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So you think that you can tank.

I think one of the main lessons I have learned about tanking so far,  is that your never going to make everyone happy.

Been told they were used to going faster.

Been told I was too fast

Been told my agro was bad  ( says the one in heirlooms aoeing)

I’ve out damaged the rest of the dps

Lobie rogues can tank, and they will.

Rogues like doing it from behind,  so you need to pull a group back so they can do their stuff and not agro the next lot.

People don’t listen when you say “Stay here”

Hunters will  autoshot and tab target

I’ve seen dps wanding the whole instance

Warrior dps  needing on spell power gear

People who pull for me

Healers I’ve had to tell to sit and drink.  ( they were OOM! ” Oh I didn’t notice..’ )

But I also understand the tunnel vision of not noticing  a healer is oom, hearing plaintive calls of ‘ I need more mana’ in the last stages of a fight.

Knowing when someone has pulled extra adds –

A pet  running off into the distance will bring what ever consequences it may.

I have learned that Cleave is stupidly slow with a 2.90 weap

Revenge rocks.

Agro is more important then damage.

Caster mobs are a pain when they are spread out.

The importance of confidence

The importance of stopping and asking for directions

/ignore saves drama

Not sure any of that is making me a better player though – if anything its just reinforced my ‘ she’ll be right mate” attitude.  Its ok. . the clothy can take a couple of hits and not die,   who cares if the hunters pet thinks its an offtank.  A couple of extra mobs just means a more fun party.   Sure pull for me,   I have a taunt button.

As my friend who has been running with me as healer on some of the runs pointed out – its all well and good now – that reckless conduct in instances may be ok now,  but it’s gonna get harder,  and they are learning really bad habits which are going to be harder to break

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