one spell has completely changed my leveling experience and although it is no longer a swirly cloud of awesome it still makes me a very happy priest. Dispersion can be used when surrounded by enemies as you watch your DoTs tick away at them. Dispersion can be used whilst mounted. Dispersion cannot be dispelled. Dispersion wins.
Can anyone guess my favourite spell?
Well, that pretty much sums up my leveling experience as a shadow priest so far and I am totally loving it. I hope you enjoyed this post even if it focuses mainly on a spell I recently picked up.
Thanks to Zahraah for allowing me to post this and I appreciate any comments you guys wish to write. I’m extremely new to the world of blogging but I’m having a blast!

Environmental Colors and Races


According to the current  Warcraft Realms  Census  for players at level 80, Trolls are the least played class at %4, Then you have Dwarves and Gnomes at 5% and Orcs at 6% –


Maybe this will even out with some with the Race/Class changes so I will assume that some of the racial choices are affected by class choices available, however in  the interim I pose the question  –

How much did the leveling environment colors affect the choice to continue leveling?

So I decided to have a look at some Color Psychology

We learnt all about Warm and Cool colors in Highschool Art class.  I remember doing two self portraits in warm colors that included the reds, oranges, and yellows, and the cool colors blues, purples, and greens, I’m pretty sure my paintings turned out horrible,  but we were encouraged to consider how each of the colors made us feel, and what we associated the colors with,

There are also studies which indicate that some colours have Physical effects on the body. Eg as per this Pychology site  says that Reds “Increase blood pressure and stimulate adrenal glands” , Orange is supposed to be beneficial to the digestive system, and the immune system. Yellow, stimulates the brain making you ” more alert and decisive.

Green “Is good for your heart”  “Relaxes muscles and helps us breath deeper and slower”  Blue “Lowers blood pressure, and has a “cooling and soothing effect” Purple suppresses hunger and balances the body’s metabolism

Another site “How Colors Affect Emotional & Physical Health  in an interview with Elizabeth Harper a Cromatherapist says that Edwin Babbit  stated “thermal or warm colors of red, orange and yellow are stimulating, raise blood pressure, strengthen, and tonify” and “Electrical or cool colors of blue, indigo and violet sedate, calm, ease inflammation, and lower blood pressure. Green in the center of the spectrum has a stabilizing effect on the human system as a whole” *

If you look at the Troll and Orc Starting Areas,  its all rock, a harsh environment red oranges and yellow tones aplenty,

In comparison the Night Elf, Human, Draeni, Bloodelf, Tauren are all greens, green grass, plenty of trees, blue and purple tones. 

Then at the Dwarven and Gnome starting areas  the Whites and greys can give us feelings of “Peace and comfort”  but too much white causes feelings of “cold and isolation” 

Even the undead starting area while has more grey buildings and muted tones,  there is still lots of green. ( though olive greens are supposed to remind us of Decay and death) They  with the Taurens are currently 10% of the races, as are the Draeni, but their races have  both have been around longer then the ‘squids’

So in theory – Leveling an Orc or a troll could make you constantly angry and anxious,  A Dwarf and a gnome,  cold and Isolated, an Undead  sick, and everyone else calm and balanced. ( or lazy )

 There is a point that people get tired of a character, and stop playing/leveling it.   ” I was so sick of leveling… ”  Leveling was too hard..” I thought that four of the oldest races in World of Warcraft were so under represented that I went looking for a reason why people didn’t level them, beyond the attractiveness of the race, and the classes available.

So thinking about it, could the desire to stop playing a character be caused because of not only the  colors of the environment that you started questing  in,  but any other environment you quest in later.  I love Stranglethorn vale.  I  also love Ungo’o,  Loch Modan, and the wetlands,  I hate the Blasted lands,  Tanaris, and Desolace, and the Barrens, I had never thought about it in terms of colors before,  but it make sense. You may not even be consciously aware of it,  but does your heart beat faster when your in the Blasted Lands?  Do you feel calm and lazy when traveling through Ashenvale?

You can also think about colors in a cultural  sence, Red is also life, apparently brides in China wear red wedding dresses, its also the colour symbolic of Love, and red roses,  so are Orcs and Trolls more romantic? If the theory about red making you hungry was right would I want to eat more while leveling in those areas? Does your culture affect your desire to play in a different place because of the color association?  Could this also be applied to other games?  Color is important in advertising,  so why not a virtual environment where you spend considerable time.

*Take with a grain of Salt.  Reputable sources on these sorts of studies are mainly text book based or cost money to read the Pych Journal online, and On the internet when an article says She said that he said.. really makes referencing hard.

Leveling in Bg’s

As soon as my new Hunter turned 38 I decided to level her to  40 in Bg’s.

I’m currently a couple of bars into level 39 with about 6 hours of play time at level 38 in between Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch.  I had expected  it to be a little faster,  but at level 38 I was getting about 580 odd  xp for a base cap done by my side in AB , its 599 at level 39 and  double that for a flag  in WG  I also seem to get the odd bit of Xp for various stuff for which nothing in particular really happens,  maybe at a resource gathering  point goal in AB

 I’ve already brought one AB badge belt that was a level 28 but better then the green I was wearing anyway , and will have enough badges and then some for a level  40 belt  ( why aren’t there level 38’s pieces anymore? – There are level 48 pieces)  It’s a break from leveling,  but I am not sure I will make it to level 40 bging  when I can quest a lot faster.  

One thing I don’t like about it is while I may be leveling, my Pet is not, I picked up a level 37 Gorilla in STV and called  it Bambam ( though I might rename it Tubthumper)  and he is not getting any xp which disadvantages hunters a little. .

Its good to not have to play with the more serious twinks  – there are still people like me, slightly twinked out in heirloom items, or up and coming twinks, there is also a fair few level 33’s .  So I win some,  I lose some,   it’s still the typical BG experience,  people saying Alliance are %$*&  – people afking ect ect . I like Pvp but I don’t think I would ever want to completely level a  toon in a BG  I think its great for a break from the quest grind, and I think if you at least get to level 10, and are willing to cop flack from everyone else moaning about your hp if your a lower level then you could practically level completely to 80 – if thats the way you really wanted to do it.   However, in most cases you would be quicker leveling questing.

Someone laughed at me in Stormwind  because I was a female dwarf  “No offence” he said  There aren’t too many of us around and I keep forgetting to use her racial, stoneform,  but its been fun playing a hunter so far again.

Speed Level – and What you have to go back for…


35 Yards out is asking us in his post What you Leave behind to consider, what we will be leaving behind from the burning crusade, and how attunements and keys won’t be as common as they will not be needed /wanted as much and therefore it will only be the older players that have them.

A Blog Azeroth Share topic on Refer A Friend I believe is relevant to 35 yards out’s train of thought because the faster you level the less time you spend on rep specific things, and even before we get to WOTLK the triple experience you get when using ‘Refer a Friend’ means you will breeze past questing areas.

There has been talk around the blogosphere about the generations of players in wow. I was ‘born’ one month before BC – I missed out on the epic raids of MC and AQ20/40 and my only experiences with them have been ‘ Retro runs’ of the instances as either guild events or random pugs. My rep in those factions, are minimal

I recently had to chase down two pre BC enchants for my Twink because hardly anyone had them. I have to struggle at level 70 to get the reputation I need to earn the +healing bracer Twink Enchant from the Argent dawn, while these enchants are not exclusive to Twinks, they are the best enchants for under Level 35 Items.

Are the rewards for these Pre BC factions and even Pre WOTLK Factions going to be worth going back and getting? Because its going to be so much harder to do so retroactively.
At level 58-60 Getting Argent dawn rep would have been alot easier to grind, and now its painful ( especially when you can get still get killed by rats in Scholomance) Some of these rewards are pure vanity, some of the rewards like the Zandalar Tribe ‘s in STV ‘s ZG – Brilliant Mana and Spell oils, are still useful to know/have

The faster you level, and the more xp you get for quests/kills the less time you spend in an area, and because you are least likely to stick around doing all the quests the less rep you earn. Even when the WOTLK expansion comes out, most people will be racing to the finish line as fast as they can – but at what cost. What will you have to go back and do ? 

Leveling my 2nd 70 – I was more intent on getting to 70 then doing all the Aldor Quests, and now that she is there, I need to do all the Aldor Quests I missed for rep, plus the Shattered sun, plus the netherwing, ect ect ect

I’d hope that blizzard revamp all their rep requirements for the retro factions, because in most cases people don’t bother, and there are whole chunks of the game they will never experience .

Where are all the ‘Just for Fun’ -Leveling Guilds?

I logged from my raiding Guild onto my Little Pally Alt, after a particular bad Raid, too many things going wrong, people got the craps, and I really didnt want to stick around and listen to people asking for Runs for their Raiding Alts. 

I joked in my off server – out of main guild –  Guilds Chat ” this is my holiday Realm” to escape from the demands of raiding, and they laughed,  but didnt know what I meant – none of them have seen anything but the  lower end of Kara.
I enjoy playing my Alt the world doesn’t seem so big like it did when I first leveled Z, The Auction House and Battlemasters aren’t fiends to avoid because of how confusing everything is and Its refreshing to level here and there….on a sever seperate from the rest of my gaming life with the associated challanges, shes independant.

In guild chat a really new person wanted to know what Enchanting is, and how does it work. Another Guildy was doing a DM run for the lobies and whispered me personally and asked did I want to go, while some of those things get annoying real quick, there is a freshness in that guild that is missing from a raiding guild, they have a Kara team that have just started, but they are in effect a leveling guild. A Place to stay and hang around untill your prorities change. Z’s 1st guild was like that, I stayed untill level 65, and while maybe not important to other people, I think the better side of players in gaming show up more in a leveling guild, the wanting to help people for fun, the people who have been stuck in the 30’s for months but like hanging round and doing the odd quest here and there. The gnome that keeps falling into holes ect ect… There is no engame pressure –

But most guilds don’t want to be known as a leveling guild,    they get taken advantage of, people never stay and form relationships,  people join looking for an easy ride, and thats not what I perceive a real leveling guild to be,   I think it should be a ‘home’ untill you find out what you want to do – and as long as your honest, and give as much as you get, then its fair and fun for everyone,   Its sad to see people grow up and out, but not everyone wants to be raiders.

There are a few people I still talk to from my first guild,  their friendships have lasted and for the most they are content to potter along at their own pace and still remember what its like to play for fun.


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