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Raid/Cake Balance

My Attendance was at 100%  – and only one of two people who had that percentage .  As applicants we had to maintain 90% for our application period,  but I’ve been off that for a few weeks now.  It did make me think about how I think I have bent my life around Wow too much, and because of that bending,  other things have just given way.  I am even arranging a sorta coffee date on a Tuesday night – our shutdown  so it doesn’t interfere with my raiding.  Sometimes I think my priorities are out of whack but when things can be worked around raiding times,  why not.  I can have cake and raid too – can’t I?

So in the attempt to embrace the not being there 100% of the time  I went to our traditional family dinner on Sunday, and was late getting home.  I lost my entire nights attendance because I wasn’t subbed in.  Was it worth it.  Yep.  It sounds like I pick Wow over family dinners, but more that catching up with family can be bent to more convenient hours and may or may not involve food. It was good to be able to sit at the dinner table, eat my mums cooking,  and catch up on all the family goss.  My mum has an almost open house night on a Sunday, and any relo may or may not drop in for dinner,  So one of my brothers, my Grandma and my Aunt were there.

Before I could go to dinner though, I had to make sure my Main was parked near the Instance,  and that I had notified the guild on forums I would be late.  Which of course is the proper thing to do.

Also My current guild doesn’t raid on Friday nights,  which means that I can now do stuff after work with a friend who works in the city, like catch up for dinner and a drink  – but after raiding so long on a Friday – its now a difficult habit to break – the whole going straight home thing after work.  I have to stop and actually make plans.  Makes me miss having a team that goes for drinks after work.  WTB people my age.   It does however raid on Thursday which is a good night for Shopping , as all the shops stay out late, so I miss out on shopping by raiding on thursday.  

Ideally I would like a 3 day raiding week,  not a 4 day raiding week then I think my Raid/cake balance would be better.  Now I am not an Applicant that has to keep a 90% attendance  – I can lose my 100% and try and do more other stuff.

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